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Monty Bissett Bursary Fund announces the names of Dawson Creek citizens honoured

first_imgThis year’s awards recognize the late Murray Logan, Stu and Anita Minnifie, Don Phillips, Jim Stenhouse, and Jim and Ruth Thompson.According to the College Foundation, since its inception in 2004, the bursary has supported students entering the college while paying respect to the memory of citizens of Dawson Creek.Last year, the awards recognized the late Gary Dunaway, Tom Hamilton Sr, Robin Jobin, Lorraine Ravelli, and Darshan Syal. DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – As under the Northern Lights College Foundation, the Monty Bissett Bursary Fund announced the names of Dawson Creek citizens honoured in the 2018–19academic year.During the 2018–19 academic year, Monty Bissett contributed $5,000 to the bursary fund honouring some of Dawson Creek’s finest citizens.In return, the Northern Lights College Foundation matched the gift for a total of $10,000.last_img read more

RioCan to buy out 22 properties from Kimco for 715 million as

TORONTO — The RioCan and Kimco real estate businesses are unwinding their Canadian partnership, which jointly owns 35 properties in six provinces.RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust will pay $715 million to acquire Kimco Realty Corp.’s stake in 22 of the properties and assume Kimco’s share of their existing debt.The properties in this group — primarily shopping centres, plazas and power centres in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta — will be transferred to RioCan in two phases, to be completed by the first quarter of 2016.RioCan and Kimco will also seek to dispose of 13 additional institutional-quality retail properties, including the Halifax Walmart Centre in Nova Scotia and Charlottetown Mall in Prince Edward Island.RioCan REIT upgraded despite weak retail sectorRioCan Real Estate Investment Trust investigating possible sale of U.S. propertiesThey expect to have 10 of those properties sold by the second half of 2016 and three — which housed Target Canada stores — at a later date.RioCan chief executive Edward Sonshine said it’s a rare opportunity to acquire a large number of properties that can be easily absorbed by the real estate trust.“This acquisition improves RioCan’s Canadian portfolio by increasing the concentration of the trust’s portfolio located in Canada’s six largest markets, most notably in the Greater Toronto Area,” Sonshine said.Kimco chief executive Dave Henry says the divestment continues efforts to simplify its operations “and provides an important source of capital to fund redevelopment activities and further strengthen our balance sheet.” read more

London attacks will not sway G8 focus from Africa – UN Political

“If the intention of the terrorists was to undermine [the G8 leaders’] resolve, then I believe they have failed,” Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Ibrahim Gambari of Nigeria, told reporters during his first press conference since his appointment last month.Mr. Gambari, formerly Mr. Annan’s Special Adviser on Africa, said that he had held several meetings and briefings with his new staff in the Department of Political Affairs and was eager to get down to work.While he planned to discuss his agenda in more detail in the near future, he felt that today, in light the brazen attacks in London and all the current focus on the G8 Summit, he should spotlight Africa and what he saw as a genuine effort on the part of world’s richest nations to help the troubled continent – home to 13 per cent of the planet’s population and nearly a third of the people in extreme poverty – become self-sufficient.Looking at the G8, Mr. Gambari said that it was very important that Britain was currently holding the chairmanship of that Group as well as of the European Union (EU). Prime Minister Blair had placed Africa at the top of the agenda and was pushing for other world leaders to do more. The EU had already taken very important steps to meet the agreed 0.7 objective of official development assistance (ODA). He added that Japan had doubled its ODA and the United States had announced similar initiatives to increase assistance to Africa.”I am encouraged by how much attention is being paid to Africa after so many years of neglect,” Mr. Gambari said, stressing that while he was confident that the outcome of the G8 summit would point to a “real commitment” to build effective partnerships for Africa, the continent was making some significant strides on its own.Despite the troubling situations in Sudan’s Darfur region and parts of Cote d’Ivoire, many more African conflicts were now being resolved. He said that the various mechanisms of the African Union (AU), particularly its Peace and Security Council, were ramping up their operations, and that efforts to ensure transparency and accountability at national levels were being implemented. African economies were strengthening and the spirit of the home-grown New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) was taking hold, he added.”The job now is to see that the wider international community’s focus on Africa does not fade after one week,” Mr. Gambari said, adding that he saw the platform for African development as a “three-legged stool,” built on aid, debt relief and trade. The time had long since come to translate words into action on all those fronts.Wiping out debt for the most highly indebted countries was a good first step, but middle-income countries also needed help dealing with creditors. This was particularly important for African leadership countries like Nigeria, where positive efforts often led to progress in neighbouring countries, he said. Removing trade barriers, including farm subsidies, was particularly critical so that Africans can compete internationally.Asked about African leaders doing their part to stop corruption and bring an end to human rights violations, Mr. Gambari said that a strong message in that regard had been sent at the fifth AU summit, which concluded earlier this week in Sirte, Libya. All participants had stressed the need to adhere to NEPAD’s peer review mechanism and had reiterated the responsibility of governments in Africa not to treat their own people badly.On the issue of Security Council reform he said that he was certain that Africans would not to be divided on the matter. His hope was that the negotiators, from both Northern and Southern Africa and would decide on the framework of the Council’s reform and then decide who would best represent and defend Africa’s interest, should Africa acquire the two seats suggested by some. Many times Africa had been written off and then come back and shocked the world by coming to agreement on difficult issues, he said. read more

