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first_imgIS IT TRUE that Mulzer Crushed Stone which has been a riverfront institution for many years may be changing hands?…Mulzer or the “litter box by the Ohio” as some have called it is rumored to be in the final stages of selling out to a foreign company Oldcastle Materials?…this means that the profits from the Mulzer operation will be heading off to Ireland when the deal is done?…we hope that the new owners will be just a good as corporate citizens as Jeff Mulzer and his team have been for many years?IS IT TRUE that the brick and mortar retail business world keeps getting hammered by online shopping?…retail outlets with troubles usually manage to make it through the Christmas season to offload as much inventory as possible before folding their tents soon after the new year?…the age old department chain named after JC Penney that has been a fixture at the south end of the Eastland Mall has announced that they will be closing between 150 and 160 stores across the country?…the specific locations slated to close have not been released to the public yet?…of all the large store formats in the Eastland Mall, JC Penny is the only one that has not changed brands at least once since Eastland was opened in the late 1970s?…we could hope that the Eastland Store is not on the list but the reality is that it eventually will be so we had best be prepared when the axe comes down?…the entire Family Christian chain has announced that all stores will be closed?…this brand has spent many years across Green River Road from Eastland and it looks like that location is going to be “available” soon?…Target is an endangered species too with their latest corporate rescue plan of “margin compression”?…that is business speak for price cutting, fire selling, or whatever else such things are called these days?…it looks like there is going to be a glut of commercial property in the near future?IS IT TRUE that DMD purchased the Knotty Pine Restaurant site on North main street and demolished it for a public parking lot? …the Integra Bank building located on North main street now houses the newly reorganized Evansville Land Bank Corp thanks to a sweetheart deal given to them by DMD?IS IT TRUE that Turonis Restaurant owners purchased the vacant Integra Bank building on North Main from DMD for $235,000 plus dollars to be used for a parking lot for their customers? …a short while later DMD re-purchased the vacant Integra Bank building from Turonis Restaurant owners for over $260,000? …DMD then cut a sweetheart deal to lease the Integra Bank building to the Evansville Land Bank Corp?  …the Evansville Land Bank Corp are now allowing Turonis Restaurant customers to park at the old Integra Bank parking lot when their main lot is full?IS IT TRUE we wonder if Executive Director of DMD and ERC Board of Directors spend their personal money the same way the spend our tax dollars?  …we bet you know the answer to this question?FOOTNOTE: Todays ‘Readers Polls” question is: Do you feel that it’s time for the State and Federal authorities do an comprehensive audit of the financial activities of the Evansville DMD?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more