Liverpool ERTE for your non-sports staff

first_imgLiverpool is the last club in the Premier to announce a temporary employment regulation file for employees who are not part of the sports staff. The affected they will receive 80% of their salary through the government support for these assumptions and the club will make up the difference.Newcastle, Tottenham, Bournemouth and Norwich have already announced that they will suspend part of their non-sports personnel for the duration of the competition suspension due to the coronavirus pandemicA Liverpool spokesman noted on the BBC: “Even before the decision on non-sports personnel, there was a collective commitment at higher levels from the club to work on a solution that ensures employment during this unprecedented crisis. There is a compromise on the issue of wage deductions during the period when matches are not played, but these discussions are complex and time consuming“Premier League clubs have said they will ask players to cut their salary by 30% to protect their jobs. The Premier has announced that it will help modest football with almost 130 million. Liverpool has 25 points of advantage over the second classified in the Premier and he only needs two more victories to become English champion for the first time since 1990.The club spokesman added: “While our priority from the beginning has been to focus on the health and well-being of our players, staff, supporters and local communities, the club is also committed to playing as complete a role as possible in responding to the crisis. ”The BBC also spoke to a staff representative, who strongly criticizes the entity’s decision: “The club calls the staff its family. I don’t feel like a family member. ¿Why a club that generates over £ 100 million Do you use a government program for your employees when other companies need it the most? I am disappointed and I feel that this government plan could be used by troubled companies. “He also confessed feeling “disappointedespecially after Everton announced that they weren’t going to. “last_img

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