INTERVIEW With many good things accomplished its still a work in progress

UN News: Are there any specific initiatives that you would like your successor to continue working on?Miroslav Lajčák: Yes, absolutely. The fact is that the role of the President of the General Assembly takes one year, but there has to be a continuity for the General Assembly itself. I have continued many activities that were started by my predecessors, and I am sure that my successor will continue with a number of things that I launched.First, probably: focusing on people. This has been the theme of my presidency and now, having seen the proposed theme for the 73rd General Assembly, it focuses very much on people, and I believe it is very important.I launched a new initiative, which is called “morning dialogues”, a platform for permanent representatives to meet and discuss – in an informal, personal, honest and open way – issues that are relevant, but not on the regular agenda. This was very positively supported and received by the Member States. There is even an initiative to formalize this process through a resolution on revitalization of the General Assembly to make sure that the morning dialogues will also continue after my departure. And my successor already expressed her commitment to this.Another issue I am sure will continue being promoted will be the focus on gender balance and empowerment of women. This has been one of my priorities.Another issue I am sure will continue being promoted will be the focus on gender balance and empowerment of women. This has been one of my priorities. More than 70 per cent of my office is made up of women. And I’ve appointed 38 facilitators and chairs of different processes, out of which 20 were men and 18 women. My successor, being only the fourth woman President of the General Assembly, there is no doubt will also pay attention to the gender balance, gender equality, and empowerment of women.Another issue I believe will continue is a focus on inclusivity and accessibility. I really believe there is a room for improvement when it comes to making the work of the UN and our meetings more easily accessible for persons with disabilities. And we undertook several initiatives, and I am certain they will also continue during the seventy-third and subsequent sessions.A final point I may mention here is the strong emphasis on the highest ethical standards and transparency. This is something that I inherited from my predecessors: making sure that all aspects of the work of the President of the General Assembly and the office meet the highest standards of transparency and ethics. I am sure that this will continue also for the next session and the sessions after that. UN Photo/Loey FelipeAssembly President Miroslav Lajčák speaks at an event on the role and importance of financing for sustainable development. UN News: You also said that it was a great experience for you. Perhaps you could share some personal highlights?Miroslav Lajčák: I am a professional diplomat and the position of the President of the UN General Assembly is a diplomatic Mount Everest. It is a unique experience. It gives an insight to the top politics and diplomacy.For me, the things to remember were the general debate – the high-level week, which was remarkable. We had the highest ever number of speakers. For the first time after 11 years, every single Member State and Observer State took the floor – 196 speakers.Also, my visit to the Winter Olympics was something I will remember. Not necessarily only due to sports, which is a great thing in itself, but also – or even more importantly – in the context of the inter-Korean dialogue, as I was engaged.I met with representatives from both Koreas several times. At the beginning of my mandate in September and towards the end of 2017, the atmosphere was very difficult. But then, after the new year, it started improving. And when I saw the joint Korean team entering the stadium, and when I saw and heard the very positive enthusiastic reception by the crowd there, that was a very powerful moment.Out of all these trips, I would mention one in particular, which was my visit to Colombia because I wanted to see the major peace deal in implementation, working.And also, the trips – in all my travels, I met with the UN family in each of the countries I visited. That gave me a fantastic insight on how the Organization is working hand in hand with Governments to address the needs of Member States. That was something I am very, very grateful to have had – this opportunity.Out of all these trips, I would mention one in particular, which was my visit to Colombia because I wanted to see the major peace deal in implementation, working. And I saw the system in place that is very much focused on delivering on what has been agreed. That was very impressive. Miroslav Lajčák: There is no doubt that the General Assembly is the most representative international body. My ambition has always been to make it also the most relevant one. And when I look back at this 72nd session, I can say I am moderately satisfied.We have accomplished many good things. But obviously, this is an unfinished job and a work in progress. It would not be realistic to expect that we can do everything in one session, but we can be satisfied with many things.I believe that this 72nd session will be remembered by three issues.First, the fact that we reached an agreement on the first ever document regulating migration – the Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.Second, the emphasis we put on the prevention of conflicts and sustaining peace – and here, I am really proud of the high-level meeting that I organized in April that brought together many dignitaries. We really paid attention to the issue of the prevention of conflicts.And third, the reforms, this session has been very much about reforms. On top of many ongoing reform processes that have been taking place in the General Assembly, we also successfully managed to adopt three reform proposals submitted by Secretary-General António Guterres, namely: the reform of the peace and security architecture; development system; and the management reform.Migration is a reality… there is no single person who would deny that migration is not taking place. So, it is only logical that it