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Delaware court revives Blue Bell Creameries shareholder suit

DOVER, Del. — Delaware’s Supreme Court has overturned the dismissal of a shareholder lawsuit against one the country’s largest ice cream makers after a 2015 listeria outbreak that killed three people.The court ruled Tuesday that a judge erred because the plaintiff had not demanded that the board of Blue Bell Creameries take action itself before the lawsuit was filed. That demand requirement can be waived if a plaintiff raises reasonable doubts about the impartiality of directors because of close ties to management. Former CEO Paul Kruse is a defendant in the suit.The court also said the lawsuit adequately alleges that the board at Blue Bell failed to implement any system to monitor food safety performance or compliance.The Brenham, Texas, company suffered significant financial losses due to the outbreak.Randall Chase, The Associated Press read more

Over 500000 people displaced in DR Congo last year says UN

More than a half a million people have been displaced in the past 12 months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), mainly due to fighting between Government and rebel groups in the country’s volatile northeast, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today.This is the largest wave of displacement in the country since the end of the civil war in 2003, OCHA added.Escalating clashes between Congolese armed forces (FARDC) and dissident groups and militias, as well as widespread human rights violations committed by all groups throughout 2007 especially since last August, are responsible for the massive increase in internal displacement within North and South Kivu provinces. Some 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) returned to their homes in the eastern part of the DRC last year with the help of aid workers. However, in many areas most affected by the recent escalation of fighting, especially the two Kivu provinces, new displacements are much greater than the returns, OCHA noted. “Such an overwhelming level of new displacement is very worrying,” John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, said. “Unless peace can be quickly restored, we are bound to see further human tragedy in a country trying to emerge from years of civil war. Meanwhile, armed groups must stop targeting civilians.” The situation is especially dire in North Kivu, where fighting has escalated in recent months between Government troops and rebels allied with the dissident army general, Laurent Nkunda. Since last August, some 232,000 people there have fled their homes, bringing the total number of IDPs in the province to over 800,000, including those displaced before 2007. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest there may be an additional 150,000 displaced.South Kivu is also badly affected, according to OCHA, with over 100,000 people displaced last year. At the same time, the province has become a “safe haven” for some 60,000 people fleeing North Kivu. While the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) assisted some 230,000 people to return to their homes throughout 2007, South Kivu continues to host over 357,000 IDPs.Meanwhile, a UN-supported conference aimed at bringing peace, security and development to the DRC’s strife-torn eastern region is currently underway in Goma, the capital of North Kivu. Addressing the over 1,000 delegates today, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for DRC stressed the need for participants to acknowledge the sufferings of women, who endure various acts of wartime sexual violence, and children drafted against their wills into the ranks of armed groups.Alan Doss called on both rebels and Government troops to take disciplinary measures against those among them who abuse the rights of women and children. In addition, he urged the armed groups to immediately release child soldiers within their ranks.The conference, expected to conclude on 17 January, continued today with thematic workshops, including presentations by various commissions and local armed groups. 15 January 2008More than a half a million people have been displaced in the past 12 months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), mainly due to fighting between Government and rebel groups in the country’s volatile northeast, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said today. read more

