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Ban confers with Israeli Foreign Minister on Middle East peace process

According to Mr. Ban’s spokesperson Michele Montas, they also talked about operational issues regarding humanitarian aid to Gaza and the West Bank, as well as Palestinian students who are not able to exit Gaza. Mr. Ban and Ms. Livni also conferred on the Annapolis process, the peace process launched in the United States city of that name late last year. In his meeting yesterday with Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, the Secretary-General discussed Israeli settlements. Ms. Montas noted that Mr. Ban has said repeatedly that they do not help push the peace process forward. In a statement issued last week, he voiced deep concern about the announcement that the Ministry of Defence had issued an initial approval of 20 residential units in the Israeli military post of Maskiyot in the West Bank. “The Secretary-General has stressed many times before that settlement construction or expansion is contrary to international law,” according to a statement issued by his spokesperson. 31 July 2008Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Livni in New York today, with the two discussing the Middle East peace process, including the situation in Lebanon. read more