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Platforms response to coronavirus shows that, when they want, they can

first_img April 28, 2021 Find out more March 19, 2020 Platforms response to coronavirus shows that, when they want, they can Denis Charlet / AFP to go further United StatesAmericas Online freedoms Internet News Receive email alerts With the help of regional and international public health organizations, including the WHO, Facebook has been “limiting misinformation and harmful content” about the coronavirus since 30 January, and has modified its recommendation algorithm in order to remove pages and groups linked to the coronavirus. Facebook usually limits the distribution of information that has been verified as misleading by its network of fact-checkers by tagging it as such and by offering alternative sources of information. “During a major public health crisis in which the situation is evolving rapidly, access to reliable information is vital in order to protect the public,” RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “Journalistic freedom and independence play a central role. Platforms must be transparent about the rules governing the promotion of trustworthy information and must continue this approach in the future.” News This is why RSF developed the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), which has formulated indicators of reliable and independent information in order to encourage the use of journalistic methods and compliance with media ethics. Platforms could incorporate the JTI standard as an “integrity factor” into their algorithms. Search engine algorithms are based on many factors but not, at this time, on editorial compliance with certain fundamental principles. According to a confidential US State Department report seen by the Washington Post, between 20 January (the date when the Chinese authorities first reported human-to-human coronavirus transmission) and 10 February, 2 million of the messages posted on Twitter (7% of the total) were spreading conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. To combat this phenomenon, Twitter promotes verified public health accounts and offers users “authoritative” sources of information about the coronavirus. Twitter selects content posted by public health organizations, government officials and certain national media outlets without explaining the rules that determined its selection. News June 7, 2021 Find out more Organisation News June 3, 2021 Find out more The measures taken to combat misinformation about Covid-19 shows that platforms have the capacity to implement structural responses to information chaos. In future, RSF urges them to be more transparent about the mechanisms available for promoting reliable information and to undertake to use these mechanisms routinely. These mechanisms should not be discretionary and should be based on transparent principles. RSF_en Facebook’s Oversight Board is just a stopgap, regulation urgently needed, RSF says Follow the news on United States Help by sharing this information WhatsApp blocks accounts of at least seven Gaza Strip journalists In response to the flood of rumours and misinformation about the coronavirus epidemic, leading online platforms have taken unprecedented measures to promote reliable information – measures contrary to their usual practices. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urges them to promote trustworthy content whatever the subject concerned. Instagram and Google have modified their interfaces in order to promote verified information. YouTube is offering videos with information panels and is stepping up its efforts to remove false information. In coronavirus related searches, Pinterest just offers information published by the WHO. NSO Group hasn’t kept its promises on human rights, RSF and other NGOs say United StatesAmericas Online freedoms Internet last_img read more

Commentary: Trump And Partisanship That’s American As Apple Pie

first_imgCommentary: Trump And Partisanship That’s American As Apple PieNovember 29, 2019     Posted by: jlkrull59By John KrullTheStatehouseFile.com INDIANAPOLIS – One of the biggest guessing games in American politics these days involves speculating on what, if anything, would cause Republicans to abandon President Donald Trump.The speculation intensifies each time a GOP defense of the president’s conduct collapses as more facts emerge.There was no quid pro quo involved in Trump’s dealings with the Ukraine government? Multiple witnesses and the “transcript” of the July conversation – really, a memo – the president touts as his get-out-of-jail card say otherwise.The Ukrainians didn’t know their desperately needed military aid was in jeopardy if they didn’t do some political work for President Trump? Turns out, again confirmed by multiple witnesses and records, that the Ukrainians did know, and they were scared witless about it.The president and all the president’s men didn’t know they could be violating the law by withholding that aid? Again, turns out they did know and were frantically checking just how long they had to play games with the Ukrainians before any legal hammers dropped.The fact that so many Republicans remain devoted to this president even as he gets caught in one lie or deception after another puzzles many people and appalls still others.Me, less so.Partisanship is as American as apple pie. Even in the earliest days of the republic, when the founders issued warning after warning about the dangers of “faction,” they were forming – you guessed it – factions.Literally, political parties were being formed at the time that the leaders of those parties deplored the rise of political parties.That’s why it’s not surprising that the GOP faithful today remain committed to this president. There isn’t much point – nor much benefit – to being part of a tribe if one is not loyal to that tribe.Republicans in the Watergate era stayed loyal to Richard Nixon until doing so threatened the party itself. It wasn’t disgust with or disapproval of Nixon’s crimes that prompted the GOP to abandon him. It was that he had become such a political cancer that he threatened the well-being or even the survival of the tribe itself.For that reason, he had to go.Similarly, Democrats stuck with Bill Clinton during his impeachment battle because abandoning him would have cost the party more than clinging to him did. Many Democrats were appalled by Clinton’s conduct, but the tribal instinct asserted itself – and that instinct sustained Clinton through his crisis.So, it’s not shocking to me that Republicans are hanging with Trump through this battle. At present, they have far more to fear from throwing him overboard – primary challenges and a badly divided party going into the 2020 election – than they do from clinging to him.What is surprising, though, is that they aren’t taking more steps to protect the tribe from this president’s recklessness.I’ve lost track of the number of times that Republicans have staked out positions in defense of Donald Trump that prove factually and legally untenable. Sometimes the reality that the GOP has dug in on crumbling ground has become clear within days of Republicans erecting their barricades. Sometimes, it’s evident within hours. And, sometimes, within minutes.Given that this is a partisan nation with a partisan history living through a particularly partisan time, it should be expected that Republicans will stick with one of their own for as long as they can.I keep wondering, though, when or if the GOP chieftains will confront this president and ask, how bad is this going to get? How much more is there?Knowing what’s coming would allow Republicans to craft lines of defense that can’t be eroded with the next bit of testimony or an upcoming release of a key record.The fact that Republican leaders aren’t asking that question suggests they fear what the answer could be.They’re acting as if the cliché were true – that ignorance is bliss.The bet here is that it won’t be.FOOTNOTE: John Krull is the director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism and publisher of TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.City-County Observer posted this article without opinion, bias or editing.Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Lady Cats Victorious Over Lady Tribe

first_imgThe Franklin County Lady Wildcats defeated The Milan Lady Indians 16-25, 25-19, 25-20, 16-25, 15-12.It was a hard fought battle for the Lady Wildcats tonight but they were able to pull out the win. Kendall McCool and Kaitlyn Obert each had 3 ace serves. Kamryn McCool had 13 kills with Meredith Bohman adding 10 kills. Kayley Schoettelkotte had 7 kills. Kaylee Hedrick and Layne Steele each had 5 kills. The team worked hard to get several digs from our great back row. The Lady Wildcats came together and are continuing to play together.They will be back in action Saturday as they travel to Greensburg.Courtesy of Wildcats Coach Tanya Wirtz.The Lady Cats added another win to their record tonight against Milan 21-25, 25-12, 15-12.Kelly Layton lead the team with 5 aces. Charlotte Barrett and Sydney Graf each added 3 aces. And Sydney added 3 kills also. Kelsey Vail had a great night with 5 digs. These girls are starting to come together more and more.We travel to Greensburg to play at 10 am on Saturday!!! Come with us and support The Lady Cats.Courtesy of Wildcats Coach Jill Mergenthal.last_img read more