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MIUI Android Rom gets the full English treatment

first_imgThe Android modders community is often times starved for new ideas. Rather, there are boundaries it seems they are unwilling to cross. Maybe they feel a concept is “too Apple” or from another phone design. I respectfully disagree. I am not an iPhone fan, but there are elements of their design that is both elegant and functional, and I give their UI team props in certain areas. Those elements could be built on, and sewn into the Android OS to complete a really great user experience, but it’s not really there. Until now anyways, with the MIUI Android Rom.For anyone who has followed Android Rom development, you know that MIUI has been around for a while, but it’s never been fully translated until recently. Take a look at the newly translated Rom in my video!As you can clearly see, MIUI pulls from all of the modern Smartphone designs and creates an elegant, simple to use variant of Android, without taking away any of the base functionality. It creates a completely different workflow, and forces you to think differently about how you organize yourself on this new digital playground, which I find fantastic.Updates from the development team come early and often, with new features always being added. Keep an eye on this design, you may see it as the Stock rom on a phone one day.last_img read more