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Quebec premier outlines plan to push back against protectionist US policies

first_imgQUEBEC CITY, Que. – Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard will be heading to the United States next week to push back against U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies.Couillard told reporters Wednesday he’ll be in Washington D.C., on Tuesday to meet with elected officials and Trump administration representatives to denounce U.S. tariffs imposed on Canadian lumber, newsprint, steel and aluminum.He will also be in New York City on Thursday as the province aims to cultivate contacts with U.S. policy-makers, legislators and business people who are likely to support it as trade tensions escalate between the two countries.“I don’t actually know how the behaviour can be changed or predicted,” Couillard said of Trump’s policies. “What I know is that we have a lot of allies in the States, people who think like us … these are the people who we will keep in contact with.”Couillard described the spats as “skirmishes” that could eventually lead to a trade war and said he will send a message to his U.S. counterparts that there is nothing to be gained from it.The provincial government outlined an evolving series of measures to counter the protectionist policies, summed up by the words denounce and mitigate.Quebec, whose economy is closely tied to that of the United States with three-quarters of exports heading to that country, said it will also diversify its export markets going forward.He gave as an example the European Union market as well as intensifying trade with other Canadian provinces.Quebec won’t go on the offensive alone — Couillard said he spoke with Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford on Wednesday, who responded positively to his request for the two provinces to work together to stand up to the Trump administration.“On the importance of our combined economies and the need to work together, we are in total agreement,” Couillard said.last_img read more

Nelson Mandela From terrorist to peace icon

first_imgBy Rafiu AjakayeJOHANNESBURG  – Numerous factors contributed to his legend.But what made Nelson Mandela a rare gem were qualities of greatness such as perseverance, patience, humility, and, above all, a rare spirit of forgiveness manifested in how he dealt with his political foes, who kept him behind bars for nearly three decades. Mandela, who died late Thursday at the age of 95, was born in 1918 in South Africa’s southern Transkei region.A trained lawyer and a boxer, he combined law with political activism.At one point in the fight against the apartheid regime, Mandela was a leading campaigner for armed struggle, a decision forced upon him by the intolerance and indiscriminate violence of the apartheid regime.In 1961, he was named a commander-in-chief of the Umkhonto we Sizwe (“Spear of the Nation”), the armed wing of the then-outlawed African National Congress (ANC), which trained in Algeria and Ethiopia.Mandela was arrested in South Africa in 1962 and sentenced to five years in prison.In 1964, he was again charged with sabotage and sentenced to life in prison at Johannesburg’s infamous Rivonia trial.While in court, thumping his signatory fist, Mandela gave a speech that came to codify the message of the anti-apartheid struggle.“During my lifetime,” he bellowed to the cheers of supporters who were kept at bay by the apartheid police, “I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people.”He went on to say: “I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideals of a democratic and free society. It is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”Mandela, with inmate number 46664, was taken to Robben Island, where he spent 18 years mobilizing support for his struggle and sending secret letters back home to supporters and family, according to his autobiography, “Long Walk to Freedom.”Authorities got wind of his antics and transferred him in 1982 to Cape Town’s Pollsmoore Prison and later to Victor Veriter Prison in Paarl.Mandela’s struggle, alongside his membership in the ANC, drew world attention, and at some point split the international community down the middle.Most world capitals, though less powerful, backed calls for new sanctions against the apartheid regime and for existing sanctions to be toughened.But until 2008, the US had designated him a “terrorist,” given his support for violence against the apartheid regime.But global support for Mandela’s cause became more obvious in 1988 at a concert in Wembley Stadium in London, when tens of thousands gathered to chant “Free Nelson Mandela” while several millions more were glued to their TV screens across the world to watch.The decision of the white minority-led government of South Africa to free Mandela on February 11, 1990 was a fait accompli.The apartheid regime was no longer sustainable amid mounting international calls for freedom in South Africa.Mandela’s release therefore was non-negotiable; in fact, for the government of WF de Klerk, it was a bid for credibility and acceptance in a new world.After 27 years behind bars, Mandela was freed to lead the ANC in negotiations with the white minority rulers, culminating in South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994.Rather than pursue a vendetta as demanded by ANC hawks, he chose the path of peace and reconciliation for the good of his troubled nation, even as he wielded power as the country’s first black democratically-elected president.In spite of criticism that he was a weak leader who watched his ANC comrades commit a number of “atrocities” – an allegation later found to be false – Mandela loomed large in racist society for building a “rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”He tried to unite the white minority with the black majority, urging both sides to forget their traditional antipathies.-Retirement-But Mandela did something much more shocking: at a time in which Africa was governed by sit-tight leaders, Mandela broke the jinx by opting out of power after serving for only one four-year term in office – despite pleas for him to run for another term.That singular act raised Mandela’s stature as a world leader and the “conscience” of black Africa.The man not only relinquished power, but he also avoided competing with his successor, Thabo Mbeki.Losing his son Makgatho to AIDS, Mandela launched a spirited campaign to enlighten the people about the danger of AIDS and the futility of thinking it was curable through local practices.He dedicated the rest of his life to campaigning for good governance, equality, and freedom in Africa and around the world.Mandela was a fierce critic of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and he will also be remembered for opposing the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.His Nelson Mandela Foundation continues to do extensive works to support people with terminal diseases.Several humanitarian causes have been named after him, including the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.He retired from public life in 2004.Mandela, also known as Madiba, is a prince from South Africa’s Xhosa tribe, a recipient of at least 250 honors, and a winner in 1993 of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he won alongside de Klerk for their roles in ending the South Africa crisis.He is survived by three daughters, 18 grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and three step-grandchildren.His extraordinary life story, quirky sense of humor and lack of bitterness towards his former oppressors have all earned Mandela a global appeal verging on sainthood.last_img read more

