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Andrew Gillum could be Florida’s first Black governor

first_imgAndrew Gillum…could be Florida’s first African American Governor BY Garth A. Rose“Lordie, Lordie, I think this young man is another Barack Obama in the making,” Miranda Locksley, a resident of the City of Tallahassee, commented as she referred to that city’s Mayor Andrew Gillum who could be Florida’s next, and first African-American, governor.Some tout him as Florida’s next, and first African-American, governor. He officially launched his bid Wednesday.Gillum, 37, debuted in Florida politics when at age-23 he was elected to the Tallahassee city commission. In 2014, at age 34, he was elected mayor. Now, Gillum, plans to justify his description as a “rising star” in Florida’s Democratic Party by seeking to create history as Florida’s first African-American Governor to succeed incumbent Governor Rick Scott who terms out as governor next year.Gillum was born in Richmond Heights in South Miami Dade in 1979.  After attending the Frank C. Martin Elementary School, his family relocated to Gainesville. He    later attended Florida A &M University (FAMU). There, he made history as the first student member of FAMU’s Board of Trustees. In 2003, he was recognized by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation as the “Emerging Leader for 2003.” He justified the award when that year he was elected to Tallahassee’s city commission even before  graduating from FAMU.Although the Democratic primaries for Florida Governor isn’t until August 2018, Gillum is highly touted to prevail. Following Miami politician Daryl Jones in 2002, Gillum is only the second African-American to run for governor in Florida.One of the first South Florida officials to endorse Gillum’s bid for governor is Broward Commissioner Dale Holness who first met Gillum in 2004.“From that time, I recognized in Andrew Gillum an unusually gifted politician who genuinely represents the interest of Floridians. I  recognized his integrity, energy, positive thinking and dedication to astute political leadership, and commitment to job creation, providing affordable healthcare, and improving the local economy. As mayor, he showed remarkable initiative in stimulating Tallahassee’s economy by refunding utility deposits to residents thus enhancing their purchasing power. I genuinely believe Andrew Gillum is qualified to be Florida’s next governor.”Within days of declaring his bid for governor, Gillum raised $1 million towards his campaign.In 2008 and 2012 Democrats candidates Alex Sink and Charlie Crist respectively, lost agonizingly close elections to Scott.  Several Democrats in Central and South Florida believe Gillum has the potential to excite a huge Democratic voter turnout next year, giving the party a real chance of electing the first Democratic governor since Governor Lawton Chiles’ election in 1991. and reelection in 1994.last_img read more

Appointment of a new GFA technical director imminent – General Secretary

first_imgGeneral Secretary of the Ghana Football Association, Lawyer Prosper Harrison Addo has disclosed that his outfit will soon unveil a new head for the vacant technical director role.The role has been open since Francis Oti Akenteng’s long-term appointment with the GFA was not renewed at the end of March.In an interview on Sports Panorama, the Lawyer Prosper Harrison Addo revealed that the GFA got a lot of applications but the list has been narrowed to six persons.Harrison Addo has now revealed that the the GFA is in the final stages to announce the replace of Oti Akenteng.“The Select Committee in charge is in the final leg of their work and would soon submit its final report to the Executive Council for approval, and once approval is given, an official announcement of the new technical director will be made.“The technical director role is one of the prerequisites of FIFA, and we are in the process of appointing the new head soon.” Addo however declined to disclose the identities of the final six candidates citing confidentiality issues.“It is for the sake of best practice that we are keeping the name of the six persons close to our chest for now, and not for any other clandestine reason.”last_img read more

Trail Men’s League tips off on another season, opening available for new players

first_imgAnyone wanting to join a team in the league is urged to contact Steve at 250-231-6682, or Facebook (search Trail Men’s Basketball). The Trail Men’s Basketball League is alive but on life-supports systems as organizers attempt to save the hoop league.League organizers are attempting to start the league up for the 2013-14 season Monday, but have seen a sharp drop in registration.last_img

First Lady rolls out more training programmes

first_imgFirst Lady Sandra Granger on Wednesday met with Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO), Jennifer Ferreira Dougall to discuss plans to implement projects such as the Self-Reliance and Success in Business initiative in the Region during the course of 2018.First Lady Sandra Granger and Region Three DREO Jennifer Ferreira DougallDuring the meeting, which was held at State House, the First Lady said that she was looking to collaborate with the Regional Administration to implement these projects with the aim of enhancing the lives of citizens of the Region. She explained that her office has been asked to train more women to be successful in their own business endeavours. “This year, of course, we will also have training programmes in child care and care of the elderly with the aim of having those people who are trained certified by the Board of Industrial Training and we also have our [Information and Communication Technology] ICT workshops for adolescents and school leavers so those are some of the things that we plan to do this year,” she said.  The First Lady said that her office was currently planning for this year’s projects, and noted that she would be supported by the Education and Public Telecommunications Ministries in the implementation of some of the projects.last_img read more

