E Ink adds third color to epaper with new Spectra displays

first_imgE Ink may be hard at work developing a full color version of its low power displays, but this week the company has released a new e-paper display that adds just one extra color to the mix. The E Ink Spectra display isn’t aimed at the e-reader market. This is a panel destined for store shelves and signage anywhere real-time updates are desirable.E Ink can add a number of colors to the Spectra panel, but for the purposes of demonstrating what it looks like they chose red alongside the base colors of black and white. As you can see from the image and video included here, it’s very effective and clear. As a label on a shelf or in a window it’s definitely going to draw your eye.For scenarios where you want to display the same information for long periods of time, but also have to carry out regular updates to that information, E Ink displays are a great replacement for paper. They only require power to change what is being displayed, and depending on resolution can be as clear as paper. They can even have a light added for easy viewing in dark conditions. E Ink also guarantees 5 years of life for Spectra displays, which is pretty good considering they will be in use 24 hours a day.Spectra is the world’s first three-pigment display and E Ink is currently showing it off at SID Display Week 2013 in Vancouver. The company believes there is a lot of opportunity and money to be made using its tech in markets outside of e-readers, but is still focused on continuing to improve on e-reader displays. So hopefully that means we’ll see a full color panel carrying the E Ink name pretty soon.last_img

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