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Sesame Street Has Been Making Movie Parodies For Years

first_img In the Star Wars parody trailer, released via Sesame Street, the pun names are out of control. Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie must work together to rescue Princess Parfaya from Darth Baker. Along the way, they must help Flan learn how to control his appetite for cookies, or else he’ll eat his partner.I had no idea this existed, yet the video came out in 2014. In fact, Sesame Street has a number of other movie trailer parodies, utilizing loose story elements, characters, and plot lines from famous films and TV shows, many which its target audience probably never saw.Sesame Street has been around for decades and comes from the same tradition as The Muppets, so the show making movie and TV trailer parodies isn’t surprising. However, the five-minute-long videos have been getting uploaded to the show’s official YouTube channel for years and seem to have slipped under the radar. It’s a shame because the bulk of them are clever, distorting some famous pop culture references in a way that is uniquely Sesame Street.Sesame Street has been making these videos since 2013 at least and uploading them to YouTube. They’re kid-friendly–often going over basic mathematics, colors, and words–but sometimes feature very adult source material. They’ve touched upon everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars, which its core audience of preschoolers probably understands, but also Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, and True Blood.It’s the ones in the latter category that tend to be the most memorable. Sons of Anarchy becomes “Sons of Poetry,” teaching kids how to rhyme “blue” and “you.” Even more astounding is how it manages to also feature the poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, which is a reference that makes no sense in this context but is so weird to spot in a show for preschoolers that it’s worth mentioning.Many of the videos feature Cookie Monster as he learns about self-control and delayed gratification, but some of its strongest works show off the work of the puppetry team with new characters and props. “Game of Chairs,” a musical chair parody of Game of Thrones, has puppet versions of Cersei, Joffrey, Ned and Robb Stark, and Daenerys, and an Iron Throne that’s made out of iron golf clubs.“Game of Chairs” is also noteworthy for all the dark references to the source material, much of which will go over the heads of toddlers and people who’ve been avoiding the show for six seasons. Robb Stark has a wedding to attend, for example. Grover needs to hurry this game of musical chairs along.It’s not that the videos are unpopular. The “Game of Chairs” skit has gotten over three million views since it was uploaded in April 2015. However, that seems to be one of the most popular ones. Most have between one and two million views after multiple years on YouTube, which is a shame considering this is Sesame Street: a cultural institution for multiple generations of kids whose parents want them to sit still for a while. IMore seriously, Sesame Street is made by a non-profit institution and has been running for over 45 seasons. It was made originally to help inner-city kids learn and just happened to appeal to a much wider audience.The low views on some of these parody videos seem related to its dwindling viewership, as the move to streaming and away from cable caused the show’s numbers and finances to drop. This resulted in a deal with HBO that has the seasons airing first on the network’s streaming service.We’re glad that we still get to have Sesame Street around for a few more years, but in the meantime, we’ll continue watching its work. The parodies specifically are great fun, even if the kids won’t always understand the references. It just means they have cross-generational appeal. Elmo Crashes ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene in Cute ‘Sesame Street’ CrossoverU.S. Postal Service Reveals New ‘Sesame Street,’ T. Rex Stamps Stay on targetlast_img read more