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World Curling Tour plans to review policy after Red Deer ejection

first_imgFrosty brews are as common a sight in a curling club as rocks in the rings.Knocking back a few pints after a game is enmeshed in the social fabric of the sport, especially at the club level. Sometimes you’ll even see elite curlers head to the bar once play is complete, with winners typically buying the first round.What was different about last weekend’s team ejection at the Red Deer Curling Classic was the drinking was done before the game and unsportsmanlike behaviour followed. It was such an uncommon occurrence — curling prides itself on gentlemanly play — that the World Curling Tour doesn’t have anything on the books to deal with what went down. “We don’t currently have a code of conduct specific to this kind of issue,” said WCT operations chief Gerry Geurts. “But we’re reviewing that policy in the wake of this incident and working with other Tour stakeholders to consider the next course of action.” On Saturday, the team of Jamie Koe, Ryan Fry, Chris Schille and DJ Kidby were kicked out of the $35,000 competition. Fry, who was playing as a substitute, won a Tim Hortons Brier title in 2013 and won Olympic gold with skip Brad Jacobs at the 2014 Sochi Games.Organizers said that after drinking in the venue’s bar area, three of the four curlers — Koe sat out — played an afternoon game that led to their disqualification. Red Deer Curling Centre manager Wade Thurber said that Fry broke three brooms, the team used foul language and there was some minor damage in the locker room.The team members left the premises afterwards without issue, forfeited a Sunday game, and issued statements Monday apologizing for their actions. Fry, who normally plays with Jacobs, E.J. Harnden and Ryan Harnden, offered to pay for any damages, Thurber said.Fry, who has yet to comment publicly, added a separate apology on Twitter, saying he’ll “be taking every step needed to guarantee this never happens again.” His post included the quote: “The best version of yourself comes after the worst journey you could take yourself on.”The Red Deer competition is a level below the Slams. The field boasted a few big names but is generally filled with up-and-coming players and regional competitors.Thurber said it was the first disqualification in the event’s 20-year history, while Geurts called it a “very rare” situation for a Tour event.“Most of the time curlers generally deal with issues amongst themselves,” Geurts said from London, Ont. “It’s even the case at a lot of these Tour events in Canada, we don’t even have officials on the ice. It’s the way the game has always been managed. It’s sort of that gentleman’s game in that situation.“You usually have someone around the facility who can be a voice of reason in case there’s any kind of rule issue or anything like that. But for the most part, the players have always solved these issues themselves. That’s one of the great things about the sport.”Thurber said that spectators and some other teams who were playing at the 12-sheet facility complained about the Koe team’s behaviour.  “Usually what happens, the players that are in a bonspiel, they’re not drinking until they’re done for the day,” Thurber said from Red Deer. “That’s normal. But these guys were drinking before their game.”Team Jacobs, which recently won the Grand Slam of Curling’s Tour Challenge, is next scheduled to compete at the Dec. 11-16 National in Conception Bay South, N.L. Fry is expected to play at that event.The curling scene has changed significantly over the years, with many competitors more likely to reach for a protein shake at the end of play rather than a beer stein. Some veteran players will regale others with stories from the old days, when curlers played a couple games, hit the bar, stayed up until the wee hours and were back out on the ice in the morning — hangover and all.Some international media outlets that picked up the story played on that old-school stereotype that curlers like a drink.However, the reality in Olympic-era curling is that many elite players are more concerned about ranking points and getting a good night’s sleep than they are about heading to the bar for a cold one.  “For the work that they put in, the time at the gym, drinking just doesn’t really fit in to that whole gameplan of becoming a high-performance athlete,” Geurts said. “So you do tend to see teams not partake much at all.”———Follow @GregoryStrongCP on Twitter.Gregory Strong, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Mosquitoes on the attack residents run one school closed up