Proud to be a South African

first_imgTalk Radio 702 presenter Aki Anastasiou said that the road show celebrated democracy. “It reflects on freedom and it reflects on our country. (Image: Melissa Jane Cook) • Fikile Makhoba Communications Brand South Africa + 27 82 404 4856 [email protected]randsouthafrica.com • Two decades of freedom • Freedom Day: long time coming • Twenty years of constitutional freedom • Freedom rediscovered • Making democracy work for allMelissa Jane CookSouth Africans congregated at Eastgate Mall on the eastern edge of Johannesburg on Valentine’s Day to celebrate Freedom Friday. It was a time to show their love for South Africa, and mark the countdown towards the 20th anniversary of democracy in the country.Freedom Friday is jointly hosted by Brand South Africa, Lead SA, Proudly SA, the Department of Arts and Culture, and the Government Communication and Information System. It is aimed at encouraging South Africans to celebrate their freedom and democracy – and their essential “South African-ness” by wearing whatever makes them proud to be South African. This can be the colours of the national flag, traditional attire, national soccer or rugby team jerseys, or anything else that reflects 20 years of democracy.Monica Newton, the deputy director-general of Arts and Culture, said the countdown campaign was just one activity aimed at mobilising South Africans behind the 20 years of freedom celebrations. “We are rolling out the countdown campaign to certain malls across the country as we get closer to April 27, which marks our 20th anniversary of democracy.“We’ve come a very long way, but even though we still have a long journey ahead of us, as a nation, we need take this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the huge gains that we’ve made in education, health and housing to mention a few,” Newtown said. “Things have changed for everybody since 1994 for the better; hence we are encouraging South Africans to celebrate their achievements and to continue working together to take our democracy forward.”Her department has been mandated to drive the mobilisation programme. At Eastgate on Friday, there was song and dance from GB Collective and Unknown Virus. They expressed what the last two decades has meant for them. GB Collective has been developing a musical since 2005, focusing on the struggle against apartheid and transition to democracy. The objective of the project is to educate and inspire today’s youth about the country’s history and future. GB Collective has been developing a musical since 2005, focusing on the struggle against apartheid and transition to democracy. The objective of the project is to educate and inspire today’s youth about the country’s history and future. (Image: Melissa Jane Cook)Apart from being entertained by moving, powerful songs of democracy and hope, those at the event were given South African flags and copies of the government newspaper, Vuk’uzenzele, and the Public Sector Manager Magazine. This idea is to use the day for all South Africans to come together and participate in activities that promote a common South African consciousness.Social mediaThe campaign is running across various social media platforms and interactive experiential zones in malls nationwide, as well as at OR Tambo International Airport. People will be encouraged to share their personal stories of what freedom and democracy means to them. Experiential zones in malls include an Express your Freedom location where, for example, people can contribute to graffiti boards. A collection of these will be on display during the official ceremony marking the anniversary of democracy, on 27 April.“We are living a part of history. Let’s share our positive stories and be active on social media. We all have the ability to do a small thing that makes a big difference,” said Catherine Constantinides, an executive from Lead SA.Freedom Friday is fashioned after the inspirational Football Friday campaign that united South Africans behind the FIFA World Cup in 2010, and the Phenomenal Friday campaign that mobilised people to support the country’s national cricket, rugby and netball World Cup squads in 2011.Talk Radio 702 presenter Aki Anastasiou said that the road show celebrated democracy. “It reflects on freedom and it reflects on our country. We have a beautiful country and a beautiful Constitution and people have sacrificed their lives to be here. This freedom is what it is all about. Let’s ask ourselves, what can we do to make a difference to those around us?”last_img read more

