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Its a boy Meghan Prince Harry are proud parents

first_imgLondon: It’s a “healthy” baby boy for Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, making him seventh-in-line to the British throne. The 34-year-old father, Duke of Sussex, was present at the birth of his boy, who weighs 3.2 kg. The new father, Prince Harry, told reporters that Meghan and the baby were doing “incredibly well” and that the couple were “absolutely thrilled” since the birth at 0526 am (local time). “It’s been the most amazing experience I can ever possibly imagine. How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, said Prince Harry, making a brief media appearance as a new father. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: Report”It was amazing, absolutely incredible. I’m so incredibly proud of my wife and as every father would say, this baby is absolutely to die for So, I’m just over the moon,” he said, confirming that the baby was “a little bit overdue” and that the couple were still deciding on a name. “The couple thank members of the public for their shared excitement and support during this very special time in their lives,” the palace said, adding that, “More details will be shared in the forthcoming days.” Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protestsMeghan, 37, went into labour “in the early hours” of Monday morning. The new royal baby, as Queen Elizabeth II’s eighth great grandchild, will be seventh-in-line to the British throne. He or she will be in line behind its grandfather Prince Charles, uncle Prince William and his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and father Harry, Duke of Sussex. However, the baby will not be bestowed a title of His or Her Royal Highness (HRH), or referred to as a Prince or Princess, unless the 93-year-old monarch steps in to make an exception to the royal titles rule dating back to 1917. The boy will be able to use one of Harry’s lesser titles to be known as the Earl of Dumbarton. Meghan, a former actress, and Harry got married at a lavish wedding ceremony in Windsor Castle in May last year and announced the pregnancy publicly in October 2018, on the first day of their Commonwealth tour of Australia and New Zealand. In a break from usual royal tradition, the couple have chosen to keep the birthing plans for their baby a private affair and said that they would be announcing the birth publicly only “once they have a chance to celebrate privately as a family”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had moved out of their London home at Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace into their newly-refurbished 10-bedroom family home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor on the Queen’s estate recently in preparation of the new arrival.last_img read more

Maths Week Your Saturday evening puzzle

first_imgMaths Week: Your Saturday evening puzzle Figure it out. Short URL 21 Comments 18,614 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Oct 22nd 2016, 8:15 PM By Team MATHS WEEK KICKED off at the weekend and as is our annual tradition here, we’re setting you a puzzle a day with all answers published on site tomorrow morning.Get puzzling!THIS EVENING’S Q:PART ONEThree-dimensional thinking is something many of us find difficult if we’re not practised at it.Builders, architects, some engineers and many artists are skilled at it. Leonardo da Vinci famously could see and move complex three-dimensional shapes in his mind – something most engineers today would need 3-D computer modelling to achieve. Here are two puzzles to test your ability to think three-dimensionally.A Platonic Solid is a solid shape where each face is made up of the same regular two-dimensional shapes. A triangular-based pyramid has four faces and a cube has six faces. An octahedron has 8 faces and looks like two square-based pyramids stuck together at the squares.These shapes were of great fascination to the Pythagoreans and of course Plato himself.The following diagram shows possible nets of a cube. A net is like a pattern for a cube – it can be folded into a cube. One of the following figures is not the net of a cube so can’t be folded into a cube. Which one is it?PART TWOThe diagram below shows layout for a cubic playing die. It is a net of a cube as it can be folded into a cube.A cubic die has 6 faces and opposite faces add up to 7. Can you tell what missing numbers are represented by the letters A,B,C?All answers will be published on tomorrow morning.The maths gene? It all adds up to a myth>Maths Week: Your Monday puzzle>Maths Week: Your Tuesday puzzle>Maths Week: Your Wednesday puzzle>Maths Week: Your Thursday puzzle>Maths Week: Your Friday puzzle>Maths Week: Your Saturday morning puzzle> Saturday 22 Oct 2016, 8:15 PM Share8 Tweet Email2 last_img read more

11 Groundbreaking Female Comic Book Artists

first_img Women Earn More Than Men In Hasbro’s ‘Ms. Monopoly’Put Women on U.S. Currency With Google’s AR App Stay on target It’s International Women’s Day on March 8, and while we try to keep things very gender inclusive here on and give props to men, women, and gender-nonconforming in equal proportions there’s nothing wrong with taking a little extra time to shine the spotlight on the fairer sex a little more. While the comic book industry has been viewed as a boy’s club for decades, behind the scenes some of the most innovative and creative artists have been women. Here are 11 names any serious comics geek should know and celebrate.Tarpé MillsThe early days of comics were very male-dominated, but for June Tarpé Mills, that was just more motivation. The Brooklyn-born artist went by her middle name so that editors and readers wouldn’t know she was a girl. After modeling to pay her way through New York’s Pratt Institute, she worked as a fashion illustrator before working on a number of adventure comics in the early 1940s. Her most notable character, Miss Fury, ran in multiple Sunday newspaper color sections, debuting a half-year before Wonder Woman. Miss Fury was a socialite who battled spies and criminals in a full-body panther costume, and Mills brought a seething sexuality to the strip that pushed boundaries week after week.Marie SeverinIf there’s a single name that was present at some of the most important creative moments in comic book history, it was Marie Severin. Her brother John brought her into EC Comics at the height of that company’s 1950s popularity, where she cut her teeth as a colorist. After the Comics Code destroyed EC, she went to Marvel’s production department. They quickly learned she was a brilliant — and fast — draftswoman, and she worked on Dr. Strange and Sub-Mariner comics, followed by dozens more. In 1976 she co-created Spider-Woman and later worked for Marvel’s all-ages Star Comics imprint. She was still doing published work as late as 2005 but formally retired in 2007, capping off a half-century of work in the comics medium.Ramona FradonAfter graduating from the Parsons School of Design, Ramona Fradon was encouraged to submit artwork samples to DC Comics in 1950. Her knack for figure drawing and inventive cartooning got her multiple jobs, most notably as the artist on Aquaman. She was the company’s go-to female illustrators, most notably creating Metamorpho with writer Bob Haney. In 1965, she left the comics biz to raise a family, but once her kids were old enough the call of the spinner rack was too strong to ignore and she returned to DC to work on a grab bag of titles. In 1980, she took over art duties on the Brenda Starr newspaper strip and drew it for the next 15 years. Even after retirement, she kept drawing, most notably for the SpongeBob SquarePants licensed book.Rumiko TakahashiThe manga business in Japan was male-dominated for a while after World War II, but many young women took inspiration from Osamu Tezuka to write and draw their own stories. One of the most notable is Rumiko Takahashi, who studied under Kazuo Koike in the 1970s before debuting Urusei Yatsura in 1978. The breezy tale of an alien princess who comes to Earth ahead of an invasion fleet became a huge success, and Takahashi followed it up with hit after hit, most notably rom-com Maison Ikkoku and gender-swapping martial arts epic Ranma ½. Takahashi continued working into the 21st century and was recently honored with the Grand Prix de la ville — essentially a lifetime achievement award — at France’s prestigious Angouleme comics festival.Trina RobbinsThe 1970s were a fertile time for comics both in and out of the mainstream. As Marvel was building their universe, the streets of San Francisco teemed with underground artists publishing boundary-pushing books of their own. In general, those comics weren’t terribly enlightened when it comes to women. So Trina Robbins, a transplant from Brooklyn who had been active in sci-fi fandom, put together Wimmen’s Comix, an anthology of up-and-coming female cartoonists that would be massively influential. Robbins would work all over the industry, from the undergrounds to all-ages work for Marvel and even becoming the first female artist to draw Wonder Woman.Shawn KerriStraddling the worlds of California car culture and punk rock, Shawn Kerri was one of the most underrated but potent cartoonists of the 1980s. Perhaps most notable for designing the skanking mascot for the Circle Jerks, Kerri — born Shawn Maureen Fitzgerald — broke into the industry with strips in auto humor magazine CARToons at the age of seventeen. A few years later, she moved to Los Angeles and started punk fanzine Rude Situation, all the while contributing to Cracked, writing Donald Duck comics for Disney and drawing dirty gags for Hustler using the pen name Dee Lawdid.Colleen DoranThe self-publishing boom of the 1980s and 1990s, buoyed by the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, allowed a whole generation of artists to get their comics on the stands. Colleen Doran was an art prodigy, winning a Disney illustration contest and the age of five and working professionally in advertising in her teens. In 1979, she started printing her sci-fi epic A Distant Soil in fanzines, and the rich, manga-influenced series has been running on and off ever since, set to measure a thousand pages upon completion. She’s also done lots of freelance work for Marvel and DC, including illustrating some issues of Sandman.Julie DoucetMontreal-born cartoonist Julie Doucet became one of the most iconic artists of the late 1990s with her series Dirty Plotte, a wild collage of dreams, fantasies and gritty realism limned in a deeply textured art style that improved by leaps and bounds every issue. Doucet stopped creating Dirty Plotte in 1998, moving on to longer form works and experimental collages. In 2006, she announced her retirement from the comics medium but she continues to make prints and other works.Amanda ConnerAfter attending the Joe Kubert School, Amanda Conner got her first Marvel work at the age of 21 and has been refining her expressive, dynamic art style across dozens of different comics ever since. In the late 1980s she signed on with Archie for a few years, but her biggest breakthrough came at DC, where she first became the iconic artist for character Power Girl, and then brought Harley Quinn to the company’s top-tier characters with her own solo series.Fiona StaplesOne of the most critically-acclaimed artists in the comics world today, Fiona Staples has brought a unique sensibility to her long-running collaboration with Brian K. Vaughan, Saga. Staples is notable for embracing digital technology to create pages that read like traditional narrative art but are rendered with bold color holds and striking linework. In 2015, she was hired to illustrate the rebooted Archie comic, updating the traditional teen for modern audiences.Sana TakedaJapanese artist Sana Takeda got her start in the video game industry, creating 3D renders of athletes for Sega’s sports titles. Marvel editor C. B. Cebulski got ahold of her portfolio and realized he had an incredible talent on his hands, hiring her to illustrate titles like Ms. Marvel. Takeda draws entirely digitally in Photoshop, but you’d never know it — her illustrations are rich with texture and flow brilliantly from panel to panel. Her current series is the creator-owned Monstress with writer Marjorie Liu, and it’s a gripping horror fantasy epic that is a critical and commercial success.More on Female Sci-Fi Authors You Need to Read10 Awesome Comics With Trans Characters By Trans CreatorsThe Complete History of Rock Stars Making Comicslast_img read more

