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2D glasses make 3D movies flat again

first_imgIf you can’t stand 3D movies, either because you think they’re a silly fad or because they actively give you headaches, relief is on the way. A company (predictably) called 2D Glasses is selling special eyewear that will make any 3D image two-dimensional, so you can go to the movies with friends, see the 3D film you all want to waitch, and enjoy it without walking out with a throbbing headache.The key to understanding how the special 2D glasses work is in remembering how 3D movies are projected. When you watch a 3D film, you’re actually seeing two images projected onto the same screen. The same is true when you watch 3D television at home: your TV is actually showing two separate images, and the glasses that you wear either actively compensates for it (in the case of active shutter glasses) or blocks one of the two images from being seen (in the case of the passive glasses you wear in movie theatres.) The result is a three dimensional image that seems to have depth to it.AdChoices广告2D Glasses’ line of eyewear takes a different approach. Their glasses always block one of the two images from being shown, so all you see is one of the projected video streams. The glasses work best in movie theaters where both images are projected at the same time, as opposed to 3D televisions at home where the two images are being displayed intermittently at very high speeds.The idea grew from inventor Hank Green’s desire to go to the movies with his wife, who revealed to him that 3D movies gave her awful headaches. He didn’t want to see 3D movies alone, and he didn’t want his wife to be in pain, so he tweaked a pair of movie theater 3D glasses to block one of the incoming images so his wife could see the film in 2D while he watched in 3D.The end result was a pair of glasses that his friends liked so much that he quickly wound up with people asking him to make a pair for them. He decided to go ahead and have the glasses professionally made using his designs, and now anyone can order them for $7.99 list price, plus $2.00 for shipping.Oh, and for those keeping score, ThinkGeek foresaw these: they listed their own 2D Glasses as an April Fool’s joke earlier this month. Little did they know the glasses would soon be real.Read more at 2D Glasseslast_img read more