first_img:10 The reason there continues to be noise about Joe Paterno is because there is a clear rush to judgment about his knowledge of said events and a certain attempt at a character assassination, and a lot of people feel it and know it. You don’t see or hear anybody from the Sandusky family saying he’s innocent, do ya…well do ya?:09 Chris Dorner, the on the run ex-military, ex-policeman out of Los Angeles will reach a small level of martyrship for blowing the whistle on a legendary racist police department. But it’s not likely he’ll live long enough to know about it. Hell. They didn’t put “A Million Dollar” wanted dead or alive hit on Al Capone and he killed anything that moved and brought the gates of hell down on Chicago.:08 Man, did you see Beyonce at the Super Bowl?…Neal…Neal…What? Let it go man, she’s not calling you back. Just let it go.—-She’ll call back, you’ll see, you’ll all see!:07 It gives me great pleasure to congratulate my long time friend Dr. Vernon Tipton and all the great Wilkinsburg folks honored at Ralph Watson’s “Classic Events” Black History Celebration at the Hosanna House last Saturday. A great event and job well done by a hard working good brother, Ralph Watson. Hey Ralph…”Be Blessed!”:06 The only thing missing from the Notre Dame Louisville “5 Overtime” classic matchup was Dwight “The Iceman” Clay launching the winning shot to shake up the world. If you don’t know by now, Notre Dame won the game. And “The Iceman” just celebrated a big birthday bash. (Hey “Ice” thanks for the invite…not!) Oh but when you wanted “The Silver Streak” back in the day for you and Duck Williams to cruise the Golden Dome campus, then I was your boy, huh? No worries, I still love ya man. :05 High school basketball playoffs coming at ya soon. Let’s get out and support our student athletes. And you parents, you know the ones that are supposed to be the grown ups. Will you please stop trying to live out your failed high school career through your kids. Just go to the games, clap, cheer, and go home. And stop this stupid fighting at the games. C’mon man! Listen my people, we-are-so-much-better-than-that…Fighting over kids in a basketball game. C’mon man and c’mon women!last_img

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