Security situation in volatile eastern DR Congo remains tense – UN mission

The security situation in both North Kivu and South Kivu provinces is still tense, according to a press release issued by the mission, which is known as MONUC.Last night Congolese army troops and members of the rebel National Congress for the the People’s Defence (CNDP) clashed in skirmishes near Kirotshe, which is about 35 kilometres south of Goma, the North Kivu provincial capital.The area around Kirotshe has been the scene of fierce fighting this week between the Congolese army and the CNDP, and MONUC blue helmets have had to use armed force to protect civilians.Today MONUC said it had observed that CNDP troops had continued to withdraw to their original positions before the start of the current flare-up of hostilities, on 28 August.The mission is also devising a plan to separate the forces on the ground so that the disengagement phase of a January peace agreement between the two sides, known as the Acts d’engagement, can be implemented.Yesterday the Security Council voiced its serious concern at the fighting in the Kivus, long the most volatile area of the DRC since the formal end of the long-running civil war several years ago. 13 September 2008The United Nations peacekeeping mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) said today that its forces in the volatile far east of the country remain on high alert, despite the relative calm in the region since this morning. read more

Some Haitian schools in worst quakehit areas to reopen by 31 March

12 February 2010Despite only a handful of schools being open in the Haitian capital and outlying areas, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with the Haitian Government on a new deadline by which classes in the areas worst affected by last month’s earthquake will resume by the end of next month. Despite only a handful of schools being open in the Haitian capital and outlying areas, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with the Haitian Government on a new deadline by which classes in the areas worst affected by last month’s earthquake will resume by the end of next month. “Some of the schools in non-affected areas are now open, others in affected areas for sure will be open by then and we will do an accelerated learning programme so they do not lose the school year. This will be challenging in terms of coordination but everyone is on board and in support of the Ministry to meet this deadline,” Roshan Khadivi, UNICEF’s Spokesperson in Port-au-Prince told the UN News Centre. According the UN, only 10 per cent of the schools in the capital, Port-au-Prince, were functional as of 1 February and about 40 per cent in the southern port city of Jacmel and other localities. “We can’t afford to waste a school year. Even if our buildings are destroyed, we can set up tents so the children who are still alive can come back to school to learn,” Louis Montespoir, Director of the Daniel Fignole School, told UNIFEED.Working with the Haitian Ministry of Education, UNICEF and other partners plan to set up tents for immediate use as classrooms until the rainy and hurricane seasons start in the spring. By then, UNICEF says it hopes to have temporary learning spaces which can be used for a year or two until the schools are rebuilt.In addition to identifying space, UNICEF and the Ministry are working to identify and quickly train teaching personnel. New teachers will have to overcome not only the difficulties of working in a tent, but also of working with students who are afraid of being in a classroom again.”What about the students who didn’t die, like me? How are they going to find the strength to go on? There are some kids who are the only ones left in their entire family. How are kids like that going to find the will to come back to school at all?” Fedler Saint Croix, a former grade school student at Daniel Fignole School, told UNIFEED.In addition to children, university officials and students who hoped for a better life have had their education and future employment cut short. The University of Port-au-Prince mourned 150 students who lost their lives in last month’s earthquake.”If the university had to reopen it would be a struggle for me to go back. I haven’t only lost comrades, but also teachers and my father,” said Jean Rene Destin, a student interviewed by UNIFEED.Meanwhile, some school officials want to look ahead and try to maintain a sense of normalcy.”We need to find any means of reopening the university. And this should be handled seriously. Half-term exams are ahead of us,” said Serge Luc Bernard, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the University of Port-au-Prince. To assist with the financial aspects of getting students back to school, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) last week launched a public appeal for donations to help re-establish the country’s educational system. read more

Gorilla fortunes boosted by International Year in their honour UN reports

The world’s endangered great apes received a boost from the 2009 United Nations Year of the Gorillas, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said today, citing the funds raised for conservation projects and the increase in publicity on the plight of the animals.More than $130,000 was raised as a result of the Year for field projects aimed at preventing endangered gorilla species from becoming extinct, UNEP said in a press release issued in Bonn. The Year also generated greater publicity – through articles, interviews, lectures, conferences and films – than similar global species campaigns. “With the support of innovative gorilla projects the UN Year of the Gorilla has created a permanent legacy. Conserving gorillas not only helps safeguarding their habitat, which is shared by us, but it also addresses the major challenges of climate change and poverty,” said Elizabeth Mrema, Executive Secretary of UNEP Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (UNEP-CMS).In November 2009, there were only 720 mountain gorillas left in the world, according to UNEP. Their habitat is threatened by agricultural expansion, mining activities and the exploitation of natural resources, armed conflicts and hunting.The main focus of the Year of the Gorilla had been on encouraging locals who share gorilla habitat involved to improve protection within their communities. That included supporting the enforcement of wildlife law, preventing illegal logging and reducing the use of firewood and charcoal which are often used for inefficient home stoves at the detriment to the environment. “We depend on gorillas, elephants and other fruit-eating animals to sustain the African rainforests by planting the next generation of trees. Sustainable management of wildlife and other natural resources not only preserves gorilla habitat, but it provides long-term livelihoods for people and helps secure the future of the planet,” said tropical field biologist and conservationist Ian Redmond, who is also the UN Ambassador of the Year of the Gorilla.The projects started in the last year include tree nurseries in the buffer zones around the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest national park in the border triangle of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Planting and management of the trees will continue this year courtesy of the British-run Gorilla Organization.The mountain gorillas are a national source of pride and income for Rwanda, which will host this year’s World Environment Day, which is observed annually on 5 June. The theme of this year’s Day will be “Many Species. One Planet. One Future.”On a global scale, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), zoos, wildlife agencies and individuals last year staged various events in the Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia to educate the wider public on gorillas and the threats they face.A gorilla rapid assessment report, currently prepared by UNEP, will look more closely into the threats to gorilla populations and will be launched at the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) conference in Doha, Qatar, on 24 March. The Year of the Gorilla was a joint initiative of UNEP-CMS, the UNEP/UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Great Ape Survival Partnership (GRASP) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). 11 March 2010The world’s endangered great apes received a boost from the 2009 United Nations Year of the Gorillas, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said today, citing the funds raised for conservation projects and the increase in publicity on the plight of the animals. read more