Chemicals industry expects railway crash will prompt review of shipping rules

MONTREAL — An explosive Quebec railway crash has put the focus on the growing transportation of crude oil, but the association which represents Canada’s chemical industry expects the disaster will prompt a broader review of how even more hazardous materials are shipped.“I do believe that we’re going to see some serious re-examination of some of the rules and regulations around movement of hazardous goods and that’s probably a good thing,” said David Podruzny, vice-president of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada.“We should continuously be improving the way in which we move goods.”Railways transport up to 80 per cent of chemicals produced in Canada, including some very hazardous materials that pass near small towns and communities daily.Canadian railway companies shipped 86,000 carloads of petroleum products in the second quarter, up 18% from last year and 62% from 2011.But, at the same time, railways transported 154,000 carloads of chemicals during the most recent period including refined energy products like diesel and jet fuel.Twenty people have been confirmed dead and about 30 are missing following the derailment, explosions and fire that devastated parts of Lac-Megantic on Saturday.Podruzny said the tragedy could prompt some communities to no longer welcome such products, even though they are essential to treat drinking water or sewage, or are used in the production of pulp and paper products that are the lifeblood of these towns.“Whether this incident alone is going to result in us having to build tracks around all the towns in Canada, I don’t think so,” he said in an interview.But it will make people conscious of the risks of hazardous materials, much like the Bhopal gas leak that killed thousands of people in India did following the 1984 incident, he added.“Risk management is what it’s all about. We can’t eliminate risk but we should do all we can to manage it,” he said.Analyst Cameron Doerksen of National Bank Financial said some of the chemicals transported are even more dangerous than crude, which has come under increased scrutiny.Any movement to limit the shipments of crude by rail would also hit the transportation of chemicals.“We cannot see this being an improvement in safety given that the alternative is to move some of these hazardous materials by truck,” he wrote in a report.The cause of the derailment disaster is under investigation. Ed Burkhardt, president of Chicago-based Rail World Inc. said during a visit to the devastated town that the handbrakes on his company’s train might not have been applied properly.The American Association of Railroads says 99.9977 per cent of all rail shipments of hazardous materials reach their destinations without incident.Accident rates have dropped 91 per cent since 1980 and the estimated spill rate of crude by rail was 0.38 compared with 0.88 for pipelines. The rate measures gallons spilled per million barrel miles moved.Doerksen said the Lac Megantic disaster could prompt additional safety measures, including regulations to upgrade tank cars to more modern standards. Tank cars used in hauling crude are generally owned by oil producers and refiners, not the railways.However, Doerksen said he doesn’t expect new safety regulations will be overly burdensome to the country’s two largest railways — Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. Incremental costs could be recovered by higher pricing.While transportation of crude oil by rail is the fastest growing segment for both railways, he said it will represent only three to five per cent of CN’s revenues by year end and seven to 10 per cent of CP revenues. read more

Marawila police arrest 45 asylum seekers

Last year the Sri Lankan navy prevented over 3,000 asylum seekers sailing to Australia.Under a plan announced by the Australian Foreign Ministry, Australia is to provide Sri Lanka with additional surveillance and electronic equipment to expand the island’s capacity to target smuggling operations and better identify vessel departure times and locations.A high level Australian delegation was in Sri Lanka last year to look at ways to curb boat people reaching Australia to seek asylum. The police found food, mobile telephones and clothes in the possession of the asylum seekers who were preparing for the journey to Australia. Peter Vardos, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, said that Australia is working with Sri Lanka at various levels on the human smuggling issue.He said that both countries have also achieved progress on a “returns agreement” which looks at deporting illegal asylum seekers who reach Australia.Returning people to Sri Lanka is reducing the number of asylum seekers from the Asian nation arriving by boat in Australia, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said in January. The police had also seized a van used to transport the people to Marawila for the boat journey.The Marawila police are conducting investigations. The delegation had talks with the Navy Commander as well as the Ministry of Defence and other officials in Sri Lanka. The police said that the Tamils are all residents of Jaffna while the three Singhalese are from Negombo. The police in Marawila arrested 45 asylum seekers preparing to leave for Australia by boat illegally today.Of those arrested are 42 Tamils and 3 Singhalese nationals, the Marawila police said. “We have returned around 700 people involuntarily to Sri Lanka, and we have seen the number of people coming from Sri Lanka fall to a trickle,” Bowen said.The Australian federal government began returning Sri Lankans last August as part of its suite of measures to stem boat arrivals to Australia.Hundreds of Sri Lankan boat people had managed to reach Australia to seek asylum over the years, mostly during the war between the LTTE and the army. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Sri Lankan family deported after spending 5 years in Canada

