Excavators arrive in Žnjan

first_imgExcavators from the Ministry of Construction will arrive in Žnjan in Split tomorrow, and caterers from Žnjan have already started dismantling their facilities today.Regarding the removal of buildings in the Žnjan plateau, the mayor of Split, Andro Krstulović Opara, said today that the decision to remove was made independently by caterers based on the decision to remove illegal buildings, which they received from the Ministry of Physical Planning, ie their inspection.Everything that will happen on the Žnjan plateau will be in accordance with the law and order. If it is ordered that the illegal buildings there must be removed, that is what happens, Krstulović Opara emphasized and added that he does not run away from responsibility and reminds that the decision on removal was issued long before he became a candidate for mayor and long before and posato. ”The decision was not issued by the City Administration or the County. It was issued by the Construction Inspectorate. As a legalist, I can do nothing but support it. As for what will happen later, a survey questionnaire will be published today, intended for citizens, who are given the opportunity to start arranging the Žnjan plateau on their own. The survey questionnaire should collect the opinions of citizens and this, together with the study of the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, will serve as a basis, first for a temporary and then final solution of the entire plateau – from Zenta to Duilovo, or for the adoption of a new spatial plan. that, for Split, too much space ”, said Krstulovic Opara.In accordance with the schedule of the working group of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Construction, Split-Dalmatia County and the City of Split, and due to the fact that due to the procedure and tender it is not possible to bring planning documentation in several months, in 2018 a temporary regime will be established. In accordance with it and the legal provisions, precisely determined modules, ie standardized spaces, with an area of ​​12 square meters will be installed, and as many as will be installed for the next year based on the management plan of the Žnjan plateau and the tender for concessionaires, point out the city of Split. The final solution, based on the plan to be adopted by the City Council, can be expected in May 2019, what time is needed to meet all the obligations for the adoption of planning documentation, without which the coastal zone cannot be regulated.A new, temporary, state will be established by next summer, the city of Split points out, and based on the law it will be possible to use modules that will soon be presented to the public, and for which everyone will be able to compete and use them as beach facilities, of any type – as a place to rent props, boats, sell ice cream. “Žnjan beach should be like the beaches in Nice, or like Copacabana…, because with its surface, significance and character it can be”, Concluded Krstulović Opara.The city of Split invites citizens to fill out a survey questionnaire and express their opinion on what kind of arrangement they want on the famous beach Žnjan. Fill in the questionnaire at the link:  http://arcg.is/2xZBT9C .Related news: NEW VISION AND APPEARANCE OF POLULAR ŽNJAN IN SPLIT PRESENTEDlast_img

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