Popular Hollywood actor, Tim Roth operated on at the Light Clinic

first_imgBy the way, the average daily consumption of tourists according to the Thomas Summer 2017 survey is 79 euros per person per night.Find out more about the research in the attachment. “What I experienced is the closest thing to a miracle. I came, I was almost blind, it was very difficult to constantly work with glasses, to constantly wear them with me. Now, after only 48 hours, I have full vision for the rest of my life and that is extraordinary. I recommend everyone to come here. This is an amazing experience. It was painless, fascinating and works. It works for me so thank you ” Roth concluded. So we are after the great news from last week, when Polyclinic Bagatin named the best clinic for cosmetic surgery in the world, again witnesses another confirmation of the excellence and quality of our health clinics, as well as the potential of health tourism. The actor, known for his roles in the cult films of Quentin Tarantino, but also for the hit series “Lie to Me”, flew to Zagreb after six months of filming his new drama series from Liverpool in order to solve his vision problems forever. TOMAS HEALTH TOURISM 2018 RESEARCH RESULTS PUBLISHED “TOURIST ATTITUDES AND CONSUMPTION IN CROATIA – TOMAS SUMMER 2017” According to the UNWTO, health tourism is the fastest growing special form of tourism with an annual growth of 15 to 20 percent worldwide. We are constantly talking about potentials in Croatia, including health tourism. But while the system is sluggish and inert to make meaningful, complete and strategic promotion of health tourism and a complete tourism product, the private sector cannot wait and is pushing forward day by day. It all actually started with Armando Assante who underwent surgery last year, he shared his experience with actors Franco Nero and Cassandra Gava, they in turn shared it with Ivan Trump and Tim Roth. They all chose Svjetlost because they believed in Professor Gabrić and his team. This actor is another in a series of actors operated on at the Light Clinic. According to the survey Attitudes and consumption of users of health tourism services in Croatia (one of the surveys from the ‘family’ survey TOMAS, which was conducted in 2018 for the first time by the Institute for Tourism as a pilot survey) the average daily consumption of multi-day visitors in wellness segment is 149 € (82 € for accommodation, 11 € for health services), spa segment € 63 (€ 34 for accommodation, € 16 for health services) and medical segment at € 292 (€ 31 for accommodation, € 221 for health services).center_img TOMAS HEALTH TOURISM 2018 / ATTITUDES AND CONSUMPTION OF USERS OF HEALTH TOURISM SERVICES IN CROATIA Namely, the popular Hollywood actor nominated for an Oscar, Tim Roth he underwent surgery two days ago at the Svjetlost Clinic in Zagreb. “This is a confirmation that Light is a world-renowned and recognized ophthalmic facility, imagine that someone who lives in California and records all over the world needs eye surgery, any doctor would be proud to be his patient, and I am most proud that Tim Roth is for himself and his wife chose me and my clinic ” said Professor Gabrić, who did not hide his enthusiasm for another in a series of world celebrities who entrusted him with their most valuable sense, the eyes. Svjetlost Clinic is the leading ophthalmological institution in Europe with 7 centers and over 210 employees. They were recognized by over 400 patients and performed over 000 eye surgeries, as well as numerous celebrities from the region and the world. Photo: Svjetlost Polyclinic Cover photo: Polyclinic Svjetlost RELATED NEWS: POLYCLINIC BAGATIN NAMED THE BEST CLINIC FOR AESTHETIC SURGERY IN THE WORLD! Professor Gabrić and his team operated on Mr. Roth and his wife Nikki and installed the latest generation of multifocal lenses with extended focus, Synergy, which has been on the market for less than half a year and is available exclusively at the Svjetlost Clinic. Both of them saw great and enjoyed Zagreb Advent for several hours after the operation. “All my life I believed that my left eye was visually impaired, in fact I thought I saw less than 30% on it… I was with many doctors in California and England who assured me that there was no hope for that eye, after 2 hours spent in the Light i see it for the first time in my life! Now I can see perfectly at all distances with both eyes! ” said Tim Roth, who for the first time in over 40 years, sees reading without the need for glasses.last_img

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