Before leaving their home in Parc-Extension, Robert Lawrence, the father of the family, said they were all very sad, but still love Canada despite their deportation. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada would not comment on the family’s case but said, “a decision to remove someone from Canada is not taken lightly.” “Canada is committed to ensuring that people being removed from Canada are not sent to a country where they would be in danger or at risk of persecution,” spokesperson Scott Bardsley said.NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice said deporting the family which had integrated into Quebec society over the years “makes no sense.”Lawrence’s family includes his wife, three daughters, son and daughter-in-law and four-month-old baby. (Colombo Gazette) “What can you do? We have to all obey the rules and regulations,” Lawrence told CBC News. “We enjoyed the last five years of our lives in Canada. Good lives.”The family was applying for permanent residence in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. After review, their application was rejected. He said members of his church in Outremont came to see them Sunday morning and they all cried together.Lawrence worked for the United Nations in Sri Lanka’s Eastern province during the civil war which ended in the defeat of the separatist Tamil Tigers by the Sri Lankan majority Sinhalese government.In 2012, he left the country in hopes of protecting his family from any backlash for the work he did during that time. A Sri Lankan family who spent five years in Canada was deported Sunday despite appeals to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to issue a reprieve, CBC Canada reported.Their flight took off from Montreal’s Trudeau airport Sunday evening. read more

Three people sentenced to death over 1996 murder in Pannipitiya

Three people were sentenced to death today over a 1996 murder in Pannipitiya.The Colombo high Court imposed the death penalty on the three convicts who were found guilty following a trial which had lasted for over 20 years. The murder had been committed over a personal dispute. (Colombo Gazette)

Farreaching vision for growth and jobs urged at start of UN development

“Short-term gain should never occur at the expense of long-term progress,” Mr. Eliasson said, opening – on behalf of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – the 2012 session of the annual Development Dialogue that was established to assess progress being made in reaching the eight targets to slash extreme poverty and other global ills by 2015, known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).The MDGs, agreed on by world leaders at a UN summit in 2000, set specific targets on poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability, HIV/AIDS reduction, and the creation of a ‘Global Partnership for Development.’ This years’ dialogue takes its theme, ‘Macroeconomic Policies for the Future We Want,’ from the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), which took place in June this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In that light, Mr. Eliasson said it was important to discuss integrated policies that aim at “sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth.”For that reason, he added, in planning how to stabilize economies in the short-term and ensure growth in the long-term, policy-makers must make full employment an explicit target, with more resources allocated to that goal as well as education, health and environmental protection.“These policies can spell the difference between stability and crisis, between prosperity and poverty and even between life and death,” he said.Also addressing the meeting’s opening, the President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, said that today’s dialogue will build on the Rio+20 outcome by providing an opportunity to deepen understanding of the inter-linkages between macro-economic policies, sustainable development and the achievement of the MDGs.“Particular focus is being placed on how macro-economic policymaking can be re-shaped to achieve stability, create employment and decent work, and promote productive capacities, including in the green economy,” he said.It was particularly important to give full consideration to an effective integration of macro-economic policymaking into the development agenda that must be developed after the 2015 term of the MDG effort, he said.The Assembly President noted, in that context, that the results of today’s dialogue will feed into the consideration of groups working on a post-2015 development framework: the High-Level Panel on the Global Development Agenda beyond 2015, and the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – one of the outcomes of Rio+20.The High-level Panel is part of Secretary-General Ban’s post-2015 initiative, mandated by the 2010 MDG Summit, at which UN Member States called for open, inclusive consultations – involving civil society, the private sector, academia and research institutions from all regions, in addition to the UN system – to advance the development agenda beyond 2015.Rio+20 was attended by some 100 Heads of State and government, along with more than 40,000 representatives from non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society, all seeking to help shape new policies to promote global prosperity, reduce poverty and advance social equity and environmental protection. At the end of the gathering, participants agreed an outcome document which called for a wide range of actions, such as beginning the process to establish SDGs.Today’s Development Dialogue includes an interactive discussion, moderated by the Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, Shamshad Akhtar, as well as a guest lecture by Nancy Birdsall, the founder and President of the Centre for Global Development, a think-tank based in Washington, D.C. read more

RK Vardar Skopje have a new captain

RK Vardar Skopje have a new team captain – Stojance Stoilov. The 29-years old Macedonian line player stayed almost only domestic player in the roster, so decision about successor of Filip Lazarov, who left to Romanian Timisoara, wasn’t so tough.Stoilov is a member of RK Vardar Skopje since 2011. He played also in Romanian Odorhei, but also the biggest Vardar’s rival – RK Metalurg Skopje, where he couldn’t find himself in the system of Lino Červar. RK VardarStojance Stoilov ← Previous Story Argentinian roster ready for Rio! Next Story → Men’s U20 EURO 2016: “French monsters”, Iceland and Spain to TOP 8