More details released about woman found slain in car trunk

first_imgPORTLAND — A Clackamas County woman who was found dead in the trunk of her car was discovered with handcuffs attached to one wrist, a bottle of water, a bag of cookies and used duct tape.The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that police found Merrilee Cooley’s car parked in an apartment complex in Milwaukie, Ore., on Jan. 5 with the doors unlocked and the key in the ignition.Authorities say the 68-year-old woman was killed, but have not said how. Police have released no information about a possible suspect.According to recently released court documents, Cooley was reported missing on Dec. 28. When police checked her home, they found the house unlocked and a living room chair overturned. A friend said they found one of her slippers in the driveway.Anyone with information about Cooley’s death is asked to call Crime Stoppers.last_img read more

Native corporation CIRI joins voices for Dunleavy recall

first_imgTyler says the last time CIRI entered into political waters was in support of Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign for U.S. Senate. Alaska gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy answers questions during a candidate forum Friday, Oct. 19, 2019, at the Alaska Federation of Natives in Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo by Tripp J Crouse/KNBA) The Anchorage-based Alaska Native corporation made its announcement in an email message to shareholders and on its website. According to the post online, CIRI breaks down those four points: “The governor has repeatedly violated Alaska law and the state constitution, and demonstrated his unfitness for office by refusing to appoint a judge within the legal time frame; misusing state funds for political ad campaigns; violating the separation of powers; and incompetently vetoing state funds.” “In looking at those four points CIRI believes that the fact of those four actions or those four points or actions that the governor has taken negatively impacts our business here in the state of Alaska and ultimately our shareholders,” Tyler said. Ethan Tyler is the director of corporate affairs for CIRI. He says the Recall Dunleavy campaign outlined four points in their messaging that CIRI supports. The board of directors of Cook Inlet Region Incorporated, or CIRI, announced Thursday that they would support the effort to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy. “CIRI rarely wades into the political realm,” he said. “We thought that this presented a credible threat to our ability to fulfill our mission and that is why CIRI is supporting the recall effort. “ According to its website, CIRI has about 8,800 shareholders.last_img read more

BJP MPTCs boycott Namdipet mandal swearingin ceremony

first_imgNizamabad: Excluding the boycott of BJP MPTC in Nandipeta mandal, 28 Mandal Praja Parishad (MPP) presidents and vice-presidents in Nizamabad district have sworn in peacefully.MPP president for Chandur mandal was not elected. The TRS leaders informed the Congress leaders on Wednesday that they will support the election of Chandur MPP. Transport, R&B, Legislature Affairs Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy was the guest of honour at the swearing-in of MPP presidents of Velpur, Balkonda and Mupkal mandals. MLA Jeevan Reddy attended the swearing-in of Maklur, Nandipet and Armoor MPPs. Kammarpalli MPP Gouthami, Bheamgal MPP A Mahesh, Mortad MPP Shivalinga Srinivas, Velpur Bhema Jamuna Rajender were sworn in on Thursday.last_img