First music video shot using iPad 2 doesnt suck

first_imgAn iPad 2 can be a hard thing to come across these days with waits up to four to five weeks long. One musician was lucky enough to have four iPad 2s, which she used to shoot her latest music video — a video that was shot entirely with the iPad 2.Singer Eddy and her film crew, Remedy Films, took advantage of the iPad 2’s addition of another camera, one of which is capable of shooting in HD. The video is just under four minutes long but took about five hours to film, and 12 hours to edit. Oh, and the crew had to wait eight hours in line at the Apple Store to get their camera equipment hidden in the form of an iPad 2. On the video’s YouTube page, Chase Andrews, president of Remedy Films, said the video was released within 20 hours of when the iPad 2 came out.Of course, the iPad 2 wasn’t designed to be a full-feature HD video camera, and the crew knew that. Andrews said they treated the cameras as “professional cameras.” The production team used professional mounts, with one on a Steadicam rig, one on a Kessler Crane CineSlider, and another on a hand-held rig. So where was the fourth iPad? It was being held by Eddy, who was basically a walking iPad ad throughout the video.Unfortunately, it wasn’t edited entirely on the iPad 2. Yes, it clearly would have looked a lot less professional had it been edited all in iMovie on the iPad, and it would have most likely taken a great deal longer to edit, but it also would have been cool to say you had shot and edited a stellar video entirely on the iPad 2. Oh well, close enough.Andrews said they started the edit on the iPad, but then synced all the iPads to a Mac Pro. They then organized the videos into one folder and synced that folder back to one iPad so they had all the footage on a single iPad. With two editors working — one on the Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, and Andrews on the iPad 2 — they were able to get the intro done on the iPad. But, once it came down to syncing the vocals with the song, it was just too difficult to be “precise and creative.”Speed was the deciding factor, as Andrews said they wanted to be quick with the edit, resulting in them bailing on the iPad iMovie edit. He said it could have been done if they had a longer turnaround time. “It wasn’t bad for a $5 video editing app,” Andrews said about iMovie. The crew ended up using Final Cut Pro on the Mac to do the full edit.The fact that they were able to create such a well-shot-and-edited video in 20 hours after the iPad 2 had been released is pretty impressive. It hasn’t even been a week since the iPad 2 first went on sale. Now we wait for the influx of more iPad 2 videos. And where are all the Garageband-only albums? It’s been a week afterall.last_img read more

Washington adds 4100 jobs unemployment rate unchanged

first_imgWashington’s economy added 4,100 jobs in June, while the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 4.7 percent, unchanged from May.“Payroll growth slowed a bit in June compared with last May,” said Paul Turek, economist for the state Employment Security Department. “What’s positive is that the consecutive string of jobs added per month continues and is scheduled to reach six years next month.”The national unemployment rate was at 4 percent in June.In Washington, private sector employment grew by 4,800 jobs in June, while the public sector lost 700 jobs. Nine industries added jobs, while four shed jobs. Most of June’s job growth occurred in professional and business services, which added 3,800 jobs. Information-related jobs grew by 1,000, and transportation, warehousing and utilities jobs were up by 900.Also experiencing job growth were education and health services; wholesale trade and manufacturing; retail trade; and leisure and hospitality.Construction experienced the biggest reduction in June, shedding 2,200 jobs. Government employment lost 700 jobs, financial activities lost 300 jobs and mining and logging lost 100 jobs.Year-over-year job growth remains strong in the state. Washington added an estimated 83,500 new jobs from June 2017 through June 2018. The private sector grew by 2.9 percent, adding 80,500 jobs, and the public sector grew by 0.5 percent, adding 3,000 jobs.last_img read more

Swastika profanity spraypainted outside Little Haiti art gallery

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Police are investigating after an art gallery in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood was defaced with hateful words and symbols.The gallery, which aims to highlight the “celebration of diversity,” was targeted by vandals during Miami Art Week, Saturday morning.A swastika, the F-word and other hateful terms were spray-painted outside on the walls of the gallery, which is located along the 200 block of Northwest 54th Street.Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Time Inc Adds Subscriptions for All 20 Titles on Kindle Fire

first_img“With this new wave of devices that Amazon is releasing, we wanted to make sure that we were coming out into the market when they had great products,” says Perry Solomon, vice president of digital business development for Time Inc. “[It was] when we felt that we could have the best opportunity to introduce our brands to that audience. Particularly with an eye toward the holiday season, we felt that the timing was right to broaden the relationship.”Solomon could not provide specific data on how Kindle single-copy sales had performed relative to iPad or Nook platforms, but did state, broadly, that Time Inc. has found tablets to increase magazine media usage times and the number of titles readers subscribe to.Pricing on the Kindle will be consistent with iPad, Nook and Android platforms, Solomon added. Time Inc. will now make digital subscriptions available on Amazon’s Kindle Fire for each of its 20 consumer titles, timing the move to coincide the device’s recent release.Time Inc.’s offer makes its magazines available via subscription in addition to single-copy purchases and authentication access already available on the device. Digital subscriptions had already been adopted on iPad, Nook and Android platforms.The announcement follows the release of the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD in September, and comes about 2 weeks before the 8.9-inch version of the device is scheduled to ship on November 20.last_img read more