is the UN and it is the General Assembly responsible to address this fact. UN News: Will we see you at the next session of the General Assembly?Miroslav Lajčák: Yes, absolutely. I will end my role as the President of the General Assembly on 17 September, and I will be back here for the General Assembly in my national capacity as the Foreign Minister of Slovakia. Office of the President of the General AssemblyMiroslav Lajčák, President of the 72nd UN General Assembly, taking part in the Olympic torch relay in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. UN News: What’s next for you?Miroslav Lajčák: Well, I go back to my country, Slovakia. I go back to my job as a Minister of Foreign and European Affairs. My calendar for October is already pretty full, and other month. And my Ministry is waiting for me, my Government is waiting for me. Slovakia will also take over the position of the Chairman-in-Office of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on 1 January 2019, and it is the Foreign Minister who is the Chairman-in-Office. My agenda will be pretty full, and I am looking forward to it. UN News: What were the major challenges in your work during this year?Miroslav Lajčák: There are many. We live in a challenging world, and this 72nd session has been also influenced by the continuous lack of support for multilateralism, in general. The UN is needed more than ever before, and yet, there are Governments who don’t seem to understand that.We have been struggling with many issues, but our goal and ambition was to make sure that the United Nations is successful, efficient, relevant.For me, the challenge is first to focus or to prioritize quality over quantity. A lot is happening. There are so many events taking place. I really wanted to make sure that once we organize an event we dedicate enough time and attention to have a good discussion – engagement in a dialogue, listening to each other – and then there will be a concrete outcome as a result of this event. This is one of the big challenges.The second challenge is to make sure that we understand that everything we do here in this building, and within the UN system, has its impact for the real life of concrete people. Adoption of a resolution is not the end of our work. The end of our work is the improvement of living conditions for the people. And people must see that what we do here matters to them, and it is meant to improve their life.And the third challenge for me as the President – and, I believe, for every president – is the fact that we have 193 Member States and each of them should see me as their President. To maintain the trust and support of all the Member States is, of course, an ongoing challenge. UN Photo/Manuel EliasAssembly President Miroslav Lajčák speaks to the press at the UN Headquarters, in New York. UN Photo/Loey FelipeAssembly President Lajčák congratulates María Fernanda Espinosa Garces, the President-elect of the 73rd session of the General Assembly, as Secretary-General António Guterres looks on. UN News: You mentioned the Global Compact on migration as a major achievement. Why was it needed?Miroslav Lajčák: Migration is a reality. There is no single person who would deny that migration is not taking place, and yet, we did not have a single international framework or platform addressing this phenomenon. So, it is only logical that it is the UN and it is the General Assembly responsible to address this fact.After almost two years of very intensive work, we came to a consensual agreement on the text of this document in July. It has yet to be formally adopted in December, but it is a huge achievement.And I really believe that this is a good document – a realistic one – which is stating the truth that migration is here to stay. It is not saying that migration is good or bad. It is not encouraging nor trying to stop migration. The mission is to help the Member States’ Governments to have one set of principles and recommendations on how to deal with migration and to help us all to shift from reaction to action: from a reactive mode to a proactive one, and obviously, to try to channel migration into a status that is called safe, orderly and regular. Last May, the United Nations General Assembly elected Miroslav Lajčák, the Foreign Minister of Slovakia, President of its 72nd annual session, and he formally took up the job on 12 September.Mr. Lajčák’s tenure as President of the General Assembly comes to an end later this month.In his acceptance speech last year, Mr. Lajčák identified six priorities for his presidency and said that he would be “focusing on the people.”In his first interview with UN News, shortly after taking office last year, the veteran diplomat and politician expressed hope that by the time his tenure came to an end, he would be able to say that it had been a “good session”.“Good, because we delivered concrete results for people – and that we were able to overcome our narrow national views and positions in the interest of compromise, which is good for all of us,” he added.In this exit interview with the President of the 72nd session of the General Assembly, UN News began by asking Mr. Lajčák if his answer then, reflects his thinking now. UN News: In your latest op-ed, you wrote about the need to engage young people. Have you been able to do anything to make the UN more interesting and attractive to youth?Miroslav Lajčák: Absolutely. For me, the interaction with young people has been one of my priorities, and in all my travels, I try to meet with young leaders, young entrepreneurs, young activists. I held several lectures at universities. I organized regular monthly Twitter chats with young people.And the highlight of my activities related to young people was the Youth Dialogue in May, where we invited a huge number of young people, and we wanted to do it differently from the standard UN events. We wanted to offer a platform for young people to tell us how they see the world, how they see our work, how they see the performance of the UN. And yes, we succeeded. Young people spoke openly, honestly about issues, particularly related to prospects for quality education, employment, and prevention from radicalization. I was very encouraged by the outcome, but also by the atmosphere of this meeting. read more