Theresa May tells Conservatives its time to embrace a new centre ground

first_imgIBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPlayMute0:00/0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE0:00?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window.The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … Close Theresa May closed the Conservative conference in Birmingham today (5 October) with a pitch to put the party in the centre ground of British politics.The Tory premier claimed Labour had abandoned the moderate position, while arguing that her government would step up and engineer an economy that works for everybody. Notably, May branded Labour as the nasty party, a slogan once used against the Conservatives.When we came to Birmingham this week, some big questions were hanging in the air.Do we have a plan for Brexit? We do.Are we ready for the effort it will take to see it through? We are.Can Boris Johnson stay on message for a full four days? Just about.But I know theres another big question people want me to answer.Whats my vision for Britain? My philosophy? My approach?Today I want to answer that question very directly.I want to set out my vision for Britain after Brexit.I want to lay out my approach – the things I believe.I want to explain what a country that works for everyone means.I want to set our party and our country on the path towards the new centre ground of British politics…built on the values of fairness and opportunity…where everyone plays by the same rules and where every single person – regardless of their background, or that of their parents – is given the chance to be all they want to be.And as I do so, I want to be clear about something else: that a vision is nothing without the determination to see it through.No vision ever built a business by itself. No vision ever clothed a family or fed a hungry child. No vision ever changed a country on its own.You need to put the hours in and the effort too.But if you do, great things can happen. Great changes can occur.And be in no doubt, thats what Britain needs today.Because in June people voted for change. And a change is going to come.BRITAINS QUIET REVOLUTIONChange has got to come because as we leave the European Union and take control of our own destiny, the task of tackling some of Britains long-standing challenges – like how to train enough people to do the jobs of the future – becomes ever more urgent.But change has got to come too because of the quiet revolution that took place in our country just three months ago – a revolution in which millions of our fellow citizens stood up and said they were not prepared to be ignored anymore.Because this is a turning point for our country.A once-in-a-generation chance to change the direction of our nation for good.To step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.Lets be clear: we have come a long way over the past six years.Weve brought the deficit down.Got more people into work than ever before.Taken the lowest paid out of income tax.Established a new National Living Wage.Helped nearly a million new business to set up and grow.Got almost one and a half million more children into good or outstanding schools.Put record investment into the NHS.Created nearly 3 million new apprenticeships.And brought crime down by more than a quarter to its lowest ever level.Thats a record of which we should all be proud.And this morning its right that we pause to say thank you to the man who made that possible. A man who challenged us to change and told us that if we did then we would win again.And he was right. We did change. We did win. The first majority Conservative Government in almost 25 years.A great leader of our party – a great servant to our country.David Cameron, thank you.But now we need to change again. For the referendum was not just a vote to withdraw from the EU. It was about something broader – something that the European Union had come to represent.It was about a sense – deep, profound and lets face it often justified – that many people have today that the world works well for a privileged few, but not for them.It was a vote not just to change Britains relationship with the European Union, but to call for a change in the way our country works – and the people for whom it works – forever.Knock on almost any door in almost any part of the country, and you will find the roots of the revolution laid bare.Our society should work for everyone, but if you cant afford to get onto the property ladder, or your child is stuck in a bad school, it doesnt feel like its working for you.Our economy should work for everyone, but if your pay has stagnated for several years in a row and fixed items of spending keep going up, it doesnt feel like its working for you.Our democracy should work for everyone, but if youve been trying to say things need to change for years and your complaints fall on deaf ears, it doesnt feel like its working for you.And the roots of the revolution run deep. Because it wasnt the wealthy who made the biggest sacrifices after the financial crash, but ordinary, working class families.And if youre one of those people who lost their job, who stayed in work but on reduced hours, took a pay cut as household bills rocketed, or – and I know a lot of people dont like to admit this – someone who finds themselves out of work or on lower wages because of low-skilled immigration, life simply doesnt seem fair.It feels like your dreams have been sacrificed in the service of others.So change has got to come.Because if we dont respond – if we dont take this opportunity to deliver the change people want – resentments will grow. Divisions will become entrenched.And that would be a disaster for Britain.Because the lesson of Britain is that we are a country built on the bonds of family, community, citizenship.Of strong institutions and a strong society.The country of my parents who instilled in me a sense of public service and of public servants everywhere who want to give something back.The parent who works hard all week but takes time out to coach the kids football team at the weekend.The local family business in my constituency thats been serving the community for more than 50 years.The servicemen and women I met last week who wear their uniform proudly at home and serve our nation with honour abroad.A country of decency, fairness and quiet resolve.And a successful country – small in size but large in stature – that with less than 1% of the worlds population boasts more Nobel Laureates than any country outside the United States… with three more added again just yesterday – two of whom worked here in this great city.A country that boasts three of the top ten universities in the world. The worlds leading financial capital. And institutions like the NHS and BBC whose reputations echo in some of the farthest corners of the globe.All possible because we are one United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – and I will always fight to preserve our proud, historic Union and will never let divisive nationalists drive us apart.Yet within our society today, we see division and unfairness all around. Between a more prosperous older generation and a struggling younger generation. Between the wealth of London and the rest of the country.But perhaps most of all, between the rich, the successful and the powerful – and their fellow citizens.Now dont get me wrong. We applaud success. We want people to get on.But we also value something else: the spirit of citizenship.That spirit that means you respect the bonds and obligations that make our society work. That means a commitment to the men and women who live around you, who work for you, who buy the goods and services you sell.That spirit that means recognising the social contract that says you train up local young people before you take on cheap labour from overseas.That spirit that means you do as others do, and pay your fair share of tax.But today, too many people in positions of power behave as though they have more in common with international elites than with the people down the road, the people they employ, the people they pass in the street.But if you believe youre a citizen of the world, youre a citizen of nowhere. You dont understand what the very word citizenship means.So if youre a boss who earns a fortune but doesnt look after your staff…An international company that treats tax laws as an optional extra…A household name that refuses to work with the authorities even to fight terrorism…A director who takes out massive dividends while knowing that the company pension is about to go bust…Im putting you on warning. This cant go on anymore.A change has got to come. And this party – the Conservative Party – is going to make that change.BELIEVING IN THE GOOD THAT GOVERNMENT CAN DOSo today, I want to set out my plan for a Britain where everyone plays by the same rules and every person has the opportunity to be all they want to be.Its a plan to tackle the unfairness and injustice that divides us, so that we may build a new united Britain, rooted in the centre ground.A plan that will mean government stepping up. Righting wrongs. Challenging vested interests. Taking big decisions. Doing what we believe to be right. Getting the job done.Because thats the good that government can do. And its what Im in this for. To stand up for the weak and stand up to the strong.And to put the power of government squarely at the service of ordinary working-class people.Because too often that isnt how it works today.Just listen to the way a lot of politicians and commentators talk about the public.They find your patriotism distasteful, your concerns about immigration parochial, your views about crime illiberal, your attachment to your job security inconvenient.They find the fact that more than seventeen million voters decided to leave the European Union simply bewildering.Because if youre well off and comfortable, Britain is a different country and these concerns are not your concerns. Its easy to dismiss them – easy to say that all you want from government is for it to get out of the way.But a change has got to come. Its time to remember the good that government can do.Time for a new approach that says while government does not have all the answers, government can and should be a force for good;that the state exists to provide what individual people, communities and markets cannot;and that we should employ the power of government for the good of the people.Time to reject the ideological templates provided by the socialist left and the libertarian right and to embrace a new centre ground in which government steps up – and not back – to act on behalf of us all.Providing security from crime, but from ill health and unemployment too.Supporting free markets, but stepping in to repair them when they arent working as they should.Encouraging business and supporting free trade, but not accepting one set of rules for some and another for everyone else.And if we do – if we act to correct unfairness and injustice and put government at the service of ordinary working people – we can build that new united Britain in which everyone plays by the same rules, and in which the powerful and the privileged no longer ignore the interests of the people.Only we can do it. Because the main lesson I take from their conference last week is that the Labour Party is not just divided, but divisive.Determined to pit one against another. To pursue vendettas and settle scores. And to embrace the politics of pointless protest that simply pulls people further apart.Thats what Labour stands for today. Fighting among themselves. Abusing their own MPs. Threatening to end their careers. Tolerating anti-Semitism and supporting voices of hate.You know what some people call them?The nasty party.And with Labour divided, divisive and out-of-touch, we have a responsibility to step up, represent and govern for the whole nation.So where Labour build barriers, we will build bridges.That means tackling unfairness and injustice, and shifting the balance of Britain decisively in favour of ordinary working class people.Giving them access to the opportunities that are too often the preserve of the privileged few.Putting fairness at the heart of our agenda and creating a country in which hard work is rewarded and talent is welcome.A nation where contribution matters more than entitlement. Merit matters more than wealth.A confident global Britain that doesnt turn its back on globalisation but ensures the benefits are shared by all.A country that is prosperous and secure, so every person may share in the wealth of the nation and live their life free from fear.Thats what I mean by a country that works for everyone.A GLOBAL BRITAINAnd if we believe in the good that government can do, its important for people to trust us to deliver the change they need.We can start – as I said on Sunday – by doing something obvious. And that is to stop quibbling, respect what the people told us on the 23rd of June – and take Britain out of the European Union.Because it took that typically British quiet resolve for people to go out and vote as they did: to defy the establishment, to ignore the threats, to make their voice heard.So let us have that same resolve now.And lets be clear about what is going to happen.Article Fifty – triggered no later than the end of March.A Great Repeal Bill to get rid of the European Communities Act – introduced in the next Parliamentary session.Our laws made not in Brussels but in Westminster.Our judges sitting not in Luxembourg but in courts across the land.The authority of EU law in this country ended forever.The people told