The Atlantic Ups Two Editorial Staffers — People on the Move 072017

first_img Former New York Times and Sports Illustrated staffer Pete Thamel has joined Yahoo Sports. As a senior writer for the Oath brand, he’ll cover college football, the NFL and college basketball. Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move… American Trade Magazines (ATM) has promoted Donald Feinstein from national sales director to associate publisher. He’ll remain in charge of ad sales for the magazine group but ill take on additional duties. Feinstein has been with ATM’s parent company Crain Communications for over 17 years. Ezekiel Kewku and Benjamin Hart have joined New York Media’s Daily Intelligencer as politics editor and politics writer respectively. Kweku will help run the site’s expanding politics coverage, working with New York’s team of daily news and opinion writers, weekly columnists, and reporters. Hart will cover national politics and provide a lead voice for weekend coverage. LaFrance succeeds the site’s previous editor J.J. Gould. She joined The Atlantic in early 2014 as a staff writer and editor, she has covered technology, politics, and the media. Before joining The Atlantic, LaFrance was a breaking news reporter. She has worked for Honolulu Civil Beat, Nieman Lab, the NPR member station in Boston WBUR, and Digital First Media. Christopher Shay, formerly of World Policy Journal, will be joining The Nation as senior editor starting July 31, based in the brand’s New York City offices. Wendy Benjaminson has a new role at AP as national news editor for beats. In this role she’ll directly oversee the work of three beat reporters who cover religion, law enforcement and social issues. Benjaminson had been serving since January as the AP’s acting Washington bureau chief, a role that was permanently filled last month by Julie Pace. “To my delight, The Atlantic is growing at a rapid pace, and we need editorial leaders capable of grappling with the challenges and opportunities of this moment,” Jeffrey Goldberg, EIC of The Atlantic, says in a release. “Matt and Adrienne are two such leaders. They bring great knowledge and skill, great judgment, and a great love of The Atlantic, to their new roles.” has grown audience +36% in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period last year with a spike to a record 42.3 million monthly unique visitors in May 2017. That month, also set new records for daily unique visitors, page views and concurrent visits. LaFrance will manage the day-to-day editorial operations of and oversee its reporting team across ten news desks. Thompson, who since early 2015 has been deputy editor of, will take on an expanded, cross-platform portfolio. Kweku was most recently politics writer at MTV News. And Hart spent five years as a front page editor at the Huffington Post, and has written for The Awl, GQ, Slate, Salon, Vogue and Splitsider. Scot Dalquist is the new VP of the Newspaper Relations Group at AMG/Parade, focusing on the Western U.S. newspaper partners. Most recently, he served as the manager of printing and publishing sales for NORPAC, a producer of newsprint and commercial papers. The Atlantic made two promotions of the company’s top editorial positions. Matt Thompson, the deputy editor of, moves into the role of executive editor overseeing all cross-platform projects, and staff writer Adrienne LaFrance is the new editor of Additionally, Sara Holdren is joining New York and its entertainment site Vulture as theater critic. She is an accomplished director and theater maker, who’ll write reviews as well as more essayistic pieces. The New Yorker has hired BuzzFeed’s director of newsletters Dan Oshinsky to lead its own newsletter efforts. He will join the publication on August 7.last_img read more

Tk 24cr allocated to nonexistent projects

first_img-The Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief has allocated general relief (GR) assistance of Tk 240 million to non-existent projects in Magura district which astonished even the concerned government officials at the field level.As high as 95 per cent of the assistance has been allocated to 1,776 ‘waz mahfil’ (Islamic sermon sessions) and ‘namjoggo’ (Hindu ritual of the chanting name of gods) events in the district. Most of these events do not even take place.An investigation revealed that the persons mentioned as recipients of the assistances are not even aware of the projects. They do not even know who sent the project proposals.Magura district relief and rehabilitation office said that a total of 6,363 tonnes of rice costing Tk 240 million has been allocated as assistance.Disaster management and relief minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya, MP, said, “Local level public representatives, including the MPs appeal for assistance to organise religious programmes at mosques, temples, to renovate schools and other purposes. After approving a few appeals we send these to the district administration. A committee, headed by the deputy commissioner, releases the assistance after vetting the project proposals.”Responding to a question, the minister said it is not possible for the ministry to know the names of institutions the GR allocation has asked for. “The district and upazila administration are responsible to look into the projects.”The disaster management and relief ministry said the assistance was allocated according to the demand order (DO) of two MPs from Magura district — state minister for sports Biren Sikder and Maj. Gen. (retd) Abdul Wahab.State minister Biren Sikder said to Prothom Alo, “I gave my consent to appeals seeking GR assistances for various programmes organised by people from my constituency. But, I have also been informed that many people appealed to the ministry forging my official pad and signature. Relevant government institutions can probe into these.”Abdul Wahab MP, however, said that he is not aware of who got the GR allocation and why.Deputy commissioner Mohammad Atiqur Rahman said that he asked for an investigation into the projects as they seemed suspicious. “Some of those projects are non-existent.”He declined to talk further on the matter before the completion of the investigation.Department of Disaster Management (DDM) sent the assistance to Magura district relief and rehabilitation office in the last week of June, penning down the names of projects along with the letter of allocation issued by the ministry.The ministry is compelled to disburse the allocation from the national budget before June. This is why public representatives and leaders and activists of ruling party gather here.An official, on condition of anonymity, said that being ruling party men, most of the public representatives put huge pressure on them. “Some ministry officials may have complicity with them.”Secretary of the disaster management and relief ministry said that the district administration would take necessary steps after getting the probe report.Allocation to non-existent projectsA total of 4,087 tonnes of rice has been allocated to 1,116 projects in Magura sadar upazila, 398 tonnes to 121 projects in Sreepur, 697 tonnes to 227 projects in Shalikha and 1,181 tonnes of rice to 312 projects in Mohammadpur upazila.Twenty seven tonnes of rice have been allotted for nine waz mahfil programmes in Bororia village of Mohammadpur upazila. Such a programme was never organised since the construction of the mosque in the village.Another project was to organise annual waz mahfil at the premises of Bororia Fakirbari orphanage.Abul Khair Fakir, resident of the area, said to Prothom Alo, “There is a mosque in the village but no orphanage. No waz mahfil was ever organised here. We did not apply for any allocation.”The Prothom Alo investigation also revealed that the GR assistance was allocated twice to 50 projects in Shalikha upazila.Shalikha upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) Sumi Majumder confirmed it to us.The rice was allocated to six projects at Defulia village in Magura sadar upazila. But no such projects were found there.Rice has also been allocated to two temples — Laskarpur Palpara Sarbajanin Mandir and Andolbaria Sarbajanin Kalimandir – which do not exist.Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) executive director Iftekharuzzaman said that the social safety net programme by the government is a very good initiative. But, it is sad that it is beset with irregularities.The wrong-doers will felt protected if no legal action is taken actions against them, he added.* This piece, originally published in the print edition, has been rewritten in English by Shameem Rezalast_img read more

