In Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik, cruisers emit almost 190 times more kilograms of sulfur oxide than cars

first_imgThe results show that only two luxury cruise brands Carnival Corporation and PLC in 2017 emitted as much as 10 times more sulfur oxide, which is the cause of many diseases, than all 260+ million cars in Europe. Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Norway are most exposed to air pollution caused by cruise lines. One of the more important recommendations is that the European Union should introduce standards for zero-emission cruisers in European territorial waters. It is also recommended to extend the area under SECA control to the rest of the European seas. RELATED NEWS: The analysis also reveals that in the control areas of sulfur oxide emissions (SECA), where the strictest standard for the amount of sulfur in fuel is prescribed, air pollution is worrying. The Danish coast, for example, is completely covered by SECA, but cruisers emitted as much as 2017 times more sulfur oxide in 18 than 2,5 million cars. This reflects the effectiveness of the Road Fuel Quality Directive and the failure to implement the same standards in maritime transport. Research conducted by the Transport & Environment Association testifies to air pollution in European destinations where cruise ships dock. In the first five months 19% more cruise passengers In 2017, forty cruisers sailed in Dubrovnik, spending 2.791 hours at their destination and releasing 6.344 kilograms of sulfur oxide. For comparison, there are 27.173 vehicles in the Dubrovnik area that released 331 kilograms of sulfur oxide that year. In 2017, nine cruisers sailed into Rijeka and spent 5.908 minutes on the berth, emitting 10.169 kilograms of sulfur oxide into the air. On the other hand, 67.792 registered vehicles in the Rijeka area released 826 kilograms of sulfur oxide in the same year.center_img The research included 203 cruisers, and data, such as coordinates and speed, were obtained according to the Automatic Ship Identification System (AIS), according to which fuel consumption and associated emissions of harmful substances into the air were estimated. In total, only these three Croatian ports hosted 78 cruisers that spent 42.324 hours at berths and released 3.589.093 kilograms of sulfur oxide into the air in 2017. The fact is that even a relatively small number of cruisers emit huge amounts of harmful substances into the air.  You can find the complete research HERE. Source / photo: Transport & Environment The research also included three Croatian ports, Rijeka, Dubrovnik (Gruž) and Split, which ranked 16th, 32nd and 42nd on the list of the 50 most polluted European ports. Split took the last place on the scale of pollution of the mentioned Croatian ports. In 2017, it was visited by forty-seven cruisers that spent 3.535 hours on the berth and emitted 5.266 kilograms of sulfur oxide. There are 89.473 registered vehicles in Split, and they polluted the air with 1.090 kilograms of sulfur oxide in the same period.last_img

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