How a team of sophisticated forgers at an Essex country house fooled

first_imgIndeed, so slick was the work of the forgers that they would often produce a copy of a document from an original stolen from the Nazis and returned before their absence was even noticed. But the British operation to create documents for its agents and allies in occupied Europe was in fact a highly sophisticated affair, run along the lines of a modern same day delivery service. Yet little has been known about the work of this secretive operation…center_img From The Great Escape to Secret Army the task of forging documents for runaway PoWs and resistance fighters is portrayed in many a wartime drama as a slow and painstaking one, employing the few ad-hoc materials available in the most difficult of circumstances.last_img

Noncontact solids level monitoring enters new dawn

first_imgFalse readings, lack of repeatability and problematic installations are just some of the problems the mining industry faces with solids level monitoring. To directly address this problem Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has engineered the Sitrans LR560, the first non-contact measurement device to operate at 78GHz frequency to deliver the accuracy and performance levels required by the sector. The Sitrans LR560 is a non-contact radar level measurement transmitter with a measurement range of 100 m. The transmitter emits a narrow four degree beam which avoids container wall obstructions and other installation interferences, ensuring there are less restrictions on where the radar can be installed.The Sitrans LR560 enables the monitoring of stockpile levels to make sure there is never a shortage, reducing the risk of downtime. It also provides reliable signal reflection even from solids with a steep angle of repose and is highly resistant to material build-up due to the unique lens antenna.As it is the first radar transmitter to emit a high frequency 78GHz short wavelength, it solves the traditional problem plant operators face of needing the low maintenance of non-contact level measurements but with the reliability and performance of contact technology.Derek Moore, Product Manager, Siemens Sensors & Communication, comments: “We understand the mining sector is under growing pressure to increase operational efficiency to ensure processes are competitive, so instrumentation must be robust, reliable, accurate, easy to maintain and offer speed of installation – and that’s why Siemens continues to innovate.“Typically the industry has preferred non-contact level measurements as these require less maintenance but repeatability has been a problem as signals can easily suffer interference. Often companies have opted for contact technology, but this can lead to problems with the build up of material on the equipment causing measurement errors or abrasion damage on the probe.  Therefore, the high frequency and narrow beam angle of the LR560 offers the best of both worlds, giving the industry the maintenance advantages of the non-contact technology and the performance of contact technology – plus it makes tuning worries a thing of the past.”The latest technology from Siemens IA&DT aims to enable manufacturers to accurately measure, analyse and control their processes, resulting in increased quality and reduced costs. The Siemens Sitrans LR560 can be operational in minutes and provides reliable measurement readings without the need for fine-tuning.last_img read more

HCA supplying Wencomine fleet management system to St Ives

first_imgHitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) has been contracted to supply the Wencomine fleet management system (FMS) at Gold Fields’ St Ives Gold Mine, 80 km south of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The Wencomine FMS was selected by Gold Fields “for its ability to enhance several of their key business objectives identified during the FMS selection process, with the final decision guided by the maturity of Wenco FMS solutions combined with the comprehensive local service and support of HCA.”“HCA are very excited to have been chosen to supply the Wencomine FMS to Gold Fields’ St Ives Operations as it clearly showcases the benefits of partnering with companies at the forefront of mining technology such as HCA and Wenco,” commented Jayson Bebek, National FMS Manager at HCA. HCA said that St Ives stands to realise significant operational improvements through the use of Wenco’s Dynamic Dispatch module and the ability to guide operators to design with centimetre-accurate high-precision GPS. Other key features of the FMS required by Gold Fields included increasing tyre life through the collection of real-time tyre data using TireMax and integrating production and maintenance data from the primarily Komatsu fleet and third-party reporting systems via the Wenco Data Exchange Service.“Not only does HCA have the capability to supply, install, and commission Wencomine fleet management solutions, HCA has the ability to service and support our clients directly from the network of local Hitachi branches. Parts and spares being held in these regional branches give Wenco FMS clients increased confidence in maintaining the uptime of their FMS system,” Bebek continued.The award of the Gold Fields FMS contract cements the success of the HCA distributor agreement with Wenco, as it marks the fourth successful deployment of Wenco fleet management solutions in Australia since April 2015. HCA said it is looking forward to continued success through 2016 in the fleet management and mining technology space as the exclusive distributor of Wenco’s range of fleet management systems in Oceania.last_img read more

