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First music video shot using iPad 2 doesnt suck

first_imgAn iPad 2 can be a hard thing to come across these days with waits up to four to five weeks long. One musician was lucky enough to have four iPad 2s, which she used to shoot her latest music video — a video that was shot entirely with the iPad 2.Singer Eddy and her film crew, Remedy Films, took advantage of the iPad 2’s addition of another camera, one of which is capable of shooting in HD. The video is just under four minutes long but took about five hours to film, and 12 hours to edit. Oh, and the crew had to wait eight hours in line at the Apple Store to get their camera equipment hidden in the form of an iPad 2. On the video’s YouTube page, Chase Andrews, president of Remedy Films, said the video was released within 20 hours of when the iPad 2 came out.Of course, the iPad 2 wasn’t designed to be a full-feature HD video camera, and the crew knew that. Andrews said they treated the cameras as “professional cameras.” The production team used professional mounts, with one on a Steadicam rig, one on a Kessler Crane CineSlider, and another on a hand-held rig. So where was the fourth iPad? It was being held by Eddy, who was basically a walking iPad ad throughout the video.Unfortunately, it wasn’t edited entirely on the iPad 2. Yes, it clearly would have looked a lot less professional had it been edited all in iMovie on the iPad, and it would have most likely taken a great deal longer to edit, but it also would have been cool to say you had shot and edited a stellar video entirely on the iPad 2. Oh well, close enough.Andrews said they started the edit on the iPad, but then synced all the iPads to a Mac Pro. They then organized the videos into one folder and synced that folder back to one iPad so they had all the footage on a single iPad. With two editors working — one on the Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, and Andrews on the iPad 2 — they were able to get the intro done on the iPad. But, once it came down to syncing the vocals with the song, it was just too difficult to be “precise and creative.”Speed was the deciding factor, as Andrews said they wanted to be quick with the edit, resulting in them bailing on the iPad iMovie edit. He said it could have been done if they had a longer turnaround time. “It wasn’t bad for a $5 video editing app,” Andrews said about iMovie. The crew ended up using Final Cut Pro on the Mac to do the full edit.The fact that they were able to create such a well-shot-and-edited video in 20 hours after the iPad 2 had been released is pretty impressive. It hasn’t even been a week since the iPad 2 first went on sale. Now we wait for the influx of more iPad 2 videos. And where are all the Garageband-only albums? It’s been a week afterall.last_img read more