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Oct 2015 – Northern Turks and Caicos Islands are really feeling the bite of mosquitoes more intensely now as compounded flood waters from Hurricane Joaquin and a near week long rain spell are producing the pests more quickly than they can be killed off. The Environmental Health Department told media, spraying in school areas was amped up to make it more comfortable for students, still Magnetic Media was last night informed that at least one school closed up early for mid-term break due to the inundation of the potentially disease infested insects. Richmond Hills Preparatory told parents not to bring their children to school today because the mosquito attacks were too severe. In Blue Hills, one school reports to Magnetic Media that they are trying to fend off the pain of the bites by rubbing alcohol on the children. On Leeward Highway a teacher says OFF has become like a second skin and in eastern Providenciales, residents are swatting mosquitoes, one parent last night expressed concern because her daughter was terribly bitten and developed a fever. North and Middle Caicos say it is uncomfortable, using the phrase that it is ‘bad, bad, bad’. That business owner said he simply gets indoors earlier to lock himself away from the barrage of bugs. The mosquitoes he explained soured some of the community events on the weekend in North. It was explained that a second vehicle has been added to the fleet in North and Middle Caicos; this after complaints in the House of Assembly by the Opposition party about there being just one truck covering the two largest and greenest islands. EHD Director, Kenrick Neely explained that they are following a schedule which includes all areas but residents must continue to do their parts to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquito bites in the TCI are of particular concern as the territory has recorded a significant number of both Dengue Fever and Chikungunya Virus cases. TCI Health warns against Zika as Caribbean counts five cases Related Items:Chikungunya, Environmental health, flood waters, mosquito Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you More foggers, more manpower, mosquito nets – Zika now in Jamaica See when your area of Providenciales will be fogged for Mosquitoeslast_img read more

Japanese researchers using particle accelerator to breed salt resistant rice

first_img RIKEN ion beam technology used to create brewing yeast (Phys.org) — Japanese researchers at the Riken Nishina Centre for Accelerator-Based Science have been using their particle accelerator to cause mutations in rice for over two decades with the aim of breeding rice that is more resistant to saltwater. Up to now their results have been limited; just one new salt resistant rice variety has been created and it faced mixed reactions regarding taste. But now, because of the tsunami in that country last year that contaminated a lot of farmland with seawater, efforts there have picked up and researchers are reportedly coming close to developing a whole host of new saltwater resistant strains. Explore further Cambodia, Kratie: A worker is removing the rice seedlings. Image: Wikipedia Citation: Japanese researchers using particle accelerator to breed salt resistant rice (2012, May 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2012-05-japanese-particle-salt-resistant-rice.htmlcenter_img The idea isn’t all that novel, breeding new varieties of plants has been done for centuries. What the researchers at the accelerator facility are doing is speeding up the process. All breeding is based on mutations that occur in plant cells. Those mutations that create positive results in plants are favored over those that don’t. Over time successive generations result in plants that are ever closer to what is desired. With the particle accelerator, the research team at Riken, led by Tomoko Abe, fire an ion beam at grains of rice, creating a huge variety of mutations in their genes; afterwards the grains are planted and tested to see which are more resistant to saltwater. Those that are go through testing and are sometimes bred with other varieties with the hope of finding the perfect mix of salt resistance and good taste. In so doing the team is able to create new strains of rice in just a few years that normally would take decades using natural mutation methods.Developing strains of rice that are resistant to the salt in seawater is important, not just for Japan, which saw yields drop by over half in areas where the sea inundated farmland, but for many other countries in the world as well. With both rising populations and ocean levels, land that is occasionally flooded by the sea could be made useable if strains of rice can be developed that are able to grow there.The researchers at Riken have already developed strains that see yields drop by just twenty percent when inundated with seawater, and are hoping to improve that number as more research continues. They expect to see fully resistant rice strains as soon as four years from now. © 2012 Phys.Org This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Fake degree row Surinder Singh meets police chief offers to surrender

first_imgSingh said he had appeared for examinations in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from Eiilm University, Sikkim, and was awarded a BA degree in 2012. He also admitted that there was a “typo” error in the affidavit even as his party alleged that police was targeting its leaders.The Delhi Cantt MLA, who met police commissioner BS Bassi along with senior party leader Sanjay Singh, said he also offered to “surrender” before the law enforcing agency in the case. “I showed him (Bassi) my documents. I also told him that I gave exams in  2009, 2010 and 2011 and the university came under the scanner in April, 2015. Why should I be blamed for it? This is a political conspiracy by my opponents. Also Read – Company director arrested for swindling Rs 345 crore“If police still think there is a need to arrest me, then I am available for it,” he said after meeting Bassi.Earlier in the day, Singh, a former NSG commando who combated terrorists during the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, addressed a news conference along with Sanjay Singh where they charged that the police was targeting AAP. Sanjay Singh said Surinder was a “victim” in the case and not an “offender”. “The Centre is trying to suppress AAP by arresting our leaders and MLAs. Narendra Modi had resorted to similar tactics in Gujarat. There are several FIRs registered against BJP leaders, but the police are showing promptness only in arresting Surinder Singh and AAP leaders.“In this case, Surinder Singh is a victim and not an offender. The university has issued degrees to thousands of students.  “If the university turns out to be dubious, then the MLA cannot be blamed for that,” Sanjay Singh said.last_img read more