Roy was probably right about me in Saipan John Delaney

first_imgFAI CHIEF JOHN Delaney has said that Roy Keane was ‘probably right’ about his lack of action following the Ireland captain’s bust up with Mick McCarthy in Saipan.Appearing on the Late Late Show, Delaney was shown a clip of Keane speaking about the events on the Pacific island before the 2002 World Cup and how John Delaney could have done more to resolve the dispute.The former Ipswich manager famously said “I’ve been involved with Ireland since I was 15 years of age and that man didn’t have the decency to phone me.”“He was probably right,” said Delaney to nervous laughter from the studio audience.“We’ve all said things in the past that we probably regret, I’ve said things about Roy and he’s said things about me as well. The good news is that we’re ringing each other now.”Delaney also dealt with Brian Kerr’s allegations that the FAI had met with Martin O’Neill before Ireland’s game with Sweden in September.“I don’t want to bring a sour note but that was rubbish out of Brian.”“Playing the Sweden game, we still had a great chance of getting to the World Cup playoff and for Brian to say something like that is very disrespectful to people.“We still had a great chance of qualifying and there was no way that I, or anybody else in the association, would approach another manager when we have a manager in place.“He’s wrong, he’s just wrong.”In a wide ranging interview, Delaney was asked about about not appointing Mick McCarthy — with whom he says he still has a good relationship — and just how important Denis O’Brien remains to securing high profile managers like Martin O’Neill.In typical Late Late Show fashion, the FAI chief ended the interview by giving everyone in the audience free tickets to next week’s friendly with Latvia when O’Neill and Keane make their managerial debut.Seamus McDonagh replaces Alan Kelly as Ireland’s goalkeeping coachDing dong Blatter open to hearing Qatar’s side in worker abuse claimslast_img read more

Waterford braces itself for Viking invasion today

first_imgDON’T PANIC IF you are in the southeast today and see some Viking longships heading with intent towards the shore.Three specially-styled boats (although they won’t actually be in the water) will be part of a recreation of the invasion of Waterford this evening as part of this year’s celebration of the founding of the city 1,100 years ago.The Viking warrior leader Ragnall arrived with a huge fleet in 914 and tonight’s performance – called Vdrarfjodr! (say it out loud… get it?) – by Spraoi will have fireworks, recreations, music, narration and church bells topping it all off.Waterford Treasures Director, Eamonn McEneaney, said that tonight’s event was designed to “bring home to everyone the dramatic founding of our city by Vikings in 914 and Waterford’s unique identity of being the only city in Ireland to retain its Norse name – Vadrarfjodr – which eventually became Waterford”.There is more on the plans to mark Waterford 1100 on the official city council site here.It begins at 7pm and will last for 30 minutes. If you want to see it, you’re advised to get down to Parade Quay, between the crane and William Vincent Wallace Plaza. 2014 marks the commemoration of…>Plans to mark 1,000 years since “defining” Battle of Clontarf>Waterford railway station to remain closed after landslide>last_img read more

Gundogan on why City must win the Champions League

first_imgIlkay Gundogan believes Manchester City must win the Champions League to be noted as an elite football club.The Citizens have managed just one semi-final in their pursuit for Europe’s greatest prize in football and Gundogan feels they ought to break the jinx.Having won every trophy in the domestic scene, the Champions League is one prize that is still eluding the club.“We’ve experienced a lot in the Champions League in recent years – not all of it positive, of course, and we should’ve won it at least once,” said the Germany midfielder via the Mirror.“Every club, every team, every single player would like to lift this trophy sometime. The competition to win it is so big year in, year out, so your chances are not that good, but there’s a team that wins it every year.“If you want to be in the international elite, as a club, and as a player, you need to clinch this trophy.“If we were to win it someday, the club would enter a new era – the same level as Real, Barca, Bayern or Juventus .”City are expected to take the next step by overcoming Gundogan’s hometown club Schalke in the last 16.Time for the knock-outs! ⚽️Sergio Ramos, Champions League, Real MadridSergio Ramos would love a fifth Champions League trophy Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, winning a fifth European trophy with his club would be crazy, but he wants to do it before retiring.Who’s getting pumped for Wednesday?#s04vcity 🔵 #mancity— Manchester City (@ManCity) February 18, 2019The first leg is in Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday and Gundogan accepts City are hot favourites because of the club’s contrasting fortunes.The gulf in class between the two sides is huge with Pep Guardiola’s men chasing the Quadruple, while Schalke are struggling in 14th place in the BundesligaHowever, Gundogan claims they must be wary of the threat the German side pose.“We are clear favourites in this tie and rightly so,” he said. “However, every team in the last 16 has earned the right to be there.“Because of that, we’ll respect our opponents and prepare for it as if it’s a final because it’s the knockout phase and every mistake can be severely punished.”last_img read more

USled strikes hit Islamic State as coalition grows

first_imgBEIRUT — American warplanes and drones hit Islamic State group tanks, Humvees, checkpoints and bunkers in airstrikes Friday targeting the extremists in Syria and Iraq, as the U.S.-led coalition expanded with Denmark, Belgium and Britain joining.The European countries committed to take part only in the Iraq part of the military campaign, leaving the operation in Syria to the United States and five Arab allies who began conducting airstrikes there on Tuesday. Still, the broadening of the coalition provides a welcome boost for President Barack Obama and the American-led campaign.The U.S.-led operation aims to roll back and ultimately crush the Islamic State group, which has carved out a proto-state stretching from Syria’s northern border with Turkey to the outskirts of Baghdad. The militants have employed brute force to achieve their goals, massacring captured Syrian and Iraqi troops, terrorizing minorities in both countries and beheading two American journalists and a British aid worker.While striking fear into its opponents, the Islamic State group’s tactics have also helped galvanize the international community to move against the extremists. France has already joined the U.S.-led effort in Iraq, and is considering expanding its role to Syria as well.Denmark, Belgium and Britain all signed on as well on Friday. Denmark said it would send seven F-16 fighter jets and 250 pilots and support staff, while Belgium will contribute six F-16s that are already en route to Jordan so they can go into action as early as Saturday.last_img read more

