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Noncontact solids level monitoring enters new dawn

first_imgFalse readings, lack of repeatability and problematic installations are just some of the problems the mining industry faces with solids level monitoring. To directly address this problem Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has engineered the Sitrans LR560, the first non-contact measurement device to operate at 78GHz frequency to deliver the accuracy and performance levels required by the sector. The Sitrans LR560 is a non-contact radar level measurement transmitter with a measurement range of 100 m. The transmitter emits a narrow four degree beam which avoids container wall obstructions and other installation interferences, ensuring there are less restrictions on where the radar can be installed.The Sitrans LR560 enables the monitoring of stockpile levels to make sure there is never a shortage, reducing the risk of downtime. It also provides reliable signal reflection even from solids with a steep angle of repose and is highly resistant to material build-up due to the unique lens antenna.As it is the first radar transmitter to emit a high frequency 78GHz short wavelength, it solves the traditional problem plant operators face of needing the low maintenance of non-contact level measurements but with the reliability and performance of contact technology.Derek Moore, Product Manager, Siemens Sensors & Communication, comments: “We understand the mining sector is under growing pressure to increase operational efficiency to ensure processes are competitive, so instrumentation must be robust, reliable, accurate, easy to maintain and offer speed of installation – and that’s why Siemens continues to innovate.“Typically the industry has preferred non-contact level measurements as these require less maintenance but repeatability has been a problem as signals can easily suffer interference. Often companies have opted for contact technology, but this can lead to problems with the build up of material on the equipment causing measurement errors or abrasion damage on the probe.  Therefore, the high frequency and narrow beam angle of the LR560 offers the best of both worlds, giving the industry the maintenance advantages of the non-contact technology and the performance of contact technology – plus it makes tuning worries a thing of the past.”The latest technology from Siemens IA&DT aims to enable manufacturers to accurately measure, analyse and control their processes, resulting in increased quality and reduced costs. The Siemens Sitrans LR560 can be operational in minutes and provides reliable measurement readings without the need for fine-tuning.last_img read more

LNH Montpellier beat Aix in seasons opener

← Previous Story WITHOUT STERBIK: Veszprem put Csurgoi KK on 17 goals Next Story → Future SC Magdeburg star Filip Kuzmanovski leaves RK Metalurg and joins HC Eurofarm Rabotnik Montpellier handballVid Kavtičnik Montpellier:Vincent GÉRARD : 10/32 saves dt 0/2 pen, Nikola PORTNER : 1/2 7-m., Diego SIMONET : 3/7, Théophile CAUSSÉ , Jonas TRUCHANOVICIUS : 1/3, Mathieu GRÉBILLE : 2/5, Fredric PETTERSSON : 4/4, Melvyn RICHARDSON : 6/11 dt 1/1 pen., Vid KAVTICNIK : 6/12 dt 3/4 pen., Baptiste BONNEFOND : 0/1, Jean-Loup FAUSTIN , Valentin PORTE : 4/9, Arnaud BINGO , Benjamin AFGOUR , Mohamed SOUSSI , Mohamed MAMDOUH : 0/1 AIX: Joze BAZNIK : 9/18 saves dt 0/1 pen., Wesley PARDIN : 8/25 dt 0/3 pen. Hugo CABANES,,Juan ANDREU : 2/3, Iosu GONI-LEOZ : 4/7, Inaki PECINA : 2/3, Tim DALHAUS : 0/3, Martin LARSEN : 2/5 dt 0/1 pen., Morten BJORNHAUGE , Philip STENMALM : 2/3, Simon DOISEL : 1/1, Aymeric MINNE : 4/6, Jordan CAMARERO : 2/3, Matthieu ONG : 4/4 dt 3/3 pen., Théo DEROTLNH 18/19: Rampant PSG beat local rival Ivry Montpellier began season in the best possible way by winning “Champions Trophy”, while premiere in front of home fans was also successful for the reigning VELUX EHF Champions League winners. The team of Patrice Canayer had serious contender for the first points in the season – Aix of Jerome Fernandez, but at the end, home team prevailed – 26:23.Slovenian right back-wing Vid Kavticnik scored six goals for the winners. read more