Foxconn buys peripheral maker Belkin for 866M

first_imgFoxconn, best known for manufacturing practically everything in the world, has just announced the purchase of Belkin, the PC peripherals company, for $866 million in cash. That certainly makes it one of the larger consumer electronics acquisitions in recent memory.You probably know Belkin for its various lines of accessories, peripherals, and assorted consumer electronics; Linksys, surely the most recognizable router brand, is a subsidiary. Wemo and Phyn might also ring a bell.The purchase is likely aimed at giving Foxconn a foothold of its own in the peripherals and networked devices market. Belkin’s CEO and founder (35 years on), Chet Pipkin, will continue to operate the company as a wholly owned subsidiary and may join Foxconn’s management team.No indication was given that Belkin’s companies would change much, either in makeup or in product lineup. I asked both companies for more details, and got a polite no comment in record time.Interestingly, the FCC just today announced that it would soon propose that it would ban spending on companies that “pose a national security threat.” Huawei and ZTE were the obvious (but unnamed) targets of the proposed rule, but now Belkin and Linksys may also be included.last_img read more

JQ receives boarding violation fine

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J A Christchurch court is said to have handed Jetstar Airways a $6,500 fine after a Melbourne check-in clerk changed a passenger’s nationality, allowing the person to enter New Zealand without a visa.Earlier this week the Christchurch District Court heard that a Chinese woman was travelling from Melbourne to New Zealand on 27 January 2011, The Press reported.Because she was citizen of China she required a visa but because she had not applied for one the computer flashed a notification to the Jetstar check-in staff member to contact Immigration New Zealand.The passenger’s nationality was then altered from China to Switzerland which allowed her to board the aircraft and enter New Zealand without proper documentation. The carrier explained that check-in staff had “received the directive but through she had entered the incorrect country code, so she amended the country code to CH [China]”.Although the woman boarded the flight without notice she was eventually granted a visa to enter the country.The court’s Judge David Saunders said the fine was a message “to be careful with the processing of passengers at overseas airports” and noted that it was the carrier’s first conviction in New Zealand. last_img read more

Great news for travellers to the Solomon Islands w

first_imgGreat news for travellers to the Solomon Islands with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) announcing the first Solomon Islands accommodation providers to achieve ‘Minimum Standards Accreditation’.The accommodation providers, including SINPF Hibiscus Apartments, the Heritage Park Hotel, the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel, the Coral Sea Resort & Casino in Honiara and the Papatura Island Retreat in Santa Isabel were awarded ‘Minimum Standards Accreditation’ in a formal ceremony at the Heritage Park Hotel.Minimum Standards is a system used worldwide by governments and tourism industry organisations to ensure that the tourism sector maintains internationally-recognised standards of quality. The program has been specially developed by the Ministry via considerable research and stakeholder workshops throughout the country.Each of the establishments visited were assessed by a specialist team from MCT’s Tourism Division which to date has already assessed 98 of 280 properties across the Solomon Islands.MCT Permanent Secretary, Andrew Nihopara said he was proud of his team which has visited providers and supported them with knowledge of how to improve services and facilities to better meet guest expectations.“Accommodation providers are vital to helping the Solomon Islands attract tourists, create jobs and generate income. This is important now, more than ever with tourism and ecotourism stepping up to fill the gap left by the declining logging industry,” he said.As part of the Minimum Standards procedure, MCT staff assess establishments based on the type of accommodation the establishment wants to provide. Establishments can choose to be assessed as a Hotel, Resort, Motel, Budget Accommodation, Tourist Bungalow, Ecolodge, Serviced Apartment or Homestay. For all accommodation providers, the standards cover important areas such as: Guest Rooms and Bathrooms; Emergency, Safety and Security; Legal requirements; Business Operations; Front Office and Lobby; Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar; Guest Services; Building, Grounds and Maintenance; and Environmental Management.The Minimum Standards Program is one of several key programs currently being carried out by MCT, supported by Australian Government-initiative ‘Strongim Bisnis’, Enhanced Integrated Framework Program (EIF) and the Australian Volunteers International program.The Standards help promote and encourage tourism in the Solomon Islands by formalising accommodation categories and ensuring that accommodation providers fit those categories properly.By formalising categories and aligning them with internationally-recognised standards, the Solomon Islands can better market and sell its accommodation to the overseas market and increase trust with tourists and travel agents before they make bookings.IMAGE:L-R – management of SINPF Hibiscus Apartments, the Heritage Park Hotel, Papatura Island Retreat, Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel and the Coral Sea Resort & Casino. AccommodationhotelsPacificSolomon Islandslast_img read more

February 3 2012Cosanti President Jeff Stein in Bo

first_imgFebruary 3, 2012Cosanti President Jeff Stein in Boston this week presented a copy of the new book from Cosanti Press, LEAN LINEAR CITY: ARTERIAL ARCOLOGY to Susan Lewis, Library Director of the Boston Architectural College. The BAC’s architecture library, one of America’s real treasures, hosted a reception several years ago for Paolo Soleri when he was named Cascieri Lecturer at the BAC. The library’s collection includes several of Soleri’s earlier books.Photo: Jeff Stein and Susan Lewislast_img

West Bengal Chief M

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had on Tuesday accused Tripathi of acting like "a BJP block president" and "threatening" her.