Hundreds protest against Ballinasloe psychiatric unit closure

first_imgHUNDREDS OF PEOPLE attended a public protest today against HSE plans to remove the 22 acute psychiatric admission beds from St Bridget’s Hospital  in Ballinasloe.Speaking at the protest the Psychiatric Nurses Association’s National Secretary Noel Giblin said the HSE was moving away from what was envisaged in the Vision for Change – the strategy which sets out the direction for Mental Health Services in Ireland.Vision for ChangeHe said closing the beds without putting  in place acute mental health community teams for older people and those with intellectual disability was against the strategy, adding that removing the beds will only put added pressure on both Roscommon and on Galway University Hospital, with patients numbers exceeding the bed requirement.He said: The huge turn-out at today’s protest reflects the  deep anger in the community at the loss of these beds  and people across Roscommon and Galway are clearly not going to stand by and see the mental health services in the region being dismantled in this way.Last month, Galway East Ciaran Cannon TD called on HSE West to reconsider the decision to close the unit.BedsWhile the 22 beds will be gone in Ballinasloe, the HSE will maintain 35 acute inpatient beds in Galway city and 22 acute inpatient beds will be available in Roscommon.An additional 15 new specialist beds will be provided in the acute mental health unit in Galway.(Hat tip to Shane Leonard for the photo)Read: Suicides in Kerry decreased since Donal Walsh spoke out, says coroner>Read: Suicides in Ireland are not “out of hand” – Minister Lynch>last_img read more

Two arrested in overnight drug seizure in Dublin

first_imgGARDAÍ HAVE ARRESTED two people and seized a quantity of cannabis worth €400,000 overnight in Dublin.As part of an on-going investigation into the sale and supply of controlled drugs in the Dublin Metropolitan Region, the Lucan Drugs Unit and gardaí from the Garda National Drugs Unit carried out a search of a house in the Hillcrest Heights area of Lucan, last night.During the course of the search, a quantity of cannabis herb with an estimated street value of €400,000 was seized. A male in his late 20′s and female in her early 20′s were arrested at the scene and are currently detained at Ronanstown and Lucan Garda Station.Gardaí said investigations are ongoing.Read: Man and woman to be charged after drugs ‘worth €1.5m’ seized in Kells last Friday>Read: Two further arrests after €2.5m drugs seizure>last_img read more

E Ink adds third color to epaper with new Spectra displays

first_imgE Ink may be hard at work developing a full color version of its low power displays, but this week the company has released a new e-paper display that adds just one extra color to the mix. The E Ink Spectra display isn’t aimed at the e-reader market. This is a panel destined for store shelves and signage anywhere real-time updates are desirable.E Ink can add a number of colors to the Spectra panel, but for the purposes of demonstrating what it looks like they chose red alongside the base colors of black and white. As you can see from the image and video included here, it’s very effective and clear. As a label on a shelf or in a window it’s definitely going to draw your eye.For scenarios where you want to display the same information for long periods of time, but also have to carry out regular updates to that information, E Ink displays are a great replacement for paper. They only require power to change what is being displayed, and depending on resolution can be as clear as paper. They can even have a light added for easy viewing in dark conditions. E Ink also guarantees 5 years of life for Spectra displays, which is pretty good considering they will be in use 24 hours a day.Spectra is the world’s first three-pigment display and E Ink is currently showing it off at SID Display Week 2013 in Vancouver. The company believes there is a lot of opportunity and money to be made using its tech in markets outside of e-readers, but is still focused on continuing to improve on e-reader displays. So hopefully that means we’ll see a full color panel carrying the E Ink name pretty soon.last_img read more

