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Tax-fatigued student population

first_imgDear Editor,As the PNC-led Coalition tighten their grip on society, they have finally landed their silliness at our national tertiary institution — the University of Guyana. I make mention of the imposition of restricted zones for parking, as well as the new clamping of students’ vehicle laws. This latest vendetta on academia is another crude taxation measure on an already tax-fatigued student population.Even before that, students were saddled with a steep hike in fees and other burdensome costs, which adds to the misery of gaining a decent and affordable higher education; while the promised improvement in the infrastructure and other dire necessities is still a way-off aspiration waiting to be fulfilled. So these new moves, like the clamping of students’ vehicles, come as a surprise.Amidst all of these goings-on is the sudden silence of the unions and other representatives of the student body. Where are those who are duly constituted to protect and further students’ rights at UG? Where are they? Is something radically wrong with the whole unionized psyche at UG?To begin with, an increased vehicular traffic at UG is welcome, because it shows that the university is growing. Those in administration ought to be delighted and appreciative of this fact, hence adequate facilities should have been put in place for parking. Instead, we hear of this retrogression of the putting up of barriers as well as clamping of vehicles just adding to students’ frustration.This is a retrograde move with a clear aim.Where is Patsy Francis? Where is Melissa Ifill? Are they asleep? What has gone wrong with them? Why the sudden silence? Wake up!Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more