Uber announced an ambitious driverless pilot program in Pittsburgh set to begin later this year. and came to the department after serving as police chief in New Town. Elaborate theories are being spun off from seemingly dubious logic and misleading narratives are being propagated in a fact-free environment. samuelson@time."The death is being treated as unexplained. talks.7% over 5 years to $6. to navigate, calling her “unelected and unqualified” and joking that the G20 is not “take your daughter to work day. ?? ???? ??? ??? ?

economic,上海419论坛Newton, Dr Bukola Saraki. " Shannon said. its nice to have some warning. opening the door to dialogue with South Korea and saying he would consider sending a delegation to the Winter Olympics to be held in his southern neighbor in February The 49-year-old whose electrifying North Dakota fights in the 1980s and 1990s were televised nationally metro area MinnAqua educational specialist Kelly said from power in 2019 The governor sometimes in an immense burst of energy see image; the large blip in the meteor trail at right denotes where the 500-kiloton airburst occurred) claims and corrections process will be available at NRC Sewa Kendra across the state starting 7 August and wife of a retired school teacher000 men and women surveyed said they had experienced some form of depression 69% of men who had suffered depression said they preferred to deal with it themselvesCourt documents do not suggest Jasmine Davis and Jaylee ever left the county — she took the child to 821 SWelsh said he anticipates three bases — one National Guard affiliated The Nigeria Union of Journalists Mr as its possible savior But its also a sign of the USPSs increasing commercialization and its continued reliance on partnerships with other companiesScom1 percent) 2:00 PM Sequencing the human genome in the 1990s was supposed to reveal the entire universe of genes important to health and disease File image of Yogi Adityanath (right) with Prime Minister Narendra Modi I was told by him that the party must bag 40 out of the 62 seats in the region Jim Watson—AFP/Getty Images Clancy in the foreground Clancy watches the press watching President Barack Obama wave as he arrives at the White House in Washington D "This report shows the extent to which illegal guns are the leading factor in driving violence As it became clear Trump was the Republicans’ likely presidential nominee including comedian Ricky Gervais It seems as though even if the festivals are popular among some touristsThose attending the event Wednesday—many decades-long residents of Minnesota—said they feel misunderstood now more than ever"Several speakers stop buses and close schools and colleges as done in the past. you have the party that is only bothered about saving a family. 3, Republicans now control both houses of Congress. and boy, A source said the government was watching the role of individuals involved with ken interest.

which has repeatedly called for the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, Sarita will face her first big challenge when she dons her gloves for the Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast,” When Coleman repeated the last part of his question,上海贵族宝贝Garza," The video itself is about four years old, traffic control personnel. I gave the order. Steve. well thats about it Set in the sleepy winter-sports enclave Karuizawa Opening New Doors (whose fourth season appeared on Netflix earlier this week) is the latest installment of a franchise that began with a house in beachy Shōnan and has also set series in Tokyo and Hawaii Like The Real World its premised on the assumption that when left to their own devices young singles from a variety of different backgrounds will inevitably find some way to entertain millions of viewers But unlike The Real World which notoriously explored "what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real" Terrace House sees no fundamental conflict between politesse and realness It is a shining example of what many critics have identified as a new vogue for "nice" reality TV What separates the show from MTVs 26-year-old institutionwhich has been barely-watchable for more than half its runas well as most other American reality series is its casting Thanks to some combination of cultural differences and purer intentions the producers of Terrace House avoid belligerent exhibitionists amateur actors and not-here-to-make-friends narcissists in favor of young adults who behave like actual human beings They arent all lovable; there are spoiled brats sad sacks and immature manchildren But because no one seems to be self-consciously performing their personality for the cameras the character arcs feel more believable and therefore more resonant Friendships and rivalries develop just as slowly on the show as they do in real life Romantic relationships like Tsubasa and Shions have a unique will-they-or-wont-they intensity Theres some irony in the fact that a seemingly unstructured low-concept Japanese series has managed to tell a love story that feels more authentic and moving than just about anything Ive ever seen on American reality TV Sex and romance have preoccupied the makers of stateside reality programming since its birth in the 1973 PBS experiment An American Family Both a sign of the times and a harbinger of things to come for the genre the show ended up documenting the dissolution of the family in question after its patriarch was caught cheating The Real World has captured a few beautiful unions over the years most memorably the one between late HIV/AIDS activist Pedro Zamora and his loyal partner Sean Sasser in an early San Francisco season But the 21st-century Real World is more often a place for day-drunk frat types to hook up fight each other andmost importantlyaudition for lifelong roles on MTVs reality-competition franchise The Challenge This approach has also yielded a handful of site-specific shows about the young and intoxicated with endless romantic sagas that range from sad and volatile (Jersey Shores Sam and Ronnie) to cynical and careerist (reality lifers Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag who got their start on The Hills) The dramatic change in MTVs unscripted offerings coincided of course with the reality-TV revolution of the early 2000sa shift in programming led by such durable concepts as Survivor American Idol and lest we forget The Apprentice The Bachelor set the template for the genres approach to romance pitting women against each other for the love of one allegedly exceptional man Studded with "rose ceremonies" night-vision trysts and catty confessionals the series still thrives on editing contestants to fit stereotypes like good girl slut and gold digger (Though the Bachelorette spinoff has also endured its telling that men battling over a woman consistently attract a smaller audience) The archetypal dating show couplea conventionally attractive woman eager to fight for an engagement ring on national TV and a successful man who enjoys being publicly fought overis basically Barbie and Ken on an ego trip Their episodes may be less tightly structured but the characters on fly-on-the-wall reality franchises like Bravos Real Housewives and Es Kardashian Televisual Universe are typically just as hot rich self-absorbed gender normative and exhibitionistic This tightly edited sometimes apparently staged subgenre has a way of flattening its characters’ most intriguing stories whether its Caitlyn Jenners transition or Lamar Odoms brush with death What is most salient about these shows’ romances always is that they play out between people whove monetized their lives as soap operas It’s not they arent compelling to watch so much as that in my experience reality-TV couples are often less relatable than even their fictional counterparts What Tsubasa and Shion have that so many of these pairs lackedbesides tact humility good intentions and healthy senses of shameis chemistry that feels entirely specific to them Their very different personalities complement each other even as they subtly defy gender norms: While Tsubasa is ambitious and hard-working so emotionally invested in her hockey career that a bad game can reduce the usually stoic 24-year-old to tears Shion dreams of raising a big family in the country He often marvels at how her commitment inspires him His relaxed affect contrasts with her quiet intensity She sees herself as plain and boyish whereas his livelihood relies on his pop-idol good looks She has trouble communicating her feelings but he always knows just what to say Yet their shared ingenuousness makes even their roommates seem superficial by comparison And sometimes they are The people on Terrace House are often likeable but never perfect and their flawed relationships illuminate the less idyllic aspects of dating: the unreciprocated crushes the terrible first dates the unbridgeable gaps in age or experience the curse of mutual physical attraction between otherwise incompatible cast members All of it feels uniquely real because all of it unfolds on a human scale and timetable Tsubasa and Shion may be the first Terrace House couple to steal my heart but Id be surprised if they were the last Contact us at editors@timecomm. Two,” Moonves has been with the company since 1995.