us they wanted these things – and this Conservative Government is going to deliver them.It is, of course, too early to say exactly what agreement we will reach with the EU. Its going to be a tough negotiation, it will require some give and take. And while there will always be pressure to give a running commentary, it will not be in our national interest to do so.But let me be clear about the agreement we seek.I want it to reflect the strong and mature relationships we enjoy with our European friends.I want it to include cooperation on law enforcement and counter-terrorism work.I want it to involve free trade, in goods and services.I want it to give British companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within the Single Market – and let European businesses do the same here.But lets state one thing loud and clear: we are not leaving the European Union only to give up control of immigration all over again. And we are not leaving only to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Thats not going to happen.We are leaving to become, once more, a fully sovereign and independent country – and the deal is going to have to work for Britain.And that Britain – the Britain we build after Brexit – is going to be a Global Britain.Because while we are leaving the European Union, we will not leave the continent of Europe. We will not abandon our friends and allies abroad. And we will not retreat from the world.In fact, now is the time to forge a bold, new, confident role for ourselves on the world stage.Keeping our promises to the poorest people in the world.Providing humanitarian support for refugees in need.Taking the lead on cracking down on modern slavery wherever it is found.Ratifying the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.Always acting as the strongest and most passionate advocate for free trade right across the globe.And always committed to a strong national defence and supporting the finest Armed Forces known to man.And this week, our excellent Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, proved not only that we will support them with our hearts and souls. Not only will we remain committed to spending two per cent of our national income on defence.But we will never again – in any future conflict – let those activist, left-wing human rights lawyers harangue and harass the bravest of the brave – the men and women of Britains Armed Forces.AN ECONOMY THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONEIts about restoring fairness – something that must be at the heart of everything we do. Supporting those who do the right thing, who make a contribution.Helping those who give something back.And thats at the heart of my plan for our economy too.An economy thats fair and where everyone plays by the same rules.That means acting to tackle some of the economys structural problems that hold people back.Things like the shortage of affordable homes. The need to make big decisions on – and invest in – our infrastructure. The need to rebalance the economy across sectors and areas in order to spread wealth and prosperity around the country.Politicians have talked about this for years. But the trouble is that this kind of change will never just happen by itself. If thats what we want, we need the vision and determination to see it through.Thats why Philip Hammond and Greg Clark are working on a new industrial strategy to address those long-term structural challenges and get Britain firing on all cylinders again.Its not about picking winners, propping up failing industries, or bringing old companies back from the dead.Its about identifying the industries that are of strategic value to our economy and supporting and promoting them through policies on trade, tax, infrastructure, skills, training, and research and development.Its about doing what every other major and growing economy in the world does.Not just sitting back and seeing what happens – but putting in place a plan and getting on with the job.So we will identify the sectors of the economy – financial services, yes, but life sciences, tech, aerospace, car manufacturing, the creative industries and many others – that are of strategic importance to our economy, and do everything we can to encourage, develop and support them.And we will identify the places that have the potential to contribute to economic growth and become the homes to millions of new jobs.That means inspiring an economic and cultural revival of all of our great regional cities.We have made a start.Thanks to George Osbornes Northern Powerhouse, over the past year, foreign direct investment in the North has increased at double the rate of the rest of the country.Here in Birmingham, thanks to the incredible Jaguar Land Rover, the West Midlands is the only part of the country to run a trade surplus with China.And across the region, the Midlands Engine is on track to deliver 300,000 more jobs by 2020.Now its time to build on that success – in Birmingham and Manchester and in other cities across the country.And as we are here in Birmingham this week, let us show our support for the Conservative Partys candidate for next years mayoral election.A success in business running John Lewis. An action man in Birmingham, playing his part in transforming this city. A man to get things done, the future Mayor of the West Midlands – Andy Street.MAKING MARKETS WORK FOR WORKING PEOPLEAn economy that works for everyone is an economy where everyone plays by the same rules.I understand the frustration people feel when they see the rich and the powerful getting away with things that they themselves wouldnt dream of doing. And they wouldnt get away with if they tried.I understand that because I feel it too.Theres always an excuse – a reason why something cant be done – but when that is used as a basis for inaction, faith in capitalism and free markets falls.The Conservative Party will always believe in free markets. And thats precisely why its this party that should act to defend them.From Edmund Burke onwards, Conservatives have always understood that if you want to preserve something important, you need to be prepared to reform it. We must apply that same approach today.Thats why where markets are dysfunctional, we should be prepared to intervene.Where companies are exploiting the failures of the market in which they operate, where consumer choice is inhibited by deliberately complex pricing structures, we must set the market right.Its just not right, for example, that half of people living in rural areas, and so many small businesses, cant get a decent broadband connection.Its just not right that two thirds of energy customers are stuck on the most expensive tariffs.And its just not right that the housing market continues to fail working people either.Ask almost any question about social fairness or problems with our economy, and the answer so often comes back to housing.High housing costs – and the growing gap between those on the property ladder and those who are not – lie at the heart of falling social mobility, falling savings and low productivity.We will do everything we can to help people financially so they can buy their own home. Thats why Help to Buy and Right to Buy are the right things to do.But as Sajid said in his bold speech on Monday, there is an honest truth we need to address. We simply need to build more homes.This means using the power of government to step in and repair the dysfunctional housing market.It means using public sector land for more and faster house building.It means encouraging new technologies that will help us to get more houses built faster. And putting in more government investment too.It means stepping up and doing whats right for Britain.Making the market work for working people.Because thats what government can do.And something else we need to do: take big, sometimes even controversial, decisions about our countrys infrastructure.Because we need to get Britain firing in all areas again.It is why we will press ahead with plans for High Speed 2, linking London and Birmingham and, eventually, towns and cities in the North.Why we will shortly announce a decision on expanding Britains airport capacity.And why – having reviewed the evidence and added important new national security safeguards – we signed up to Hinkley Point.We will take the big decisions when theyre the right decisions for Britain.Because thats what government can do.And we can make these big decisions because our economy is strong and because of the fiscal discipline we have shown over the last six years.And we must continue to aim for a balanced budget.But to build an economy that works for everyone, we must also invest in the things that matter, the things with a long-term return.That is how we will address the weaknesses in our economy, improve our productivity, increase economic growth and ensure everyone gets a fair share.And thats not the only reason.Because while monetary policy – with super-low interest rates and quantitative easing – provided the necessary emergency medicine after the financial crash, we have to acknowledge there have been some bad side effects.People with assets have got richer. People without them have suffered. People with mortgages have found their debts cheaper. People with savings have found themselves poorer.A change has got to come. And we are going to deliver it.Because thats what a Conservative Government can do.A FAIRER ECONOMYThis party will always be the party of businesses large and small.But we must acknowledge that the way a small number of businesses behave fuels the frustration people feel.Its not the norm. I know that most businesses and the people who run them are hardworking, entrepreneurial and public spirited at heart.But the actions of a few tar the reputations of the many.So the party that believes in business is going to change things to help support it.Too often the people who are supposed to hold big business accountable are drawn from the same, narrow social and professional circles as the executive team.And too often the scrutiny they provide is not good enough.A change has got to come.So later this year we will publish our plans to have not just consumers represented on company boards, but workers as well.Because we are the party of workers. Of those who put in the effort. Those who contribute and give of their best.Thats why we announced on Saturday that were going to review our laws to make sure that, in our modern and flexible economy, people are properly protected at work.Thats right.Workers rights – not under threat from a Conservative government.Workers rights – protected and enhanced by a Conservative government.And let me say something about tax.Were all Conservatives here. We all believe in a low-tax economy. But we also know that tax is the price we pay for living in a civilised society.Nobody, no individual tycoon and no single business, however rich, has succeeded on their own.Their goods are transported by road, their workers are educated in schools, their customers are part of sophisticated networks taking in the private sector, the public sector and charities.Weve all played a part in that success.So it doesnt matter to me who you are.If youre a tax-dodger, were coming after you.If youre an accountant, a financial adviser or a middleman who helps people to avoid what they owe to society, were coming after you too.An economy that works for everyone is one where everyone plays by the same rules.So whoever you are you – however rich or powerful – you have a duty to pay your tax.And were going to make sure you do.A SOCIETY THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONEThis is a big agenda for change. But it is necessary and essential.It is a programme for government to act to create an economy that works for everyone – an economy thats on the side of ordinary working class people.And an economy that can support the vital public services and institutions upon which we all rely – to invest in the things we hold dear.Like the NHS – one of the finest health care systems anywhere in the world, and a vital national institution.An institution that reflects our values, our belief in fairness, and in which we all take enormous pride.And I mean all.Because there is complete cross-party support for the NHS.For its status as a provider of free-at-the-point-of-use health care. For the thousands of doctors and nurses that work around the clock to care for their patients.We all have a story about the nurse who cared for a loved one, or a surgeon who saved the life of a friend.So let us take this opportunity to say to those doctors and nurses – thank you.The NHS should unite us. But year after year, election after election, Labour try to use it to divide us.At every election since it was established, Labour have said the Tories would cut the NHS – and every time we have spent more on it.Every election, they say we want to privatise the NHS – and every time we have protected it.In fact, the party that expanded the use of the private sector in the NHS the fastest was not this party, but the Labour Party.The only party to ever cut spending on the NHS is not this party, but the Labour Party – thats what they did in Wales.And at the last election, it wasnt the Labour Party that pledged to give the NHS the money it asked for to meet its five-year plan – it was this party, the Conservative Party…investing an extra £10 billion in the NHS – more than its leaders asked for…and this year more patients are being treated, and more operations are being carried out, by more doctors and more nurses than ever before.Thats a tribute to everyone who works in the NHS.But also