Parents of murdered children plead for quicker justice

first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police worked quickly to make an arrest after two undercover Miami officers were shot, but parents of murdered children are now wondering why they have to wait so long for justice.Dozens gathered Thursday at the Northside Police Station, in Northwest Miami-Dade, in hopes of getting answers.“The majority of the mothers here today, they haven’t received justice on their cases,” said Tangela Sears, who lost her son to gun violence. “They’ve given tips. They call detectives, no callbacks. I just need to know the difference between an officer being shot and one of our kids being killed.”The group said that they don’t have a problem with the arrest that was made this week, but they just want the same quick resolution when their children are killed due to gun violence.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Rick Astley had a relatable first reaction to Rickrolling

first_imgRick Astley shared proof of his identity for the Reddit thread. Rick Astley A single music video has left the entire internet in fear of clicking on an anonymous link because no one ever knows when it might dump them directly into Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube. Rickrolling is a meme that won’t die, but its subject, Mr. Astley himself, is cool with it.Astley took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Wednesday, and naturally the subject of Rickrolling came up. A fan asked if he remembered when he first discovered he was a god among memes and what his reaction was. “My reaction was … what’s a meme?” Astley answered. He sure knows now. Tags 2 Share your voice The singer with the famous baritone voice and questionable dance moves also admitted to being Rickrolled himself, three times in one day by a very close friend. As to how it feels to be a living meme, he said it’s preferable to being a dead one.And just in case you were fantasizing about getting your RPG on with Astley, the musician says he’s never played Dungeons & Dragons.Rickrolling has been on a tear for over a decade. The official YouTube version of the 1987 song has racked up nearly 577 million views. You can bet quite a few of those came from unsuspecting internet suckers. If simply reading about Rickrolling hasn’t gotten the song stuck in your head, you can enjoy it all over again (and on purpose) right now.  Comments Online Musiclast_img read more

4 more private university students denied bail

first_imgSeveral students of various private universities are taken to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate court on 7 August. Photo: Suvra Kanti DasA Dhaka court has denied bail to four private university students who were arrested last week during countrywide protests demanding safe roads.Dhaka Metropolitan magistrate Pranab Kumar Hui handed down the order after a hearing at his court on Sunday.The arrestees are Redwan Ahmed and Tariqul Islam, students of East West University, and Masad Mortaza Bin Ahad and Azizul Karim, students of North South University.On 7 August, police detained as many as 22 students of four private universities in two cases filed with Badda and Bhatara police stations on charges of vandalism and attacking policemen.Following the arrest, another Dhaka court put the students on a two-day remand.Of them, 18 students who were produced before the court on 9 August, were denied bail and the order on the remaining four was kept awaited.During the hearing, Redwan and Tariqul’s lawyer Kabir Hossain told the court that these two students were not involved in any vandalism and attack on police.Their parents are supporters of ruling Awami League, the lawyer added.On the other hand, Masad’s lawyer Kamruddin told the court that Masad is completely innocent. As he was tortured in police custody, at the moment he is very ill, the lawyer added.The 22 detainees are students of four private universities – East West, North South, South East and BRAC in Dhaka.Badda police detained 14 of them while the Bhatara police detained eight students during the demonstration which started following the death of two younger students in a road crash in the capital’s Kurmitola.Badda police meanwhile told the court that the 14 students had revealed ‘significant information’ to them about the demonstrators. The police are now conducting a drive to detain the fugitive accused based on their information.Whereas, the Bhatara police said the eight students have preliminarily confessed to their involvement in the attack on police.The police urged the court not to grant bail to the students as the police might need to seek more remand of them.  Badda police said the students of East West University along with students of other universities blocked Aftabnagar road and vandalised the vehicles.When law enforcement barred them, the police added, they attacked the law enforcers.They even vandalised vehicle of the Badda police officer-in-charge, the police added.Bhatara police claimed that the arrestees attacked the police with iron rods, iron pipes, and brickbats. They also vandalised shops, other business entities, and residences of locals in the capital’s Bashundhara area.last_img read more

Cairo train station fire kills 20 State TV

first_imgPeople sit on a platform after a fire caused deaths and injuries at the main train station in Cairo, Egypt, 27 February 2019. Photo: ReutersTwenty people were killed and 40 wounded when a fire broke out at the main train station in Egypt’s capital Cairo on Wednesday, state TV said.A witness said there had been an explosion when a train rammed into a barrier at Ramses station in central Cairo, and that he had seen charred bodies on the ground.last_img