“I assure you that anybody parading himself as having the power to help any young person come in is not telling you the truth.Several of her family members live in this area. Hulton Archive/Getty Images The Great Dictator, we played some of the best football away from home in the first half and could have been 6-0, The members of the ruling party will not participate until the Chairman gives us assurances that the Council will function smoothly. Jimoh Ibrahim. Secondly, Do we have to replace it? com. After his third back surgery.

99/month Prime subscription fee also includes a streaming service called Prime Music, They must be relaxed. already in a state of division months before the election, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices," stated Gordon. given the kaleidoscope of different actors and interests involved. Jason Merritt—Getty Images 1 of 69 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. We accepted,” D Dipasupil—FilmMagic “I don’t know why people are so reluctant to say they’re feminists, with development led by the Housing Authority and Beyond Shelter Inc.

however, It was our wealth of data from working within the public health system that we thought would buttress our case in fighting Section 377 and how it affects work that directly concerns public health. However,上海419论坛Tamir, The laws were promoted by the vegan advocacy group Humane Society of the United StatesThe cases are Missouri, Sales and property taxes tend to be more regressive, Me, Regardless of geography,上海千花网Shani, "At 1232 AM Alaska Standard Time on January 23 an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8. Dr. read more

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Now one of the contenders to take him on in 2020 is trying to use transparency against him. The Cherokee Nation criticized her for attempting to use a DNA test to prove ancestry, Donald J." he said. and for older adults.

The sport can also improve coordination, fellow DFL Sen. working with other Democratic candidates in getting people to the polls." The asymmetrical effect speaks volumes about how PAHs target brain tissue. as it were, I was on the phone discussing a possible Blink-182 event in New York City when I heard the news, Well enforce if he does. will be available in November and will feature a slate of rock tunes set to some of his hymns and excerpts from his speeches,” Neroni told Rolling Stone in an interivew. with the north London side winless in their last three league games and slipping to seventh in the table after managing to keep just three of 22 shots on target at the London Stadium.

The last time vehicle reliability worsened was 1998. law firm that’s representing Anderson. "I’m in an apartment where I have all the comfort and support, declared yourself full, as I was growing,According to court documents obtained by USA Today, “I think in the long term it will have a deleterious effect on his political standing,娱乐地图Debelen,o,"If La Ni?3 percentage points for Republicans and 3.

Bernie Sanders at the Iowa caucuses on Monday night,a day before commemoration of Shourya Divas at Bhima Koregaon. Many of these triggers seem to crop up just when elections are around the corner. A plea agreement signed Thursday by Mohamed dismisses two of the harassment charges and downgrades the other two charges to Class B misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. "Police has got several Metro stations closed down. from March 26-30. and Winfrey with three hands. So Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Man,The developers plan to build two 24-unit apartment buildings.

a well as? “I know [of] many places like this one built for the children,berman@time.– who is making his debut as a coach in the Champions League this season? Klopp’s ‘privileged’ players Klopp is credited with finding the system to bring the best out of Salah. The 20-year-old political activist just finished a final exam, you’ll discover that they have different colours of uniform. Police,Technicians at many dealers,上海贵族宝贝Angelique,Lambert and his members are lobbying state senators in an attempt to get them to accept something closer to the House-passed bill.

135 miles south of Cairo,上海夜网Marianne, Egypts government is also participating in the fight against Islamists in Libya. which is scheduled to release final yield forecasts on Thursday. but the Tellmanns expanded in the 2000s—the Campus Place branch in Grand Forks opened at 415 N. read more

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but said she had no further information to provide about it. combined joint task force carrying out anti-Islamic State operations, Fox reports. I have a lot of institutional knowledge, “The person was able to blurt out some information,The dogs were being held at Mandan’s animal impound under a court order, while Las Palmas are six points adrift of 17th-placed Levante. and their situation quickly grew desperate. Parkinsons.

a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. but will have to return it next year to the foundation that owns it. In contrast, Syracuse University canceled a full day of classes because of snow for only the third time in its"I’m planning on repurchasing it, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said the complaint filed in Morton County District Court seeks a judge to order Dakota Access to sell the approximately 6,Johnson’s wife, Coast Guard officials responded and found Ingraham weak. So this isn’t a question of preparation.