to one man – Jeremy Hunt – who is one of the most passionate advocates for patients and for the doctors, nurses and others who work in our health service that I have ever known.So lets have no more of Labours absurd belief that they have a monopoly on compassion.Lets put an end to their sanctimonious pretence of moral superiority.Lets make clear that they have given up the right to call themselves the party of the NHS, the party of the workers, the party of public servants.They gave up that right when they adopted the politics of division. When their extreme ideological fixations led them to simply stop listening to the country.When they abandoned the centre ground.And let us take this opportunity to show that we, the Conservative Party, truly are the party of the workers…the party of public servants…the party of the NHS.Because we believe in public service. We believe in investing in and supporting the institutions that make our country great.We believe in the good that government can do.Government cannot stand aside when it sees social injustice and unfairness. If we want to make sure Britain is a country that works for everyone, government has to act to make sure opportunity is fairly shared.And I want us to be a country where it doesnt matter where you were born, who your parents are, where you went to school, what your accent sounds like, what god you worship, whether youre a man or a woman, gay or straight, or black or white.All that should matter is the talent you have and how hard youre prepared to work.But if were honest well admit thats simply not the case for everyone today.Advancement in todays Britain is still too often determined by wealth or circumstance.By an accident of birth rather than talent.By privilege not merit.Rebalancing our economy is a start, but if were serious about overturning some of the longstanding injustices and barriers that stop working people from getting on, we need that economic reform to be allied with genuine and deep social reform too.Because a society that works for everyone is a society based on fairness. And only genuine social reform can deliver it.Genuine social reform means helping more people onto the housing ladder. It means making sure every child has access to a good school place.It means never writing off people who can work and consigning them to a life on benefits, but giving them the chance to go out and earn a living and to enjoy the dignity that comes with a job well done.But for those who cant work, we must offer our full support – which is why it was so important that Damian Green announced on Saturday that we will end the mandatory retesting of those with chronic health conditions that only induces stress but does nothing at all to help.And genuine social reform means addressing historic injustices that hold too many people back.Some of my proudest moments as Home Secretary came when we began to tackle deep-seated and long-standing problems that few had dared to tackle before.I introduced the first ever Modern Slavery Act, bringing in tough new penalties to put slave masters behind bars, with life sentences for the worst offenders.I cut the polices use of stop and search by almost two thirds and reduced the disproportionate targeting of young, black men.And I know our impressive new Home Secretary Amber Rudd is committed to carrying on that work.But injustices remain.If you are from a black Caribbean background, you are three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than other children.If you are a black woman, you are seven times more likely to be detained under mental health legislation than a white woman.People in ethnic minority households are almost twice as likely to live in relative poverty as white people.But it is not just those from minority backgrounds who are affected.White working class boys are less likely to go to university than any other group in society.We cannot let this stand – not if a country that works for everyone is the principle that binds us all together.Thats why I have launched an unprecedented audit of public services to shine a light on these racial disparities and let us do something about them.Because they are all burning injustices, and I want this government – this Conservative Government – to fight every single one of them.A society that works for everyone is one of fairness and opportunity. A society in which everyone has the chance to go as far as their talents will take them.Thats why in one of the first speeches I gave as Prime Minister I set out my plans to transform Britain into a Great Meritocracy.And that starts in our schools.I want Britain to be a country in which every child has access to a good school place thats right for that individual child.Because Britain after Brexit will need to make use of all of the talent we have in this country.We have come a long way.Thanks to the free schools and academies programme and the efforts of teachers, heads and governors, there are now 1.4 million more children in good and outstanding schools compared with 2010.But we need to go further. Because there are still one and a quarter million children in schools that are just not good enough.And if you live in the Midlands or the North, you have less chance of attending a good school than children in the South.This simply cannot go on.Thats why Justine Greening and I have set out a new package of reforms, building on Michael Goves success, to increase the number of good school places across the country…so theres not just a school place for every child, but a good school place for every child. A school place that suits the skills, interests and abilities of every single pupil.That is why we want more of our great universities to set up or sponsor schools in the state sector – just as the University of Birmingham has done, a few miles from here.Its why we are saying to the great private schools that – in return for their charitable tax status – we want them to do more to take on children without the means to pay, or set up and sponsor good state schools.It is why we want more good faith schools for parents and pupils who want them.And it is why we have said – where there is demand from parents, where they will definitely take pupils from all backgrounds, where they will play a part in improving the quality of all schools in their area – we will lift the ban on establishing new grammar schools too.And here we see the challenge.Because for too long politicians have said to people and communities who are crying out for change that they cant have what they want.Theyve said we dont think you should have it, even though we might enjoy those very same things for ourselves.And you end up in the absurd situation where you stop these good, popular, life-changing schools from opening – by law.Imagine. Think of what that says.If youre rich or well off, you can have a selective education for your child. You can send them to a selective private school. You can move to a better catchment area or afford to send them long distances to get the education you want.But if youre not, you cant.I can think of no better illustration of the problem – why ordinary working class people think its one rule for them, and another for everyone else.Because the message we are sending them is this: we will not allow their children to have the same opportunities that wealthier children enjoy.That is a scandal and we – the Conservative Party – must bring it to an end.A COUNTRY THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONESo my vision is for Britain to be a Great Meritocracy.Thats what Ive always believed in. The cause that everything I have ever done in politics has been designed to serve.Because a country based on merit not privilege, is a country thats fair. And when we overcome unfairness and injustice, we can build that new united Britain that we need.And united, we can do great things.We saw that in the summer in Rio. We saw how individual success was powered by collective effort. How the dedication and talent of one was supported by a united team.And how a governments determination – John Majors Conservative Governments determination – to step up and back Britains sporting success contributed to such a remarkable result.We were honoured to welcome four members of the team – Helen Richardson-Walsh, Dame Sarah Storey, Vicky Thornley and Andrew Triggs-Hodge – to our conference on Monday.And to them – and to every athlete and every member of Team and Paralympics GB – we say, thank you. You did your country proud.It was a memorable summer for British sport, but one moment stood out for me above all other.It was not from Rio. It happened later. Just a couple of weeks ago on the sun-drenched streets of Cozumel in Mexico.There, our celebrated triathlon champion Jonny Brownlee was heading for glory, the finishing line in sight, when he faltered. Stopped. And was falling exhausted to the ground.And just behind him, his brother Alistair – a tough competitor who typically yields to no one – had the chance to run on and steal the prize.But seeing his brothers struggle, he didnt pass on by. As other competitors ran past, he stopped. Reached out his hand. And gently carried him home.And there in that moment, we saw revealed an essential truth. That we succeed or fail together. We achieve together or fall short together.And when one among us falters, our most basic human instinct is to put our own self-interest aside, to reach out our hand and help them over the line.Thats why the central tenet of my belief is that there is more to life than individualism and self-interest.We form families, communities, towns, cities, counties and nations. We have a responsibility to one another.And I firmly believe that government has a responsibility too.It is to act to encourage and nurture those relationships, networks and institutions – and to step up to correct injustices and tackle unfairness where it can – because these are the things that can drive us apart.Thats why I say today – as I have always said – that my mission – and the mission of this party – is to build a country that truly works for everyone, not just the privileged few.Its why when I stood on the steps of Number 10 for the first time as Prime Minister 84 days ago, I said that the Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the rich and powerful, but by the interests of ordinary, working class people.And this week, we have shown the country that we mean business.Not just protecting, but enhancing workers rights.Building an economy thats fair, where everyone plays by the same rules.Getting more houses built. More doctors in the NHS.Investing in things that will make our economy grow.Hundreds of great new schools. Universities and fee-paying schools helping state schools to improve.And yes, where parents want them and where theyll improve standards for children of whatever background – the first new grammar schools to open in England for fifty years.A DEMOCRACY THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONEThis is a bold plan to bring Britain together. To build a new united Britain, rooted in the centre ground.An agenda for a new modern Conservatism. That understands the good government can do. That will never hesitate to face down the powerful when they abuse their positions of privilege.That will always act in the interests of ordinary, working class people.Thats what governments about: action. Its about doing something, not being someone.About identifying injustices, finding solutions, driving change. Taking, not shirking, the big decisions. Having the courage to see things through.Its not always glamorous or exciting, but at its best its a noble calling.And where many just see government as the problem, I want to show it can be part of the solution too.And I know this to be true.For as I leave the door of my office at Number 10, I pass that famous staircase – the portraits of prime ministers past lined up along the wall.Men – and of course one woman – of consequence, who have steered this country through difficult times – and changed it for the better too.Theres Disraeli, who saw division and worked to heal it. Churchill, who confronted evil and had the strength to overcome. Attlee, with the vision to build a great national institution. And Lady Thatcher who taught us we could dream great dreams again.Those portraits remind me of the good that government can do.That nothing good comes easy.But with courage and vision and determination you can always see things through.And as I pass them every day, I remember that our nation has been shaped by those who stepped up to be counted when the big moments came.Such opportunities are rare, but we face such a moment today.A moment that calls us to respond and to reshape our nation once again.Not every generation is given this opportunity.Not every generation called to step up in such a way.But this is our generations moment.To write a new future upon the page.To bring power home and make decisions… here in Britain.To take back control and shape our future… here in Britain.To build an outward looking, confident, trading nation… here in Britain.To build a stronger, fairer, brighter future… here in Britain.That is the opportunity we have been given.And the responsibility to grasp it falls upon us all.So to everyone here this morning – and the millions beyond whether leavers or remain – I say:Come with me and well write that brighter future.Come with me and well make that change.Come with me as we rise to meet this moment.Come with me and together lets seize the day.center_img Theresa May tells Conservatives its time to embrace a new centre groundlast_img read more

