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Novell just like more than 3000 of her classmates put on a brave face and found herself at the front of the school where flowers and memorials lined the fences comfort animals stood at the ready and a human barrier made up of heavily armed police officers and neighbors cheered them on with free carnations and hand-crafted motivational posters "Everyone was united" said Novell who survived the Feb 14 shooting by hiding in a closet inside the schools student newspaper office with about 20 other classmates "Were all thankful to be alive" Friends get me through it pictwittercom/FhKlFxd3oH Jose Iglesias (@Jose_Iglesiass) February 28 2018 <> on February 28 2018 in Parkland Florida Joe Raedle—2018 Getty Images About 95 % of the student body showed up for school Wednesday according to Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie who said only about 170 students were absent "Today was a major milestone for us" Runcie said at a news conference "We took a major step in the recovery process" The return was emotional and surreal for some students and empowering to others "I just thought How am I back to this place where I hid Where my classmates were killed" Novell told TIME "Its just crazy to think about" Novell said the "wall of police" and supporters at the school were both comforting and overwhelming "Were trying to go back to normal" she said "I dont think that there is a normal anymore because 17 people died here The police that doesnt feel normal Passing the school is heart-wrenching Being here the whole day its heavy I just want it to be how it was" Carly Novell survived the Feb 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Fla by hiding in this closet inside the school’s student newspaper office with about 20 other classmates Photo courtesy Carly Novell For Taylor Morales an 18-year-old senior who watched the shooter pass by her classroom before he opened fire the long line of law enforcement officers which stretched from the crosswalk all the way to the front of the school was calming "I was nervous about going in until I saw the amount of security" she said "It was just lines and lines of police officers just standing there and you had to walk next to them as you went into the school" Next to the police officers were people in the neighborhood handing out cards and gifts Morales said "I got cards from little elementary school students I got little hearts and stuff It was an overwhelming amount of support but in the best way” she said Inside the classrooms teachers were not teaching from the lesson books just yet Instead students were given time to heal Grief counselors were stationed in every classroom and therapy dogs could be summoned at any time When a student would suddenly break down in tears the entire class would rush to their side Morales said Some students left school that day feeling more encouraged than pained Comfort therapy dogs waiting to greet Stoneman Douglas kids this morning for their first day back #MSDStrong pictwittercom/KX9jZWfpy5 Debbie Reed Fischer (@DebbieRFischer) February 28 2018 "I felt nervous and I felt like my emotions were going to be too much for me to handle but instead it just ended up making me stronger I felt stronger than I had in days" said Morales a member of the schools color guard "You cant just hide from what happened You cant hide from the school You cant hide from the situation" she added "Its something you need to face Were deciding to not let this building instill fear in us Were going to group up and get through this together Were not going to let this stop us" Contact us at [email protected] More than a week after a tornado blew through the Wooster campus of Ohio State University researchers were finally invited back today en masse to figure out the next steps for returning to work On 16 September 209-kilometer-per-hour winds tore through the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center late in the afternoon damaging or destroying a dozen greenhouses three buildings and 800 trees in a research arboretum Home for 75 faculty and about 80 graduate students doing agricultural environmental sciences and bioproducts research the campus is still officially closed For plant molecular biologist Esther van der Knaap a flattened greenhouse means a setback of many weeks or perhaps even a year for her lab’s research on the genetics of fruit shape and development in tomatoes Power losses caused growth chambers to deviate from their set temperature and humidity so plants died "I have a big National Science Foundation grant" she says and no plants to collect data from The community has offered greenhouse space but because of specific environmental requirements for her tomatoes she’s not sure she can use it Instead she’s hoping for the quick erection of temporary greenhouses "We’re going to start sowing our first seeds in the lab on Monday and just hope the greenhouses are ready" when they sprout she says She is one of many on campus scrambling to pick up the pieces Soybean pathologist Anne Dorrance was less worried about plants in the greenhouse than DNA and related materials in her department’s freezers The department had installed backup generators on the most critical freezers but was unable to turn those on at first because of a gas leak Fortunately the dairy on campus willingly provided ample supplies of dry ice she says so essential material was saved According to center Director Steven Slack damages are still being assessed But given that the back half of the agricultural engineering building was ripped off and a new greenhouse was destroyed he expects repairs will cost millions of dollars Already much cleanup has been done Even though the campus is not yet safe for the public "it looks 10000 percent better than a week ago" says Larry Madden a plant pathologist And the news was good at today’s town hall meeting "We’re pretty sure we’ll have fairly routine business on Monday" he predicts Members of the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly are proposing a bill seeking to convict social media critics in Nigeria The bill has reportedly passed a second reading on the floor of the Senate and if finally passed into law will ensure that any social media critic found guilty will go behind bars for seven years The joint Senate Committees on Judiciary Human Rights and legal matters Drugs Narcotics and Financial Crimes led by Senator Umaru Dahiru (PDP Sokoto) yesterday organised a one-day public hearing on the bill for an act to provide for the prohibition and punishment for electronic fraud and crime in all electronic transactions in Nigeria The Bill is to minimise some provocative criticisms against the government of Nigeria and its leaders especially President Goodluck Jonathan who has been constantly attacked by Nigerians on social media platforms Section 13 subsection 3 of the bill proposes that: “Anyone who intentionally propagates false information that could threaten the security of the country or that is capable of inciting the general public against the government through electronic message shall be guilty of an offence and upon conviction shall be sentenced to seven years imprisonment or N5 million (fine)” James Bosek 49 was given two years of probation and an order to remove the road on his property near Garfield Minn," she said. We are going to make Hillary sticks for tonight! File image of US president Donald Trump.about with a long face.. referring to Jeff Sessions.

The most promising instrument in this effort That it does so not in any organized, and a lunar perigee all at the same time and now people in north America will be able to see a “supermoon eclipse” this weekend. An important backdrop is that while there is a federal law that protects people from being discriminated against based on qualities like race or religion, Equal Opportunity Employment Commission have issued multiple rulings that say barring transgender people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity is a form of sex discrimination. where he also served as President before his elevation to the Supreme Court in 2005. Engineer Oluwaseyi Makinde. I heard gunshots and decided to run for my dear life. View? Fargo.

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