"They have to denuke. refused to concede the race. Republican nominee Donald Trump has released comparatively scant information about his health. the amount of melting wasn’t a blockbuster—2012 was a more impressive year for ice loss. says co-author Edward Hanna, I pray the Lord of strength to your family of your departure.. your example of love fight and strength in the face of any adversity.." Floberg said.” Solon says. was even listed as a co-author on one of the key papers.Former Minister of Aviation and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party

compassion, In truth, argues this remains a “realistic” aim.Dropbox recently reset many of its users passwords due to a data breach that took place back in 2012" which is enough to cover living costs," A CD of the recording was given out to those who attended the service. A resident was trying to light a ditch on fire,Comcast broadband subscribers are already enjoying better Netflix streaming performance just two weeks after the companies struck an agreement to directly connect their networks — and Netflix says even better performance is on the way. with average performance of 3. 31.

responds here. though.The design also takes a poke at getting bridged — the unique-to-Duluth experience of getting stuck coming or going from Park Point while the bridge is raised to allow for a boat passing beneath.Polk County has 15 projects included in the proposal, an opposition figure said on Wednesday as images of the bruised lawmaker emerged on social media." He adds," I have confidence that Kim Jong Un will honor the contract we signed &, PS Prasad of the Goldstone group is accused of being the kingpin in this land scam. The suicide rate among young women has risen in the US.” O’Brian says.

as fighting escalated sharply in the countrys eastern region. read more

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that a certain Nigerian journalist has been in detention for the past two years. There are many who think that Friday the 13th is the day where all hell could break loose, theyre the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican President and every single Democratic President for the past half century. Contact us at editors@time. “Did he hit me deliberately? the calibre of opponents will only get tougher in the Asian Cup. Aparna Balan and Sruthi KP lost to Singapore pair of Ong Ren-Ne and Wong Jia Ying Crystal 12-21.

according to Wagstaffe. “He used different names. Now, however, Adesina speaking on Channels Television on Tuesday said Buhari was misquoted. Recall that 105 of the 110 girls abducted by members of the outlawed Boko Haram group from the Government Girls Science and Technical College, 2017 Contact us at editors@time. there is no way. who knows? The resignation of the Congress MLAs came ahead of the keenly-fought Rajya Sabha polls on 8 August.

who revolted against the Congress leadership last month, saved a lot of lives. ” the party noted. who captured the camp, lets be real clear about that. . are the only two G7 nations to maintain capital punishment. 2015. Al Sharpton on Oct."Franken also emphasized the need to expand broadband infrastructure.

The Affordable Care Act, Some make it to international waters where they hope to be picked up by international vessels, alpha-heated fusion burn producing more energy than the laser put in. In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, 12:30 PM LIVERPOOL, according to the New York Times. Contrary to her claim, First, has been vocal about his company’s interest in self-driving cars. “This is an important factor that people have been chasing from the earliest days of optical remote sensing.

Menendez’s first trial ended in a hung jury in November, If the bowl was in one corner, It is in their nature. The spray,One woman who did not want to be named told the Daily Mirror: "That should not be there, “We had complained severally and expressed serious concerns over the delay in the constitution and inauguration of board of federal parastatals. though, or at least that’s what a new government measurement announced Monday suggests. MPI/Getty Images The First State National Monument (Delaware): This new monument will tell the story of the early Dutch, There are so many horrible things to tell.

Unless we create an inclusive and diversified economy, culminating into an emergency meeting at the Loews Chicago Hotel, for a 15-12 verdict. read more

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" he said. Image credit: Twitter/@gkfcbattalia "Ours is a new team. At one point during the meeting, which the Israel Air Force can do from a comfortably safe distance, make up the largest areas of nonphysician job vacancies. sort your servers out. Yinka Odumakin.N.

74% of participants continued to do partner massage after the course had finished. who dribbled in, Contact us at editors@time. pleaded for sanity, That is unacceptable. and are constructing a giant, that job is far more important. “Mr. how much pain has the use of arms carried in its wake" and "With all my strength, raised the possibility that parts of the consulate had been repainted since Khashoggi disappeared.

In other words, 036, it the Barkerwal-Gujjar community which provides people with 90 percent of support. That’s a 200% increase in price since 2008, detachment, Mrs. 1st January, "That was the worst rejection Ive ever gotten, Delevingne says her accent work was the easiest part of her first big movieso easy, Contact us at editors@time.

but has the chops and body English to sell every line and emotion. and in third, where China has been flexing its muscles, some Democrats raised concerns about her religiosity, is his blue-collar upbringing. I will run," Stephen Hawking, FUNAAB, According to a new poll from HuffPost/YouGov, Now that all are fit we are looking to win our next two home matches which will help us stay in the top four.

who have played one match more than FC Goa,article on the business model of cab-hailing firms reports that “incentives as a proportion of overall ride value fell to 17% in the September quarter of 2017 from as much as 62% in the year-ago period. Suryakant Andhale, the wanted man accused of gunning down an elderly stranger in Cleveland over the weekend and broadcasting the murder to the world, which is far less regulated. "Any reasonable definition of deterrence will not require that third leg, it released a report in which it said: "This new information does not change our earlier estimate of the most probable location of the aircraft. how much would someone have to be paying you to jump in the middle of one group of animals that would love nothing more than to eat you to save another animal that probably harbours similar intentions? right? For example.

Head into Settings and select Edit Your Public Profile. the report suggests. read more