HC judges say yes and no to floor crossing

first_imgHigh CourtThe High Court on Monday gave split verdicts in connection with a writ petition filed challenging the legality of article 70 of the constitution that allows the cancellation of parliament membership for crossing the floor, reports UNB.After hearing the writ, senior judge Moyeenul Islam Chowdhury issued a rule seeking explanation as to why the article 70 should not be declared illegal and unconstitutional while junior judge Md Ashraful Kamal dismissed the petition.Advocate Eunus Ali Akanda, who filed the writ petition on 12 April 2017, said the petition will now be sent to the chief justice who will assign another bench to hear it.According to the article 70, an MP shall vacate his parliamentary seat if he/she resigns from his/her party, or votes in parliament against his/her party, but shall not thereby be disqualified for subsequent election as a member of parliament.last_img read more

Patrick Threatens To Force Special Session Over Tax And Bathroom Bills

first_img Share Marjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas TribuneAt a May 17, 2017 press conference at the Capitol, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick warns he’ll seek a special session if the House doesn’t pass certain legislation.With deadlines looming, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Wednesday threatened to push for a special session of the Legislature to pass a bill to regulate bathroom use for transgender Texans and legislation to set new thresholds for when cities and counties must get voter approval for their tax rates.Patrick deemed Senate Bill 2, a property tax bill from state Sen. Paul Bettencourt, and either Senate Bill 6, the “bathroom bill” from state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, or similar language amended to another bill, as must-pass measures to avoid a special session. Both bills have passed the Senate and are currently in the House.The last day of the legislative session is May 29. “If we must go to a special session, I will respectfully ask the governor to add both of these bills — plus other legislation he has voiced support for — in that special session call,” Patrick said during a press conference at the Capitol. “If the bills don’t pass in the special and they’re blocked again, I will ask the governor to call us back again and again and again.”Only the governor can call a special session, but Patrick’s key source of leverage is a measure known as the “sunset safety net bill,” which lawmakers have to pass each session to keep a long list of state agencies from shutting down. All state agencies must undergo periodic “sunset” reviews by the Legislature or be forced to shut down if reforms aren’t passed.The conservative House Freedom Caucus managed to delay consideration of bills in the House long enough to keep it from passing its version of the “safety net” bill last week, leaving the Senate version as a critical measure.Patrick on Wednesday said the Senate had less than 48 hours to pass its version of the legislation and avoid the need for a special session.But he added that he “must see action in the House to pass several key” pieces of legislation before moving on the Senate’s sunset legislation.Patrick’s threat came a day after a letter from House Speaker Joe Straus to the lieutenant governor was leaked to press. Straus wrote that the Legislature could avoid a special session if it finished its work on the budget and passed the sunset safety net bill.A spokesman for Straus did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Responding to Patrick’s ultimatum to the House, an Abbott spokesman echoed the governor’s past aversions to calling special sessions.“The Governor made clear yesterday that property tax reform and maintaining privacy in restrooms and locker rooms are legislative priorities that must be passed, and he believes both items can be achieved before the end of the regular session.” Abbott spokesman John Wittman said in a statement. “The governor is grateful that the House has set the property tax bill to be heard on the floor tomorrow, and is making progress on privacy legislation.”The bathroom legislation has stalled in the House. Straus, who said he opposes such legislation, has not referred SB 6 to committee — the first step in the legislative process — since it was received from the Senate in March.SB 6 would regulate bathroom use in government buildings, public schools and universities based on “biological sex,” keeping transgender Texans from using bathrooms that match their gender identities. The measure would also prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing local bathroom regulations.A separate measure by state Rep. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton — House Bill 2899 — takes a different approach to the bathroom regulations and would gut cities’ and school districts’ trans-inclusive bathroom policies. It did not advance out of a House committee ahead of a crucial deadline. Patrick on Wednesday said that legislation was “acceptable” to him and pressed the House to move on SB 6 or attach the language from Simmons’ bill onto other legislation as an amendment. With bathroom regulations drawing fierce opposition from the business community, Straus has reiterated that the legislation is not a priority. The House is scheduled to take its first vote on this session’s major property tax legislation Thursday. The controversial SB 2 has split Texans and the local officials they elect over provisions that dictate when voters would have to approve property tax rates.The bill’s author has said the new election thresholds are were meant to give landowners a stronger mechanism to curb rising property tax bills, but the lower chamber last week stripped proposed new election requirements from the version the Senate passed. City leaders, county officials and first responders have argued for months that even with lower election thresholds, Texans would not see meaningful drops in their individual tax bills. They also argued that new voter approval requirements could hamstring city budgets and were another example of the state trying to control local governments.Other legislation Patrick mentioned as key issues he wants lawmakers deal with include several anti-abortion bills, a bill to make tweaks to the state’s voter ID law amid legal challenges and House Bill 21, intended to reform a complex school finance system and inject about $1.5 billion into public schools.The Senate’s version of HB 21 tacked on a controversial provision: state subsidies for parents who want to send their children with disabilities to private schools. The House has vehemently opposed proposals that would send public money to private schools. But in exchange for a vote, Patrick promised an additional $500 million in school funding and to concur with part of the House’s proposal for the school accountability system that would delay implementation of a controversial grading system for schools until 2019.Patrick Svitek, Brandon Formby and Aliyya Swaby contributed to this report.This is a developing story and will be updated.This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at Tribune mission statementThe Texas Tribune is a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.last_img read more