New Years revellers well behaved

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A lower rate of arrests on New Year’s Eve this year has sparked a praise to revellers by Victoria Polic but a warning by the Deputy Commissioner that it’s “still too many”.356 people were arrested on Monday night, including 240 arrests of drunk people, with the Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright adding this was an improvement on the 400 arrests of drunk people in 2010.”It’s good to see that we’ve had some improvement,” Mr Cartwright said.Officers made 182 arrests for assaults and recorded 55 drink-driving offences. Ambulance Victoria was extremely busy after midnight, attending violent incidents including glassings and assaults. A 22-year-old man in Melbourne suffered burns to his forearm and hand when fireworks he was holding exploded.The police blitz of Melbourne’s CBD resulted in 39 drunk and 17 assault arrests, out of an estimated 550,000 people watching city fireworks.Source: The Agelast_img read more

Geek Deals Lifetime Subscription to eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School for 39

first_imgLooking to step up your game with Microsoft Excel? Want to become more efficient in your day-to-day work? Today, StackSocial is offering up a meaty online Excel course from eLearnExcel at a 96% discount. • Lifetime Subscription to eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School for $39 (List price: $999)Purchase this course, and you’ll unlock eight lessons: Excel levels one through three, Excel dashboards, pivot tables, Excel structure & design, recording macros, and Excel VBA. You’ll get over 280 individual lessons aimed at explaining the best ways to get around in Excel.You’ll have 24/7 streaming access on both PCs and mobile, and you’ll even earn a certificate upon competition. If you want to show your boss that you’re taking your job seriously, this is a rock-solid way to improve your productivity.Keep in mind, you don’t even need to know what a pivot table is to get started. As long as you have Excel, and can follow along with the video instruction, you’ll be good to go.While a lifetime subscription to the eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School would typically cost nearly a grand, you won’t need to drop that kind of money for excellent instruction. Instead, you’ll only end up paying $39 when you place your order through StackSocial.Note: 15-day satisfaction guarantee available. Terms and conditions apply. See the StackSocial site for more information.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more great deals, head over to read more

ExTime Inc CEO to Acquire BASS LLC

first_imgFormer Time Inc. CEO Don Logan has entered an agreement to buy BASS LLC—a Celebration, Florida-based membership organization with more than 500,000 bass anglers—from ESPN. The deal includes Bassmaster, BASSTimes and trade title Tackle Retailer. BASS also has two television shows in the Bassmaster Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic, which will continue to air on ESPN.Logan partnered with a group of investors also led by Professional Bass Fisherman Hall of Famer and TV host Jerry McKinnis and businessman Jim Copeland, who sits on the board of directors at three Fortune 500 Companies. The BASS acquisition is currently in due diligence. Before retiring in 2002, Logan oversaw Time Inc., America Online, Time Warner Cable and the Time Warner Book Group.last_img

New Cybersecurity Institute for CCBC Essex

first_imgCCBC Cybersecurity Institute. (Courtesy Photo)On Dec. 3, CCBC unveiled its new Cybersecurity Institute, a $1.5 million project that includes expanded classroom space, additional equipment and an online infrastructure that allows for more students in the Cybersecurity program. The Cybersecurity Institute is based on the Essex campus and gives students hands-on experience through the use of real-time Cybersecurity attack-and-defend simulations. Approximately 300 students entered CCBC’s Cybersecurity program last year.Cybersecurity students. (Courtesy Photo)“This new Cybersecurity Institute is just one example of the amazing richness of the programs we offer at CCBC,” said CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis. “We give students the education and training they need to move on and get a great career. Students who go through CCBC’s Cybersecurity Institute will be well educated and well-trained and will be able to take on the next challenge – be it earning a bachelor’s degree or going straight to work – and will be able to compete with anyone.”last_img read more

Chennai Open 2015 Tipsarevic pulls out

Serbia’s Janko Tipsarevic (in pic), the 2013 singles champion, on Thursday withdrew from the upcoming ATP Chennai Open due to health issues. The former World No. 8, recovering from a foot surgery, was all set to make a return to competitive tennis in the new season and granted a singles wild card.Sweden’s Elias Ymer will now battle it out in the main draw of the upcoming tournament, debuting as a wild card entry in the 20th edition. The 2015 edition of the ATP 250 tournament, has an exciting lineup that includes world no. 4 and defending singles champion Stanislas Wawrinka, world no. 14 Feliciano Lopez, world no. 15 Roberto Bautista Agut and world no. 22 David Goffin. Other leading players include Spaniards Guillermo Garcia-Lopez and Marcel Granollers, Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller, Chinese Taipei’s Yen-Hsun Lu and 2014 finalist Edouard Roger-Vasselin. read more