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Compression Ratios

first_imgWe’re here to answer some questions — what are compression ratios, how do they affect digital filmmaking, and what do they have to do with codecs?In this article, we will de-mystify the cryptic compression ratio, break down how you can derive useful meaning from it, and then show you a few tricks for evaluating codecs to determine the best option for your production.Basics of Data CompressionImage via Avid.We’ve covered the basics of compression before, so we’ll blow through them quickly here.All compression breaks down into one of two types: lossy compression (which discards information for the sake of file size or data rate), or lossless compression (which temporarily compresses data during the encoding process to enable the full or near-full recreation of the uncompressed data set on decode). Footage recorded without the use of any compression algorithm is considered uncompressed.Now, we need to cover some computer science 101 before delving into compression ratios. (It’ll be quick, I promise.)The fundamental particle of the information world is called the “bit,” represented by the lowercase “b.” (Yes, the case is important). At this level, information is in its most basic, binary form — a 1 or 0.8 bits comprise a “Byte” (pronounced “bite”), represented by an uppercase “B.” At this and every further level, the data represented becomes more complex.1,000 bytes make a KiloByte. This is not to be confused with the “Kilobit” (“Kb”), which is 1,000 bytes. Because bytes are 8-bit units, a KiloByte is actually 1024 bits.One thousand KiloBytes make a MegaByte, or MB. (Again, not to be confused with the “Megabit” — “Mb.”)This trend continues — a thousand MegaBytes makes a Gigabyte, and so on, but this is about as far as we need to go for this article. If you want to know more, WhatsAByte.com is a fantastic resource.Now, let’s dive into compression ratios.Compression RatiosCompression ratios are a simple numerical representation of the “compression power” of specific codecs or compression techniques. They are an invaluable shorthand because they offer a vastly simplified description of the quality of the resulting data, footage, or audio you intend to compress.So What Are They?Image via Blackmagic.The two numbers in the compression ratio refer to the compressed vs. uncompressed size of the data. The first number represents compression power where the second (usually just “1”) refers to the total size of the uncompressed data.If you ever want to find the compression ratio for any data you are compressing, here is the formula: Compression Ratio = Uncompressed size/compressed sizeIf you need to know the storage savings granted by a given codec, two simple adjustments to the formula and you’re set: Space savings = 1 – (compressed size/uncompressed size)So a 10MB file compresses down to 2MB using codec X, giving us the compression ratio 5:1. To find the savings, we simply input our values into the formula.Space savings = 1 – (2/10) -> = 1 – (.2) -> = .08 -> .08*100 = 80So, codec X offers us a storage savings of 80 percent over the uncompressed data. Pretty nifty.So now what?Deciding on a CodecImage via Apple.Now that we have the basics covered, how do you decide which codec is best for your project? Let’s take a look at the parameters engineers use when developing compression algorithms, but let’s approach it as shooters and editors.Questions to ask about yourself about the project:Speed: What is the project’s timeline?Compression ratio: Do you need higher-quality or smaller files?Complexity: Will additional codecs create unnecessary complexity?Space: Can you effectively capture, back up, and archive what you need?Latency: Are you going to be playing back in real time?Interoperability: Will the codec require transcoding for your editing system?Now that we’ve got an idea of the specific needs of our production, what else do we need to do before choosing a codec?Beyond evaluating the compression power of a codec, we can use everything we’ve learned so far to make storage predictions for the data we’ll be compressing for the entire shoot. There are a host of benefits to doing this — from choosing between two similarly classed codecs to knowing how many hard drives you’ll need for backup and archiving.Let’s say we’ve evaluated our production’s needs, and we’re leaning toward recording video using either ProRes 422 HQ or DNxHD 145 for our 1920×1080, 29.97 frames per second project. At this resolution and frame rate, ProRes 422 has a data rate of 220Mbps (Mega bits per second) while Avid’s DNxHD’s is 145Mbps.So, using some simple math we can predict how big our 1-hour interview clip will be before we ever start rolling.For ProRes:220Mbps = 220,000,000 bits per (/) second220,000,000 bits/second * 60 = 13,200,000 bits/minute13,200,000 bits/minute * 60 = 792,000,000,000 bits/hour.792,000,000,000 bits/hour / 8 = 99,000,000,000 Bytes/hour99,000,000,000 Bytes / 1,000 = 99,000,000 MegaBytes/hour99,000,000 MegaBytes / 1,000 = 99 gigabytes / hrFor DNxHD:145Mbps = 145,000,000 bits per (/) second145,000,000 bits/second * 60 = 8,700,000,000 bits/minute87,000 bits/minute * 60 = 522,000,000,000 bits/hour.522,000,000,000 bits/hour / 8 = 65,250,000,000 Bytes/hour65,250,000,000 Bytes / 1,000 = 65,250,000 MegaBytes/hour65,250,000 MegaBytes / 1,000 = 65.25 gigabytes / hrSo, our one-hour interview will result in a file that is roughly 99 gigs with ProRes 422 HQ, and about 65gb for DNxHD 145.Now our choice is simple. We simply go back to the questions we asked ourselves a moment ago about our specific production to decide if the ~35 GB/hour savings of DNxHD is more or less important than the approximate 50% increase in data rate 422 HQ gives us.Is our one-hour interview for a 30-second web commercial? If so, DNxHD should offer near-equal image quality to 422 HQ, but it will take up 40 percent less storage once completed — making it the clear winner in this case.What if the interview is just one of several dozen for a feature-length documentary that you plan to shop around the festival circuit? In this case, you must place the premium on maximizing image quality over storage (within given parameters), and the 50 percent higher data rate of ProRes 422 HQ fits the need perfectly.With just a little basic knowledge of the underlying science behind compression techniques used in modern codecs, we can assess the needs of our production, vet codecs for the production’s needs, and then make an educated decision based on the scope of the project. Pretty handy stuff if you ask me.Cover image via kayan_photo.Looking for more information on data and digital filmmaking? Check out these articles.Here’s What You Need to Know About Data CompressionProduction Tip: How You Can Prevent Corrupted FootageAfter MP3: The Past, Present, and Future of Audio CodecsUnderstanding Image Noise in Your Film and Video ProjectsWhy Dual Native ISO Should Be the New Industry Standardlast_img read more