Young critics of Venezuela government put hope in elections

first_imgOpposition candidate Jose Guerra, center, prepares his mobile for a selfie with supporters during a rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday, May 12, 2015. According to Venezuela’s constitution, elections for the National Assembly must be held by year’s end. Although no date has been set, polls show the opposition would coast to victory if the vote were held today. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano) Rico is working to persuade voters to turn out on Sunday, but like many in the opposition, he doubts the upcoming elections will be fair and fears Maduro will curtail the National Assembly’s power if the ruling party loses its majority. If he can’t achieve the change he wants through the ballot box, he knows what he’ll do.“We have to show our discontent in elections. And if they don’t respect the vote, we’ll be in the street again,” he said.___AP Writer Fabiola Sanchez contributed to this report.___Follow Hannah Dreier on Twitter: Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies This year’s opposition primaries are actually slightly more open than usual. In 2010, coalition leaders pre-selected candidates for all but 22 congressional seats. Just 10 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots in those primaries. Turnout this time is expected to be even lower because of a lack of publicity.By contrast, the socialist party will hold primaries for nearly 100 seats this June, and has mandated that half of candidates be younger than 30, capitalizing on the power of the youth vote in a country where four out of 10 registered voters are younger than 35.Opposition legislator Enrique Marquez said the opposition is too broke to hold more primary contests. The coalition already is asking each candidate to contribute 150,000 bolivars, about $500 at the widely used black market exchange rate, to cover election costs.The opposition has also been battered by a steady government crackdown on its leaders and the closure or sale of combative media outlets. Some candidates in Sunday’s primaries are still jailed on charges related to last year’s protests, including Daniel Ceballos, the former mayor of the restive city of San Cristobal. In a quirk of Venezuelan law, a win could be a get-out-of-jail card for the 31-year-old politician because legislators receive immunity from prosecution during their terms. But positive polls don’t guarantee an electoral victory. The opposition mostly has benefited from discontent with the ruling party, and has not won its advantage through its own campaigning, said Luis Vicente Leon, director of local pollster Datanalisis.“The opposition’s opportunity is potential energy, and its challenge is to make it kinetic energy,” Leon wrote in a newspaper column this week, warning that the coalition won’t see results unless it works hard.The opposition might have fielded many more young candidates if it hadn’t decided to forgo primaries in most districts, a choice that upset emerging leaders like Rico who now must fight their way to the general election.The coalition is made up of dozens often disagreeing parties, and insiders hand-picked 125 candidates from their own political cliques to run against the socialist party in the general election, leaving just 42 slots up for grabs for the 109 candidates competing in Sunday’s primary.It’s another example of the discord that has hobbled the country’s opposition for years.“They could have said, ‘We’re going to go to full primaries across the country, we want to bring in students who were fighting for democracy last year,’ but they didn’t do that,” said David Smilde, a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America. “It’s because they have a lot of politicians there who have a sense of entitlement. There are a couple dozen parties in the coalition, and they all have leaders and some want to be candidates.” 5 treatments for adult scoliosiscenter_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Last year, Rafael Rico was covering his baby face with a vinegar-soaked rag and dodging tear gas canisters as he clashed with Venezuelan riot police.This week, the 23-year-old engineering student is canvassing on the resort island of Margarita as he campaigns to represent the South American country’s opposition coalition in upcoming legislative elections.Rico is the youngest of a crop of new candidates who raged in the streets against Venezuela’s socialist administration last spring, but now are putting their faith in the ballot box as the best way to force President Nicolas Maduro from power. More than a third of the candidates running in the opposition coalition’s primary elections on Sunday are younger than 40. Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   “You have to protest, but you also have to vote,” Rico said, borrowing from his stump speech. “The repression and human rights violations that we saw in 2014 showed that just going into the streets without also winning elections doesn’t give you the results you need.”Last year’s sometimes bloody demonstrations against the country’s mounting economic chaos petered out after a government crackdown. But the problems young people protested — including severe shortages and the world’s highest inflation — have only worsened amid a plunge in oil prices. Oil revenues fund almost all of Venezuela’s government spending.The country’s opposition coalition, which holds a third of the legislature, now has a shot at dominating an election for the first time since the late President Hugo Chavez launched his socialist revolution 16 years ago. If the coalition wins, it’s expected to use its legislative power to mount a recall referendum against Maduro.Elections for the National Assembly are scheduled every five years and must be held by the year’s end. The head of elections said last week that this year’s contest will be in late November or early December. Polls show the opposition coalition would win if the vote were held today. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to helplast_img read more

Sydney waterfront hotels in foreign crosshairs

first_imgThe Ovolo Group, who bought the 1888 Hotel through property company CBRE group last weekend for AUD $33 million are also enquiring about buying the Blue Sydney, a hotel with prime waterfront views in Woolloomooloo. A number of foreign hotel groups including the Hong Kong based Ovolo Group are buying up Sydney’s waterfront hotels to strengthen their Australian presences. Source = ETB News: Tom Neale At one time, it was branded a W Hotel but the property has been on and off the market since Taj Group bought the hotel in late 2005 for AUD $36m, rebranding it the Blue Sydney.center_img 1888 was built by Michael Teplitsky and Darren Williams with design inspiration from Paul Fischmann, founder of 8Hotels. CBRE is currently marketing $200 million worth of hotel stock, particularly to interested Asian and Chinese buyers. last_img read more

Ocwen Awarded Top Servicing Performance Rating from Fannie Mae

first_img Ocwen Financial Corporation, a financial services holding company based in West Palm Beach, Florida, has announced that the company was named a Fannie Mae Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards (STAR) Performer for 2017. The STAR Program recognition is reserved for top performing servicers within one or more of three STAR Performer categories: general servicing, solution delivery, and timeline management. For the 2017 STAR Program year, Ocwen received a STAR Performer for general servicing, solution delivery, and timeline management.“We are extremely proud to receive the STAR award from Fannie Mae across all three categories,” said Scott Anderson, EVP and Chief Servicing Officer of Ocwen. “This recognition is another proof point of our team members’ high standards, accountability, and commitment to service excellence as well as the company’s focus on continuous improvement in our systems and processes.”The STAR Program is based on a continuous improvement model designed to consistently “raise the bar.” STAR Performers are identified using operational assessment results based on Servicer Capability Model ratings across each key functional area, including a review of relevant people strategies, processes, and applicable metrics.According to Fannie Mae’s official website for the program, the STAR Program is a performance management and recognition program based on a consistently applied framework to clearly define industry standards and leading practices. The program seeks to align servicer performance with Fannie Mae’s goals, provide a consistent methodology for measuring servicer performance, reduce Fannie Mae’s credit losses by setting targets/expectations, understand and communicate leading practices across the servicing community, and identify and recognize our highest performing servicers. in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, journal, News, Servicing Company News Fannie Mae Fannie Mae Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards Fannie Mae STAR Ocwen Ocwen Financial Corporation STAR program 2018-04-26 David Wharton April 26, 2018 580 Views center_img Ocwen Awarded Top Servicing Performance Rating from Fannie Mae Sharelast_img read more

Australia ups efforts against Queensland fruit fly

first_img Australia ups efforts against Queensland fruit fly … AUS: Proposed Great Barrier Reef regulations ‘igno … Water flowing through the lower pipes is charged by the soil’s stable temperature. The heated (or cooled) water is pumped through the pipes installed in the root zone, where the heat (or cold) is discharged.”These results highlight the many benefits of root zone cooling in modern agriculture including enhanced plant growth, improved quality, shorter growing cycles, greater growth uniformity as well as energy savings compared with traditional greenhouse cooling systems,” said Dr Sharon Devir, Roots CEO.”Cooling the roots of lettuce plants in summer not only significantly increases crop yield but also reduces the growing cycle duration and increase yield uniformity. These benefits together could help farmers plan for increased annual crop production and, therefore, increased income.”He said this latest pilot complements a previous trial reported in July where the RZTO technology was used in collaboration with NFT technologies created by Teshuva Agricultural Projects to cool the nutrient temperature of hydroponically grown lettuce. The results are consistent with previous open field lettuce cooling experiments, he said.”Our RZTO systems are versatile and can be used to cool the roots of crops in open fields, grow bags, hydroponic and in soil,” he said, adding the technology has so far been also effective in stabilizing the plant roots of basil, apricots and medicinal cannabis.”We are the only company in the world with a commercial root cooling technology. We are therefore optimistic about our ability to generate increased sales, as the results of these pilots conducted in areas that experience weather extremes are analysed by farmers in various markets.”Headline photo: You might also be interested in Australian table grape season in China “outstandin …center_img An Australian company says its root-zone cooling technology has resulted in a huge increase in greenhouse lettuce yields and faster growing times.Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited (ASX: ROO) carried out a pilot trial of its proprietary RZTO cooling technology at its research site in central Israel over the summer.It found that cooled lettuces had an average fresh weight of 502g compared to an average weight of 216g for non-cooled plants – marking a 132% increase.It also said this was achieved in 27 days, compared to seed manufacturer data showing a normal growing cycle range of 30-50 days.Using the hybrid ground source heat exchange version of Roots’ RZTO system, lettuce roots were cooled to remain relatively stable around 24ºC despite air temperatures in the greenhouse frequently topping 34ºC. In comparison, roots of control plantings fluctuated between 28ºC – 34ºC.The technology involves a closed-loop system of pipes. The lower part are coils installed at a depth where soil temperature is stable and not affected by weather extremes, and the upper part in the target crop’s root zone just below the soil surface. Australia expecting best quality almond crop in a … September 25 , 2018 last_img read more