Apocalyptic scenes as New York bears brunt of Sandy

first_imgNo related posts. Updated Oct. 30 at 02:14 p.m.By Mariano Andrade and Brigitte DusseauNEW YORK – Hurricane Sandy – now downgraded to a “super-storm” – turned New York into a disaster zone on Monday as a record storm surge sent seawater pouring into Manhattan, sweeping cars down streets as the city was plunged into darkness.The Empire State Building remained an eerie beacon of light as 250,000 Manhattan homes were deprived of power. State Governor Andrew Cuomo reported 15 storm-related deaths in New York, and a total of 39 in the United States and Canada.The East River and the Hudson River flooded subway and car tunnels and several feet of seawater swamped into Battery Park at the foot of Lower Manhattan, with waters rising and the rain showing no sign of abating.“Lower Manhattan is being covered by seawater. I am not exaggerating. Seawater is rushing into the Battery Tunnel,” said Howard Glaser, director of operations for the New York state government.The Battery Tunnel is a road tunnel linking the south end of Manhattan, New York’s financial center, to Long Island under the East River.Local energy supplier Con Edison reported that 250,000 customers had lost power in Manhattan alone.In addition to the surging waters of the East and Hudson rivers, the city was by battered by what the National Weather Service called “hurricane-force gusts” of more than 90 miles per hour.As the evening tide hit its height the storm surge was a record 13.7 feet (4.2 meters). Before Hurricane Sandy made landfall, forecasters had warned that any more than 11 feet could cause catastrophic flooding.Cars could be seen afloat in several Manhattan streets, and the facade of a six-story building collapsed.Local broadcaster WNBC said some houses on Staten Island were “flooded up to their attics,” while the New York Police Department sought boats to conduct rescue missions there and on Brooklyn’s Coney Island.Floods swamped cars in Brooklyn, while fierce gusts pushed over a crane on a Manhattan skyscraper – leaving it dangling perilously atop a 90-story luxury apartment.The boom of the crane swayed in the fierce gusts over streets near Central Park that police and fire services evacuated because of the risk that it could fall.Gas and water pipes at street level were closed and city engineers and fire department experts climbed the 1,004-foot building to assess the danger.In another spectacular demonstration of its power, the hurricane pulled off the facade of a three-story building in the Chelsea district. No injuries were reported.Tens of thousands of people ignored appeals by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to leave the districts at risk.“If water is coming into your home, go to the highest area,” Bloomberg advised citizens as he held a hastily arranged press conference amid the worst of the carnage.“It’s still very dangerous and from now until the storm is well passed you just have to shelter in place. You need to stay wherever you are. Let me repeat that. You have to stay wherever you are.”New York authorities earlier had closed the subway train system and nearly all tunnels and bridges that take traffic off Manhattan as the full force of Sandy hit America’s biggest city.With Wall Street closed for the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and the city at a near standstill, police went to several districts with loudspeakers and special buses trying to persuade people to move.New York state also called up more than 2,100 National Guard troops on Sunday and Monday to patrol threatened districts.Authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order for 375,000 people at risk from a storm surge predicted to be over 11 feet, but the majority decided to brave it out.As night fell, Bloomberg had warned that it may be too late to get away.On the streets of Manhattan, police cars used to block streets gradually retreated as flood water moved further into the island.Schools and landmark attractions such as the Empire State Building were all closed and were to stay closed Tuesday. Hardly a car ventured onto the streets.President Barack Obama declared a “major disaster” in New York as millions of people along the U.S. East Coast awakened Tuesday to the deadly devastation.At least 16 people were killed in the U.S. and Canada as the storm roared ashore late Monday, pounding several major cities with heavy rain and hurricane-force winds that toppled trees and ripped down power lines.The storm weakened as it moved further inland but forecasters still warned of gale-force winds and flooding along the densely-populated coast, where 7,400 National Guardsmen were mobilized in 11 states to provide emergency relief.Obama declared a “major disaster” had hit both the states of New York and New Jersey, an order that cleared the way for federal grants and loans to help storm victims acquire temporary housing and repair damage.Further south, giant waves crashed over vast swathes of the eastern seaboard, turning coastal cities into ghost towns as the high winds grounded flights and shut down rail links, public transport and government offices.The catastrophe completely overshadowed the U.S. election race, forcing a halt to campaigning a week before Americans were due to go to the polls to choose between Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.Hurricane Sandy had killed 67 people as it tore through the Caribbean, and reports of more deaths began to arrive after it made landfall at 8 p.m. in New Jersey and began to wreak havoc.Authorities had ordered hundreds of thousands of residents in areas from New England to North Carolina to evacuate their homes and seek shelter, but many chose to stay on, to the frustration of police and local officials.Falling trees tore down power cables, plunging what weather experts said were millions of homes into darkness, while storm warnings cut rail links and marooned tens of thousands of travelers at airports across the region.Two nuclear plants – one in New York and one in New Jersey – were shut down in the aftermath of the storm, but operators stressed that neither posed any risk to the public.“The New York City subway system is 108 years old, but it has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night,” city transport director Joseph Lhota said early Tuesday.Firefighters meanwhile doused a massive blaze in the Queens borough that destroyed more than 50 homes, with only two minor injuries reported, and in northern New Jersey police in boats pulled residents from second-story windows after a levee broke.Hours earlier, a power sub-station exploded in a burst of light captured by amateur photographers as a massive blackout left much of Manhattan, and some 500,000 homes across New York City, in darkness.The flood waters had begun to recede early Tuesday, but the Con Edison power company said it could take a week to completely restore power.Disaster estimating firm Eqecat forecast that Sandy would affect more than 60 million Americans, a fifth of the population, and cause billions of dollars in damage.Refineries closed and major arteries such New York’s Holland Tunnel were shut to traffic. The operator of two major New Jersey nuclear plants said they might have to be closed, threatening half the state’s power supply.Obama urged Americans to heed local evacuation orders as he stepped off the campaign trail and spent the day in the White House helping to coordinate the response to the disaster.“The election will take care of itself next week,” Obama said. “Right now, our number one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives … and that we respond as quickly as possible to get the economy back on track.”Both the Democratic incumbent and his Republican rival Romney were keen to display resolute leadership in the face of the storm, given the memory of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Romney also canceled some campaign appearances.Former president George W. Bush was widely seen as having bungled the handling of Katrina, which devastated New Orleans. The failure of authorities in the ensuing emergency response tainted the rest of his presidency. 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A host of global airlines have demonstrated their

