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The Patagonia Sleeping Bag: 45 Years Was Worth the Wait

first_imgA Patagonia sleeping bag? I’m down with that. In fact, the bag is too — filled with 850-fill-power Traceable Down, that is.The new Patagonia sleeping bag can be celebrated by all outdoorsman, from the weekend backpacker to the alpine rock climber to the ultimate adventurer. True to form, Patagonia is adding another tool to your adventure kit that just makes sense: it’s warm, water-repellent, light-weight, ultracompressable, designed thoughtfully, and, of course, environmentally conscious.Left Bags: 30°F/-1°C Right Bags: 19°F/-7°CAlthough the Patagonia sleeping bag is new to the market, it is by no means new to the field. “After years and years of making one-off sleeping bags for ourselves and people heading out on select trips, we wanted to share what we’ve learned with the greater outdoor community,” said Jenna Johnson, Patagonia’s sr. director, technical outdoor. “Our team built on a deep knowledge of insulation design and thought through every aspect of these sleeping bags, offering our customers a highly crafted, super functional bag option. Sleeping bags are such a crux part of our kit, and they become like a partner as we go out to explore and see new places. I’m very proud of our work and excited to offer these products to our customers.”And how did they do it? They looked at their field-tested product line, chose their best materials, and built a rock-solid bag. Since Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard built his first sleeping bag 45 years ago, the company has mastered the craft of down insulation and is celebrating that craft with these bags. Building on other successes, they borrowed from their beloved Houdini styles to add a featherweight 100% nylon rip-stop liner that dries quickly and offers superior next-to-skin comfort. To wrap it all up, the shell fabric is an ultralight 100% nylon ripstop fabric, built to provide maximum down loft, durability in any terrain, and to enhance the performance of the DWR (durable water repellent) finish.If Patagonia is new to you or you wonder why all of your friends wear some variety of a Patagonia puff jacket, let me tell you why I personally appreciate this company. The gear is good. It’s tough, it works, it’s reliable. Equally important, though, is that the company is good. Patagonia is an advocate for our natural spaces, they donate 10% of their profit to environmental groups, and they show accountability and care with the materials they use. For example, all of the down Patagonia uses is Traceable Down, traced from farm to factory to help ensure the birds are not force-fed or live-plucked.The Patagonia sleeping bag is available in two models — a 19°F / -7°C and 30°F / -1°C — both of which are EN tested and rated. Both models are available now in short, regular and long sizes. Available for purchase at Patagonia retail stores and at Patagonia.com. Editors’ Recommendations The 12 Best Laptop Bags for Men The MNML Leather Highlander Travel Bag Makes Short-Term Trips a Breeze The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bags It’s Time to Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Versatile, Lightweight Camping Quilt Learn Guitar (and Don’t Give Up) With the Fender Play App last_img read more

Is the Irish accent actually the sexiest in the world

first_imgWE’RE ALWAYS BEING told that an Irish accent is one of the sexiest in the world.What does it have that the rest of the world wants so bad? Let’s break it down.It’s time to get to the root of just why our beautiful brogue is SO DAMN SEXY.1. It’s not what they think it isWe’re more complex and enigmatic than the rest of the world gives us credit for. And nothing is sexier than a bit of enigma, right?They think we all walk around saying “Begorrah” and “Top of the morning to ya”. But then they arrive here and we DON’T. We’re so much more than that.Source: Flickr/Rachel Voorhees2. There’s a lot of them for such a small islandThe fact that an Irish accent is nigh-on unbearably sexy is unarguable, but it leaves out that our little island houses so many different twangs. A Donegal accent is totally different from a Dublin one, and worlds away from a Corkonian twinge or Galwegian burr.Source: Google Maps3. Often imitated, never beatenWe’re often confused with Scotland and then there are those imitators over in Newfoundland. Leave it to the pros, lads. Leave it to the pros. Source: timobolling4. Our amazing vocabularyAccent aside, we do have a wonderful and inventive way with words. If if an Irish person was slagging you, you’d walk away with the impression that you’d just been told a beautiful, nearly incomprehensible short story.Source: Shutterstock5. We say it best…When we say nothing at all. Or, at the very least, when we’re lost for words. How many ways can an Irish person say sweet nothing?“Em… That yoke… Ara… C’mere…Ah sure…Well…”6. The soft Irish TGate becomes Gaysh. DART becomes Darsh. Best not to analyse this one too closely and just conclude it makes us irresistible to highly-trained ears from foreign soil.(And we are ALL occasionally culprits, not just those from south of the Liffey.)Source: Flickr/Informatique7. It’s not always what it seems“I will, yeah.” The forceful positive that actually means a negative. We’re not sure how this makes us sexy, but it might have something to do with playing hard to get. Source: Peter Morrison8. And finally…Remember this ad from 1999? Source: meadowsirlOh well, never mind. We still think our accents are sexy. And that’s all that matters.Read: 5 videos of non-Irish people attempting Irish accents>Read: 11 ways to tell if you’re Irish… according to you>last_img read more