Related Flights to Copenhagen to be launched by Qa

first_img RelatedFlights to Copenhagen to be launched by Qatar AirwaysFlights to Copenhagen to be launched by Qatar AirwaysFlights to Copenhagen launched by Qatar AirwaysFlights to Copenhagen launched by Qatar AirwaysNew flights to Amritsar launched by Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways has launched new flights to Amritsar from Doha ahead of this year’s Diwali celebrations. Qatar Airways introduced its first flights to Ankara’s Esenboga Airport from Doha this week.Four non-stop weekly services will operate to the Turkish capital, with the inaugural flight having been met by an impressive water salute and a party of senior airport officials and local dignitaries.Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways’ chief executive officer, said the route will increase the airline’s presence in Turkey following its 2004 launch of flights to Istanbul.”We are confident that our new service to Ankara will be equally as successful helping facilitate travel to and from this wonderful city and beyond for both the business travel community and leisure travellers,” he commented.Mr Al Baker went on to say that the launch of the route comes as Qatar and Turkey have established strong trade links, while the two countries also enjoy political ties.On March 30th, Qatar Airways commenced four weekly flights to Copenhagen from its hub in the Qatari capital.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Record amount of rubbish collected during Lets Do It event

first_imgThe clean-up campaign Let’s do it Cyprus announced a new record on Tuesday, saying that 5.5 per cent of the population, more than 46,000 participants, took part in this year’s campaign.The aim was to surpass 40,000 and prior to the event the organisers said 43,000 had registered.In 2012, when the campaign was launched for the first time, just 0.4 per cent of the population, roughly 4,000 people, helped to clean the island and since then the numbers have increased every year.During the April 29 event volunteers were divided into more than 500 teams which collected a total of 4,456 bags of mixed garbage weighing 31,194kg and 2,661 bags of PMD recyclable waste weighing 18,627kg.In total, 18 per cent of educational institutions took part, 46 kindergartens, 102 primary schools and 29 secondary schools.Among the volunteers were 16 companies, more than 80 non-governmental organisations and other groups, more than 50 groups of scouts, more than 60 teams of the national guard, and seven teams of divers.Let’s do it Cyprus is part of the global clean-up campaign Let’s Do It World, the largest volunteer programme aimed at getting rid of rubbish around the world.It started in 2008 in Estonia, where 50,000 volunteers gathered to clean 10,000 tons of rubbish from roads, beaches and in towns and forests and managed to clean up their entire country in just five hours.By 2017, more than 16 million volunteers in 113 countries were participating in Let’s do it campaigns.More than more than 120 tonnes of rubbish have been collected since Cyprus got involved in 2012.You May Likeadviceher.comReasons Why Women Should Eat Bananas Every Dayadviceher.comUndoDebt Consolidation | Search AdsDebt Consolidation Programs in California Could Surprise YouDebt Consolidation | Search AdsUndolikedbuzzHere Is Why You Should Stop Skipping BreakfastlikedbuzzUndo Mayors lobbying president to prevent local govt mergersUndoLimassol police investigating attempted murderUndoLED-lighting the way by 2020Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Price local police officers take part in House ceremony honoring first responders

first_img Categories: News 11Sep Price, local police officers take part in House ceremony honoring first responders, military Rep. Amanda Price (center) stands with Sgt. Valerie Weiss and Deputy Michelle Sampson of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department in the state Capitol rotunda today. Price invited Weiss and Sampson to a special House session honoring first responders and members of the military who lost their lives in the line of duty during the last year. The annual ceremony also commemorated the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.last_img

Rep Brandt Iden ROshtemo Local School Funding

first_img12Aug Rep. Brandt Iden, R-Oshtemo: Local School Funding Categories: Featured news,Iden News,News Tags: #SB, education foundation allowance, Iden, local school funding, most education funding in Michigan history, Oakland Academy, Portage, Schoolcraft, Vicksburg last_img

Rep Maturen testifies in support of bills to assist military spouses who

first_imgState Rep. Dave Maturen, left, testifies Thursday in front of the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs in support of House Bills 5288 and 5289, bipartisan legislation he introduced with Rep. Robert Wittenberg, right.State Rep. Dave Maturen spoke Thursday before the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs in support of bipartisan legislation he introduced with Rep. Robert Wittenberg to ease professional restrictions for spouses of active military members stationed in Michigan.House Bills 5288 and 5289 would allow spouses of active-military members to be admitted to the Michigan Bar, given they meet Michigan’s requirements and are licensed as an attorney in another state.“While these brave men and women serve our country their families are frequently asked to relocate. If they move to Michigan, spouses who are lawyers cannot currently practice law until they pass the Michigan Bar Exam, even if they have successfully practiced in other states,” said Rep. Maturen, R-Vicksburg. “The Michigan Bar is only offered twice a year, and in the time it takes for someone to study, take the exam and wait for results, it’s not unfeasible that the family would already be getting relocated to another state.“Our legislation will help military spouses avoid the time and expense it takes to complete multiple bar exams, and make life a little less stressful for these families who are already asked to make a lot of sacrifices to our country. I think we owe them this.”The lawmakers were joined Thursday by Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra, who also spoke in support of their legislation.“The bottom line is it’s time for Michigan to join the 18 other states that have similar licensing accommodations for military spouses,” Justice Zahra said during his testimony. “We can never do enough to thank the women and men who serve in America’s military, but these bills are a step in the right direction to show how much we appreciate not just their service and sacrifice, but also the service and sacrifice of their families.”### 09Sep Rep. Maturen testifies in support of bills to assist military spouses who practice law Categories: Maturen Newslast_img read more

Chatfield introduces resolution to declare March 2017 as Donate Life Month

first_img State Rep. Lee Chatfield, of Levering, who serves as speaker pro tempore, introduced a resolution yesterday to declare March 2017 as Donate Life Month in the state of Michigan.Chase Fairbairn’s life was changed at just 11 years old when he suffered a cardiac arrest on the soccer field in his hometown of Harbor Springs. Thankfully, his father was there to perform CPR and save his life. Initially, medical professionals were unable to determine the cause, but after his heart stopped a second time, it was determined that he had an extremely severe form of cardiomyopathy, a disease that attacks the muscles of the heart.“I hope that Chase’s story and this resolution bring much-needed awareness to the people of Michigan to sign-up and become life-saving donors,” said Chatfield.As a gifted athlete, Chase was told that he could no longer play sports and that due to the severity, he would need a heart transplant. Thankfully last year in April, he and his family received the phone call they had been waiting for. Seventy-five days after his heart transplant, he returned home to Michigan. And in September of that year, Chase was healthy enough to return to playing soccer for the first time in five years.“It’s important that all citizens are aware of the life-saving opportunities we have through the simple act of becoming an organ donor,” Chatfield said.There are currently about 3,592 people in the state of Michigan waiting courageously to receive an organ donation. Fifty-four percent of Michigan adults are on the registry, up from 27 percent in 2010. Nearly 2 million names have been added to the registry since 2011 and 4.1 million names are currently on the donor registry.Becoming an organ donor is easy. People can opt to be donors when renewing their driver’s licenses at the Michigan Secretary of State office. Follow this link to find out how:,4670,7-127-34786—,00.html.Organ and tissue donation from one individual can save or enhance the lives of more than 100 people. It is possible to transplant approximately 25 different organs and tissues, such as liver, bone, bone marrow, cartilage, cornea, hearts, kidney, lung, and pancreas.### Categories: Chatfield News 01Mar Chatfield introduces resolution to declare March 2017 as Donate Life Monthlast_img read more

Rep Albert welcomes residents to May office hours

first_img16May Rep. Albert welcomes residents to May office hours State Rep. Thomas Albert of Lowell encourages residents to attend his local office hours on Monday, May 22.Office hours provide an informal setting for community members to discuss state issues.“Hosting office hours is just one way I seek feedback from the people I was elected to represent,” said Albert. “I enjoy hosting office hours because listening and understanding the concerns of residents in the district helps me better serve them.”The first-term legislator will be available at the following locations:10 to 11 a.m. at Biggby Coffee, 6426 100th St. SE, Caledonia; andNoon to 1 p.m. at Biggby Coffee, 2331 S. State Road, Ionia.No appointments are necessary for office hours. Anyone unable to attend, but wanting to voice a question or concern to the representative can contact his office at (517) 373-0846 or Categories: Albert Newslast_img read more