first_imgTouch Football Australia is strongly encouraging all affiliates in country areas to take advantage of a great opportunity presented by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), ABC Sport and Rural Radio to win a share of $120,000 to drought-proof country sporting facilities.To enter the Drought Not-Out competition sports clubs are invited to explain how drought-proofing could help their communities, for example installing drought-tolerant turf, water tanks or run-off collection and recycling systems. The national Drought Not-Out winner will receive up to $50,000 and will host a live concert featuring ABC sports commentators at their facility and a live broadcast of The Country Hour. Winners in each state/territory will receive up to $10,000. Prize money must be spent on drought-proofing measures.Entries close on January 28. State finalists will be announced in Brisbane on February 3 and the national winner will be declared in Sydney on March 2.To enter, clubs must:Describe in 300 words or less why your sports club is the heart of the community? Include photos of your grounds. Describe in 150 words or less what your community is doing to keep the sporting club open during drought? Describe in 150 words or less how drought-proofing would benefit a range of sports in your area? Describe in 150 words or less the long-term benefits of a viable social and economic future for your community? Entries can be mailed to Drought Not-Out, ABC Rural, GPO Box 994, Melbourne, Vic, 3001 or can be submitted online at www.abc.net.au/rural and follow the link to Drought Not Out.last_img read more

Auburn’s Antoine Mason Honors Late Father On His Sneakers

first_imgAntoine Mason's sneakers remembering his father.On February 28, the basketball world lost a beloved member when former NBA star Anthony Mason passed away from congestive heart failure. Wednesday night, his son Antoine, who plays for the Auburn Tigers, paid tribute to him on his sneakers. Mason wrote “RIP DAD” on the front of his shoes, along with “God”, “Fam” and “Ball” underneath. It was Mason’s first game since the passing of his father.Antoine Mason inscribed his shoes to honor his father during tonight’s SEC tournament game #AuburnFamily pic.twitter.com/uuGW0k6ALN— AuburnPix (@AuburnPix) March 11, 2015Mason scored four points in 18 minutes and helped lead his team to a victory over Mississippi State in the SEC Tournament. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.last_img

Video: Mike Francesa Says CBS Knows Who Leaked The Bracket

first_imgMike Francesa talks about leaked CBS bracket.mike francesa cbs bracketThis past Sunday night, midway through the CBS NCAA Tournament selection show, the full bracket leaked online, sending the college basketball world into a frenzy. It was the first time in history that any part of the bracket had been revealed early.As you’d imagine, both the NCAA and CBS are taking the issue seriously. And according to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, the network already knows the source of the leak. Francesa told callers Monday that he also knows the source. Mike Francesa knows who leaked the NCAA brackets on Twitter; is not authorized to tell us,@KennyDucey @sportswatch pic.twitter.com/2C9XS3ssaX— I Nevah Said Dat! (@RNs_Funhouse) March 15, 2016Will the rest of us know by the end of the week? Maybe. If it really was one rogue employee doing the damage, you can imagine he/she is going to be in a world of trouble.[The Big Lead]last_img read more