Bobby Deol actually wore a Hello Kitty night suit to a photo-shoot

first_imgDo you remember the last time Bobby Deol made a public appearance? We don’t either. The Deol scion, who seemed to have vanished into thin air after playing the part of a DJ at a Delhi night club in 2016, is back–not with a bang.The world became aware of Bobby’s dormant sense of style after he chose to wear basic jeans and shirts even during his DJ-ing stints, and the expectations from his public appearances have been low ever since.Picture courtesy: Instagram/prodipguhaThe Baadal actor was recently spotted during a photo-shoot for an upcoming film with brother Sunny Deol and actor Shreyas Talpade, dressed like an overgrown child, to say the least. Leaving us aghast, Bobby wore an eye-pinching, yellow NIGHT SUIT for the shoot–we wish we were kidding.Picture courtesy: Instagram/socialnewsxyz Also Read: Sridevi in a velvet sweat-suit is the worst thing you’ll see todaySo there was Sunny Deol at the shoot and Bobby Deol, who could very well be called “sunny” Deol too, thanks to the loud, yellow colour that could really outshine the sun.As if the night suit wasn’t enough, the Hello Kitty print all over it left us absolutely baffled.Night suits are acceptable, but not in public, and definitely not with a cartoon like Hello Kitty printed all over it. Seriously, what are you up to, Mr Deol?Picture courtesy: Instagram/socialnewsxyz Adding insult to injury, he wore a pair of tacky running shoes with the nightmare night suit, and reminded us of his non-existent fashion sense yet again. Sporting a pair of glasses and a black messenger bag, Bobby’s look was a total disaster.advertisementPicture courtesy: Instagram/socialnewsxyz Also Read: Karisma Kapoor’s confused outfit has us rolling our eyesEven if it was a promotion tactic, you shouldn’t have done this to us and yourself, Bobby.last_img

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