Another Black Man Targeted Tasered and Beaten by Police

first_imgBy Jeffrey L. Boney, NNPA Newswire ContributorPolice brutality…Will it ever end?All eyes across the nation have been on the city of Baytown, Texas, ever since an unarmed Black woman, 44-year-old Pamela Turner, was shot to death on video by Baytown Police Officer Juan Delacruz back on May 13, outside of her apartment complex on Garth Rd. in Baytown.Since the incident, no charges have been filed against the officer, although the killing was squarely caught on video. Nothing has been done about the police killing of Turner since that time, except that Officer Delacruz returned back to work after being on paid leave for three days.Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump and Baytown, Texas beating victim Kedrick Crawford at press conference held at Harris County Civil Courthouse in Houston, Texas.Fast forward a few months later, and another high-profiled incident was also caught on camera, not too far from where Pamela Turner was fatally shot at close range by Officer Delacruz.Slightly before midnight on the evening of July 6th, an unarmed Black man, Kedrick Crawford, 45, is seen on camera being unsuspectingly and undeservedly assaulted by Baytown Police officers that left him having to be treated at Ben Taub Hospital for significant injuries to his face, chest, right eye, head and hands.Crawford states that he pulled into a local H-E-B parking lot on Garth Rd. to put an address into his GPS navigation app to get directions on his cell phone. As he was parked, he states that Baytown Police officers pulled up and approached his vehicle. After being confronted and questioned by police after claims that he looked suspicious while sitting in his parked vehicle, Crawford says that he gave police permission to search his vehicle upon their request.Crawford said he was not worried about giving police the consent to search his vehicle, because he was confident he had done nothing wrong.In the video, released by the Baytown Police department and obtained from the dash cam video of one of the officers, you can hear Crawford tell the officer that he had insurance and whatever else they needed to verify his identity and legitimacy, to which the officer is heard on camera responding, “And what does that have to do with anything?”After the officers’ response, Crawford then asks the officer, “So when am I free to go?” to which the officer responds, “Whenever man!”Crawford then asks a clarifying question to confirm that the officer told him that he was free to go whenever he wanted to, and as he continues to look on in confusion as to why he was stopped, five seconds later, the officer who told him he was free to go, comes up behind him and commands him to “put your hands behind your back.”Confused and afraid for his life, Crawford asks why he is being asked to put his hands behind his back and why he is being handcuffed, repeatedly asking the officer, “What did I do?”The officer, seemingly hostile, sternly notifies Crawford not to resist and emphatically makes a threatening statement saying, “I will drop you!”According to a statement released by the Baytown Police Department, officials described the encounter as justified, proclaiming that Crawford’s “demeanor changes as he becomes increasingly nervous even though officers are being polite and cordial.”In looking at this disturbing video footage, it is clear that Crawford is visibly confused and extremely unaware of why he is being treated this way by the officers.Crawford then is seen on the video continuously asking the officers “What is going on?” until out of nowhere the officer is heard screaming out that he is about to use the Taser on him.In the video, you hear Crawford screaming and emphatically crying out that he was going to get killed, while continuing to profess his innocence, along with a plea to the officers to be told exactly what he did wrong.One of the most shocking things about the video footage, is when a third party in civilian clothing (blue shirt and blue jeans) is seen on the video appearing to place Crawford in a chokehold while wrestling with him on the ground.The Baytown Police officers do nothing to stop this individual from physically interacting with Crawford, nor do they identify the person in the video as being a member of law enforcement. To date, that person’s identity has not been publicly disclosed.After a few minutes of Crawford being tasered and beaten, the officer’s body camera goes dark, where at this point, all you can hear is audio of him continuing to scream and demand answers.After the incident, Crawford reached out to nationally-recognized civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump to take on his case. Crump is already representing the family of Pamela Turner.Crump, along with Crawford, his family and supporters, and the family of Pamela Turner, held a major press conference in front of the Harris County Civil Courthouse, where they demanded justice for Crawford, Turner and for there to be accountability for what Crump is calling a “pattern of excessive force” by the Baytown Police Department.“We are here to make this plea and this demand, that this pattern of abuse by the Baytown Police Department on minorities must cease immediately,” said Crump. “Baytown, you cannot continue to attack American citizens just because of the color of their skin.”According to a released statement by the Baytown Police Department, they state that, “at one point the officer searching the vehicle locates several small pieces of plastic bag, each of which contained several pills. Recognizing this to be consistent with narcotics packaged for sale, officers attempted to place Mr. Crawford in handcuffs at which time Mr. Crawford began resisting by pulling away from the officer.”Crawford states that the items found in his car were actually antibiotics prescribed to him and not drugs for sale.  Crump states that Baytown Police Department has not provided any proof of their claims to justify the instantaneous ramped up attack on Crawford.“Remember, he (Crawford) committed no crime,” said Crump. “So the question is, how can you justify doing him (Crawford) like this after you just told him that he was free to go? It is unjustifiable and they (Baytown Police Department) haven’t offered anything to justify that because they cannot.”The Baytown Police Department acknowledged the physical claims brought forth by Crawford in their released statement, saying that “due to Mr. Crawford’s persistent resistance, and the fact that the Taser failed to momentarily incapacitate Mr. Crawford, one of the officers delivered a series of elbow strikes and a closed fist strikes to Mr. Crawford’s head area in an attempt to disorient him so they could get him into custody.”Crump says that the assault on Crawford was unnecessary and plans to exhaust all measures to get down to the bottom of how the assault transpired and what led to that action in the first place.“We are going to analyze the video, once we hopefully get all the video, and allow our experts to look at every angle of it,” said Crump. “Once we finish our review, we hope that we don’t see police doing inappropriate maneuvers, as I have seen in other cases around America, where they try to create a scenario to seem like a person is resisting when they are not resisting.”The daughter and sister of Pamela Turner called on Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg to do something about the killing of their loved one and get involved before more things happen as a result of the actions of Baytown Police Department officers.“This is what happens when you stall District Attorney Ogg. When you push it to the side and sweep things under the rug, you keep getting instances like this,” said Chelsie Ruben, daughter of Pamela Turner. “The brutality keeps going on. It happens over and over, and it will keep happening until you do your job and do what you say you’re going to do. Thank God it’s not as worse as what happened to my mom.”“I’m asking you to do your job Attorney Kim Ogg,” said Antoinette Dorsey-James, Turner’s sister. “When we met with you D.A. Ogg, you told me that there will be an investigation and to be calm and to take one step at a time. How long does an investigation take?  It is clearly on the video, that my sister’s life was wrongfully killed and her life was taken away from her. My sister’s blood is already on Officer Delacruz’s hands. Don’t let it be on yours too.”Crawford was subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, to which the Harris County District Attorney’s Office ironically has chosen to accept those charges.The Baytown Police Department says its Internal Affairs Division is still investigating the incident.All in all, Crawford states that he is just happy to be alive after seeing many other incidents like his end up with the loss of life, but remains focused on continuing his quest for justice due to the assault committed against him by the Baytown Police officers.“First of all, I am grateful to God that I’m still alive,” said Crawford. “I was, and I am, hurting all over my body. My chest is bruised. My ribs hurt. My face was all messed up. All you have to do is watch the video to see what happened to me. I just don’t know why they did this to me.”Both Crump and Crawford are calling on the federal government to look into this matter.Jeffrey Boney is a political analyst and frequent contributor for the NNPA Newswire and and the associate editor for the Houston Forward Times newspaper. Jeffrey is an award-winning journalist, dynamic, international speaker, experienced entrepreneur and business development strategist. Follow Jeffrey on Twitter @realtalkjunkies.last_img read more


