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Youth Will Stay and Grow in New Nova Scotia

first_imgNova Scotians can look forward to broadband Internet service throughout the province by 2010, as well as other steps to make Nova Scotia a leader in information technology, Premier Rodney MacDonald said in his first State of the Province address. Premier MacDonald outlined the province’s future direction to members of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce today (Nov. 29), saying government will focus on making the right IT investments to push the province to the technological forefront. “By the end of 2009, all Nova Scotians, no matter where they live, will have 100 per cent coverage,” the premier said of his commitment to expand broadband Internet. It’s a move to address significant challenges ahead, such as the aging of Nova Scotia’s population at a time when younger Nova Scotians are leaving for opportunities in other parts of Canada or abroad. “The new Nova Scotia will be a place that attracts and welcomes immigrants, that beckons home our friends and relatives who have dispersed across the country, because the opportunities they left to pursue are now available at home,” the premier said. Technology, innovation and environmental industries will be fertile territory for Nova Scotians to carve out strong economic opportunities and competitive global leadership. Already, Nova Scotia has more than 1,400 IT firms, almost 2,400 researchers in leading-edge life sciences, and, last week, the government announced investments in three major financial services companies that could lead to almost 1,000 well-paying jobs. “That’s a great start, and my government is ready, willing and excited to take Nova Scotia’s advantages to the next level.” The premier said leading-edge Nova Scotian and international businesses are creating rewarding jobs that generate increased revenue to pay for quality programs and services across Nova Scotia, such as education and health care. The premier said government will apply discipline to its decisions, ensuring the province sticks to the path toward the new Nova Scotia. This is why equalization and the fiscal imbalance, as well as establishing Nova Scotia as North America’s Atlantic Gateway to Europe and Asia, are priorities. “There will be an Atlantic gateway developed somewhere in North America before long,” the premier said. “Geography has dealt us the basis of a winning hand. It is now up to us to make the most of it.” The premier ended his speech by saying the state of the province is strong, and will only get stronger. A copy of the premier’s remarks is available on the website at www.gov.ns.ca/premier/ .last_img read more