first_imgA host of global airlines have demonstrated their confidence in the Australia outbound MICE segment by confirming their attendance at the inaugural MICE trade event, Get Global, in Sydney this July.Among the 12 carriers confirmed are Emirates, Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, South African Airways and Garuda Indonesia, comprising the largest contingent of airline representatives of any MICE trade event in Australia.Gary Bender, director and co-founder of Get Global commented: “Our market research indicated buyers and sellers attending MICE trade events are looking for innovation and business focus. Something we have worked hard to ensure Get Global delivers. To have so many airlines exhibiting demonstrates their confidence in this high-value segment and in the Get Global platform to produce tangible results for their business.”“At Get Global, buyers and sellers are not limited to strict appointment times. The open format allows for real networking and business to be done. It is not about volume but about quality of the conversation with real decision makers. The exhibition space will also be split into themed geographical zones to allow buyers to liaise with sellers and maximise their time at the event,” explained Donna Kessler, director and co-founder of Get Global.With two months to go until the event begins, founders Donna Kessler and Gary Bender are bolstered by the support Get Global has received by global brands, destinations, airlines, venues, cruise lines and tourism bodies, and the confidence they have in the Australian outbound MICE market.With buyer registrations still open, both in-house corporate and trade MICE practitioners from Australia and New Zealand are encouraged to attend this dedicated outbound trade event and lock in their 2018 (and beyond) MICE requirements.Get Global provides an innovative and efficient business platform for international suppliers to connect with corporate meeting planners, incentive houses, PCOs, travel companies and anyone else that has international group business from Australia.Get Global will be held in The Gallery, at the International Convention Centre on Friday 28 July 2017. Find out more or register here.last_img read more

while former nation

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