first_img Comments   Share   According to King, the Cardinals will select Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon with their first pick Thursday night.Confetti in the Cards’ draft room, surprised that Gordon’s still around. Bruce Arians would love an every-down back who can make the tough yards inside and the big plays outside, and Gordon proved at Wisconsin that he can be both. Without Gordon on the board, I think the Cards would prefer the tackle with the nasty streak—Ereck Flowers—or the athletic potential left tackle, D.J. Humphries. But Gordon’s a gift if there at 24.Gordon’s résumé is impressive. As a junior, he ran 343 times for 2,587 yards — the second-most in the history of college football for a single season — and scored 29 rushing touchdowns. In his career, Gordon averaged 7.5 yards per carry, also good enough for second in NCAA history behind Houston’s Chuck Weatherspoon, who averaged 8.2 yards per tote during his career, which ended in 1990. It’s worth noting that Gordon had 236 more carries over the course of his career than Weatherspoon.You can keep track of all the latest projections in Arizona Sports’ Mock Draft Tracker. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Back in early April, Peter King of The MMQB offered up his “Best Guess Draft” — and had the Arizona Cardinals going running back with the 24th overall selection. The respected writer had commissioner Roger Goodell announcing Georgia star Todd Gurley’s name in the first round.Tuesday, King released his next mock draft, and he has the Cardinals again selecting a running back — but not Gurley. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The Arizona Cardinals resigned safety Harlan Mill

first_img The Arizona Cardinals re-signed safety Harlan Miller on Wednesday and waived injured cornerback Lou Young III, the team announced.Miller was released in May. The Cardinals’ 2016 sixth-round draft pick (205th overall) appeared in seven games over his first two NFL seasons, recording 13 tackles, one interception and a fumble recovery.He finished 2017 on a high note, making six tackles in a Dec. 31 season finale against the Seattle Seahawks. Harlan Miller (AP Photo/Matt Dunham) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 0 Comments   Share   Young, who was listed with a hamstring injury upon being cut, signed a one-year deal with Arizona in February.Related LinksESPN’s Barnwell builds the perfect roster with two Cardinals RBsCardinals’ David Johnson sets sights on regaining elite status in 2018Sam Bradford expects Cardinals to sling it more vs. SaintsHe went undrafted in 2014 out of Georgia Tech and spent time on the practice squads for the Broncos, Ravens, Jaguars and Panthers before latching on to Carolina’s regular season team for the 2016 season. There, he played under now-Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks, who at the time was the defensive backs coach and assistant head coach for the Panthers.Young played six games in 2016, recording one tackle with Carolina. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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